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GPS quadcopter and drone. Quadcopters with GPS and Glonass global positioning system. GPS allows accurate return to home and mission planners

Photo of XLURC L106 Pro drone

XLURC L106 Pro: Mavic Air 2 alternative under $150

To be honest I was a bit clickbait saying that this XLURC L106 Pro is a Mavic Air 2 alternative. Excepting a similar folding...
Photo of M1 Pro drone

M1 PRO GPS enabled EIS 4K drone

The M1 PRO features a similar camera to the popular F11 4K Pro drone. It also has 2-axis stabilization, PTZ control, and 5GHz WIFI...
Photo SMRC M21

SMRC M21: DJI MINI 2 like drone for less than $100

For less than $100, the SMRC M21 drone follows almost in all aspects the design of the popular MINI 2 drone. Of course for...
Photo of ZLL SG908 drone

ZLL SG908 KUN 4K drone: Redesigned Beast

ZLL, ex ZLRC bring on the market a new GPS enabled drone called SG908 KUN. Similar to the Beast series it features brushless motors...
Photo of Fimi MINI drone

Coming soon: FIMI Mini 4K drone

Starting with December 28, a new drone APP, named FIMI NAVI MINI, is available on the Goggle play store. This application was the first...
Photo of HS470 drone

Holy Stone HS470 4K Drone: A Beast Pro clone

From first sight is obvious that the Holy Stone HS470 is a rebranded SG906 Pro 2 drone. It adopts the same classic 'Beast' design...
SJRC F11 4K PRO review

SJRC F11 4K Pro review: Best 4K drone under 200?

The SJRC F11 4K Pro review will be the last drone review for this year. 2020 was a quite productive year for FirstQuadcopter -...
Photo of SG906 PRO 3 MAX drone

ZLRC SG906 PRO 3 MAX: Beast with Laser Obstacle Avoidance

Following the epic success of the Beast series, ZLRC just announced their 4th generation named SG906 PRO 3 MAX (aka Beast 3). The most...
Photo of CSJ S189 PRO

CSJ S189 PRO brushless drone with 4K 2-axis camera

Weighting almost 500 grams, the CSJ S189 PRO can be considered more a budget Mavic Air 2 alternative than a MM one. It features...
Photo of Holy Stone HS175 drone

Holy Stone HS175: Ultralight (209g) GPS drone

Despite its compact size and low-weight, the Holy Stone HS175 comes with plenty of intelligent flight modes like Follow me, Circle hovering, and Gesture...
Photo of Holy Stone HS720E

Holy Stone HS720E: Easy to operate entry-level 4K drone

The HS720E drone is the latest release from Holy Stone that comes with upgraded specifications. On Amazon, it has an average review score of...