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KingKong is a relatively new quadcopter brand. They are mainly focused on FPV racing drones.

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Latest models and reviews of best KingKong quadcopters.

KingKong changes its brand name into LDARC

LDARC EX8 transmitter: S-FHSS D16EU & D16 Non EU

Photo of LDARC EX8
The LDARC EX8 transmitter adopts a similar game-pad style design as the popular Jumper T-Lite. As its name says, it can be configured with up to 8 channels and supports FrSky S-FHSS D16EU and D16 Non-EU radio receivers. In addition to the two joysticks, on the front panel, it has a 128x64 status LCD and a cool RGB dial button....

Coming soon: LDARC DJ220/DJ220-Digital FPV drone

LDARC DJ220 and DJ220 Digital FPV drones
2020 comes with the first new FPV drone from LDARC (ex KingKong). The LDARC DJ220 will be available in 3 variants. While the PNP version comes without FPV rig and radio receiver, the DJ220-Digital and DJ220-4K are equipped with a camera and video transmitter. The “DIGITAL” edition has onboard DJI FPV Air Unit and the “4K” has RunCam 4K...

LDARC ET75 & ET85 HD/FPV micro racing drones

LDARC ET75 & ET85 FPV drones
While many racing quad manufactures already gave up to the Whoop protectors, LDARC just announced two new FPV drones which adopts ducted design. While the LDARC ET75 has 74mm wheelbase and it is powered by 3S LIPO batteries, the larger KingKong ET85 has 87.6mm wheelbase and it is 4S compatible. Both versions are available with two type of cameras. While...

LDARC 90GTI & 130GTI small FPV racing drones

LDARC 90GTI & 130GTI drones
LDARC just announced two new compact FPV drones. While the 98mm size LDARC 90GTI is powered by 3S batteries and has XT1105-5000KV motors, the larger and more powerful KingKong 130GTI has XT1406-3600KV motors and it is 4S LIPO compatible. Both models are available with two type of FPV cameras (C1200 - FPV or Cadds Turtle V2- HD). In addition...

KINGKONG/LDARC ET MAX 185mm: The Big Brother

LDARC ET MAX 185mm FPV racing drone
Featuring 185mm wheelbase, the LDARC ET MAX is KINGKONG's biggest FPV racing drone with ducted blade protectors. It is probably the largest Whoop compatible with 4" propellers and 4S LIPO batteries. In a nutshell, the LDARC ET MAX 185mm follows the ET series design. It has identical frame structure, blade guards and white protective canopy. According to the advertised specs, the...

LDARC/Kingkong GT7 & GT8: Two micro brushless Whoops

LDARC/Kingkong GT7 & GT8 FPV drone
LDARC's (ex KingKong) new Tiny GT series, brings two micro sized brushless Whoops. While LDARC GT7 has 75mm wheelbase, the Kingkong GT8 has 86.7mm. Both drones, feature similar Tiny Whoop alike ducted propeller design. The Tiny GT series comes with Betaflight SPRACING F3 flight controller, 800TVL FPV camera, 25mW/16CH 5.8G VTX and 2S battery compatibility. The only hardware difference between the GT7 and...

LDARC ET115 V2 Brushless Whoop: Features & specs

LDARC ET115 FPV drone quadcopter
Back in 2017, LDARC (Ex. KingKong) announced a drone series called "ET", which had 3 different models ET100, ET115 and ET125. Now, under the same name, the LDARC ET115 V2 features a more aggressive design with black canopy and red prop nuts. Based on the versatile F3 flight controller, ET115 V2 can be configured with 3 different flight modes. While newbies can opt...

LDARC 5GT FPV racing drone: Features & Specs

LDARC KingKong 5GT FPV racing drone
LDARC (ex. KingKong) just announced a new professional grade FPV racing drone, called KK 5GT. In order to offer excellent durability, the LDARC KK 5GT is build on a solid 5mm carbon fiber frame. It has true-X design and 213mm wheelbase. During crashes, the on-board Runcam Swift Mini camera is well protected by a aluminium alloy frame. The versatile F4 flight controller...

LDARC TINY R7 micro FPV drone: Features & Specs

LDARC/KingKong TINY R7 drone quadcopter
LDARC, ex KingKong), just announced a new micro FPV racing quad called Tiny R7. Like its predecessor, the Tiny7, it is also equipped with brushed motors. The LDARC TINY R7 is available with 3 different type of radio receivers. According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between DSM2, FrSky or FlySky radio versions. Thanks to its TinyWhoop ducted propeller design,...

LDARC 200GT FPV drone with RunCam Micro Swift

LDARC 200GT FPV drone
LDARC (KingKong) proposes its new 200GT, a medium-sized FPV drone with a super cool design. It comes in version PNP (Plug-N-Play ), which means that you will need to bring your own radio (receiver and transmitter) and flight battery. The LDARC 200GT comes with quality components and electronics. It is compatible with DSMX, SBUS, and PPM radio receivers and the...

LDARC TINY 6X: What’s new compared to KingKong Tiny 6?

LDARC aka KingKong TINY 6X mini FPV drone
Following the success of the KingKong Tiny 6, LDARC recently announced an upgraded model called Tiny 6X. Compared to its predecessor, LDARC TINY 6X comes with more powerful 17600KV brushed motors and high voltage LIPO battery. Currently, the LDARC TINY 6X is sold in 3 versions, “Basic combo” and “Advanced combo” and RTF (Ready to Fly). While "Combo" packages allows to use...