LDARC TINY 6X: What’s new compared to KingKong Tiny 6?

LDARC aka KingKong TINY 6X mini FPV drone

Following the success of the KingKong Tiny 6, LDARC recently announced an upgraded model called Tiny 6X. Compared to its predecessor, LDARC TINY 6X comes with more powerful 17600KV brushed motors and high voltage LIPO battery.

Currently, the LDARC TINY 6X is sold in 3 versions, “Basic combo” and “Advanced combo” and RTF (Ready to Fly). While “Combo” packages allows to use your own professional remote controller (Futaba, FrSky, or FlySky), RTF package comes in bundle with an entry level transmitter.

The ducted propeller design proved to be not just cool but also very safe. When flying indoor or close to people, accidents are almost inevitable. Due to their large blade protectors the Tiny Whoop clones can’t produce any major damages.

In order to allow easy maintenance, all the 817 motors are equipped with connectors.

LDARC/KingKong TINY 6X features and specs

  • TinyWhoop alike ducted propellers
  • Multiple color options (White, Pink, Yellow and Red);
  • Versatile F3 flight controller with BetaFlight firmware;
  • Multiple flight modes (Angle, Horizon and Acro);
  • Upgraded 716 17600KV brushed motors;
  • 199C, 800TVL camera with 150 degree field of view;
  • 5.8G, 25mW, 16CH FPV Transmitter (integrated into FC);
  • HV LIPO battery;
  • Multiple radio options (AC800/FrSky, FS PPM/FlySKy, DSM2 and FM800/Futaba).

In front of the aircraft is located a 800TVL camera with 150° field of view. You can adjust the angle of the camera in the 10-degree margin.

LDARC TINY 6X Vs KingKong Tiny 6

LDARC TINY 6X Advanced combo package content

  • 3 pieces of 3.8V, 250mAh HV LiPo batteries;
  • 6-way LiPo charger;
  • 3 pieces of extra protection canopy (white, yellow and ping);
  • 6 pairs of spare propellers;
  • Blade removing tool;
  • Carry case;
  • Optional radio receiver.


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