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Besides DJI Mavic there are many other interesting foldable selfie drones. Over the time, selfie drones become extremely cheap and versatile. We can find great selfie drones for less than $50!

Find bellow the list of best selfie drones:

JJRC H71 drone`

Coming soon: JJRC H71 foldable wannabe selfie drone

Following the great success of the H37 Elfie, JJRC is planning to release an upgraded version called H71. The new model comes with better...
JJRC H59 Ferry drone quadcopter

JJRC H59 Ferry: Reinvented Elfie drone

After the epic success of the Elfie drone, JJRC strikes back with another cartoon character named wannabe selfie drone. Compared to its older brother,...
SIMTOO XT175 Fairy drone

SIMTOO XT175 Fairy selfie drone under $150

The SIMTOO XT175 Fairy is an affordable GPS enabled selfie drone. In addition to the dual satellite positioning system it features also optical positioning....
C-Fly DREAM Drone

C-Fly DREAM drone: DJI Spark for less

It seems that finally C-fly, announced their own DJI Spark clone, called "Dream". It is advertise in two variants, BNF (without RC) for $219...
Cheerson CX-43 drone quadcopter

Cheerson CX-43 foldable selfie drone: Features & Specs

For long time we heard nothing from Cheerson. Now, they announced a new foldable drone named CX-43. At first look, in terms of size...
FS-8G aka LinkTech Master IN8G

FX-8G aka LinkTech Master IN8G: GPS drone under $100

The FX-8G aka LinkTech Master IN8G is an extremely affordable GPS enabled drone. It is available with two type of cameras, 720P and 1080P....
FUNSNAP iDol AI gesture drone

FUNSNAP iDol AI aka Xiaomi Drone iDol

Frankly, I'm pretty confused regarding this new iDol foldable selfie drone. I'm not clear if it will be released by FUNSNAP or Xiaomi (or...
JJRC H62 drone quadcopter

JJRC H62 Splendor fodlable selfie drone: Features & specs

JJRC's new selfie drone claims that can follow you and film you autonomously. Let's discover what other cool features brigs this new JJRC H62 Splendor...
Zerotech Hesper drone

Zerotech Hesper foldable drone: Features & Specs

Many drone news says about the Zerotech Hesper quadcopter that it will be the next Mavic Killer. IMHO, as in features and specs, it is...
Attop XT-3 selfie drone quadcopter

Attop XT-3, a ultra cheap foldable pocket selfie drone

At first look, the Attop XT-3 is a good starter drone. It is affordable, portable and has lots of the features that you’d like...
JJRC H61 sElfie Drone Quadcopter

JJRC H61 Spotlight, reinvented sElfie drone (Coupon deal)

Surely, one of the most popular selfie drone of the last year was the JJRC H37. Following its great success, JJR/C announced for 2018...