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Besides DJI Mavic there are many other interesting foldable selfie drones. Over the time, selfie drones become extremely cheap and versatile. We can find great selfie drones for less than $50!

Find bellow the list of best selfie drones:

Syma Z1 drone

SYMA Z1: An Affordable Selfie Drone

In the close future, affordable drones like SYMA Z1 will completely change the way of taking selfies. Holding up your phone to take selfies is...
C-me selfie drone with GPS

C-me, first selfie drone with GPS under $100

Like the popular JJRC H37, this C-me also claims to be the perfect selfie drone. The C-me quadcopter comes with topnotch features, in addition...
TYRC TY6 pliable selfie drone

TYRC TY6 pliable selfie drone with HD camera

After foldable drones, here are the pliable drones. TYRC TY6 comes with an innovative pliable design. While when folded it has the size of 20.3...
JDRC JD20 drone quadcopter

JDRC JD-20: “Poor” man’s Spark drone

Like many cheap Chinese drones, the JDRC JD-20 also copies the design of a DJI product. Same as the VISUO XS809HW, renting the design of...
Eachine E57 quadcopter review

Eachine E57 drone review: So thin that it can slip everywhere

All kidding aside, even if it's ultra-thin, the Eachine E57 probably will not be able to sneak under any door. When it's folded, the...
Mini Baby Elfie drone review

Baby Elfie review: Smaller, more versatile JJRC H37

Following the great success of the H37 sElfie drone, JJRC announced a more compact version with innovative one-handed gyro control. The newer generation JJRC H37...
GoolRC T49 low profile drone

GoolRC T49, ultra thin foldable drone

Few weeks ago we reviewed the GoolRC T32 and now we are here to introduce you the GoolRC T49, an ultra thin foldable drone. The T49...
Syma X22W selfie quadcopter

Syma X22W, another wannabe selfie drone

Syma, a well known toy drone manufacturer, recently announced the X22W - a wannabe selfie drone. Excepting the small size and built-in WiFi FPV...
Flytec T13 drone review

Flytec T13 review: Pocket selfie drone

In order to bring something new on the selfie drone market, the Flytec T13 adopts half-reversed propellers. On front, the propellers are as usual (above...
JJRC H47 Elfie Plus drone

JJRC H47 Elfie Plus drone: One hand control

Last week I was contacted to review this JJRC H47 Elfie Plus, but lately being quite busy I said pass. Anyway, I thought that at...
Eachine E57 drone

Eachine E57 quadcopter: Thinnest selfie drone

Having a thickness of just 9.5 mm, we can say easily that the Eachine E57 is one of the thinnest selfie drone on the...