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Besides DJI Mavic there are many other interesting foldable selfie drones. Over the time, selfie drones become extremely cheap and versatile. We can find great selfie drones for less than $50!

Find bellow the list of best selfie drones:

Eachine E51 quadcopter review

Eachine E51 review: Foldable drone for newbies

Hi and welcome back, the Eachine E51 review is my fifth article on FirstQuadcopter.com. Traditionally, I will try to reveal as much information as possible about...
GoolRC T32 drone review

GoolRC T32 review: Nice learn to fly drone

The era of flying selfies is right around the corner, cheap drones like the GoolRC T32 are announced weekly. Maybe these toys are not...
BAYANGTOYS X20 selfie drone

BAYANGTOYS X20 sElfie drone with voice control

Frankly, I got bored from this "Selfie drone" madness, there is no week without a new model. Like this BAYANGTOYS X20, all want to pose...
Cheerson CX-OF quadcopter review

Cheerson CX-OF review: Unmatched hovering stability

In the past mini drones were nice but with no fancy features. Now, the Cheerson CX-OF, with optical-flow sensor and intelligent flight modes, changes the rules....
TKKJ TK111W foldable quadcopter

TKKJ TK111W Foldable drone with WiFi FPV

It looks that cloning popular drones becomes a general rule. Even clones are cloned :D. The TKKJ TK111W seems to be a cheap copy of...
Eachine E53 quadcopter

Eachine E53 drone: Brings innovative foldable design for newbies

No rest for Eachine! They just announced another selfie drone with even more innovative design. Featuring unique fold-able arms, the Eachine E53 can be...
DHD D5 quadcopter

DHD D5 mini foldable sElfie drone under 25$

Following the success of the JJRC's Elfie, lately the drone market has been invaded by many similar "selfie" quad-copters like this DHD D5. Like the...
VISUO XS809HW drone review

VISUO XS809HW quadcopter review: Poor man’s Mavic

The VISUO XS809HW quadcopter, as you can see right at first glance, is a copy of the Mavic Pro from the market leader DJI. It...

KaiDeng K130 ALPHA the first flying egg

I have firstly read about the KaiDeng K130 ALPHA drone about two weeks ago. At that time, the egg design seemed like a stupid idea. Later I...
Eachine E51 quadcopter

Eachine E51 new sElfie drone with high-tech design

Even Eachine advertises their new E51 as being the world's smallest "sElfie drone". They already have an even smaller model called E55 Mini. The Eachine E51...
Walkera VITUS drone quadcopter

Walkera VITUS with 3-axis gimbal and 4K camera

Walkera VITUS, a serious competitor of the DJI Mavic Pro Walkera, one of the biggest player on the drone market, recently announced their new model...