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iFlight Innovation Technology was founded in 2014. They are dedicated to providing intelligent applications and solutions for FPV drones. Besides ready to fly products, iFlight offer also many types of drone parts. On their website, you can find a wide range of third-party RC products as well.

iFlight drones

iFlight drones roadmap

iFlight FreeStyle  drones iFlight Long-Range quadcopters iFlight Cinematic Whoop drones Other IFlight products
Cidora SL5 Chimera4 4S LR BumbleBee HD Electronics (FC & ESC)
Nazgul5 Chimera5 DC LR Green Hornet Brushless motors
TITAN DC5 Chimera7 6S LR ProTek25 and ProTek35 HD FPV gears
TITAN XL5 HD iFlight TP X5 HD CineBee 75HD 3D printed parts
Alpha A75 HD Propellers
Alpha A85 HD Drone frames
Alpha A65 Micro Taurus X8 HD
Cinebee Hybrid
MegaBee HD
Cinebee 4K

Latest iFlight drone reviews and news

Flight TurboBee 160RS Toothpick racing FPV drone

iFlight TurboBee 160RS
iFlight’s new TurboBee 160RS racing FPV drone features toothpick style design. The frame has a 165mm wheelbase and scratch-X form factor. At the end of each arm, there is a XING 1404 3800KV motor matched with a 2-leaf 4″ propeller. The iFlight TurboBee 160RS is based on a versatile SucceX Micro F4 F1.5 flight tower with 15A 4-in-1 ESC board....

Coming soon: iFlight Alpha A65 micro FPV drone

iFlight Alpha A65
The iFlight Alpha A65 is micro size Tiny Whoop style brushless FPV drone. As its name says it is built on a 65mm size frame with duct blade guards. All the electronic parts, including the 800TVL camera, are well protected by a dome shape canopy. Its versatile flight controller can be configured with multiple flight modes through the micro USB...

iFlight Alpha A85 HD: The ultimate micro FPV drone

iFlight Alpha A85 HD
After 5 days of a countdown, the iFlight Alpha A85 HD micro FPV drone has been finally officially revealed. As its name says it’s built on an 85mm size frame and it features HD digital video transmission. Instead of DJI’s FPV Air Unit, iFlight opted to use the lighter Caddx Vista HD VTX. iFlight Alpha A85 HD features AIO F4...

Iflight TITAN DC2 HD for ultimate FPV experience

Iflight TITAN DC2
Packed in a bundle with DJI FPV goggles, the iFlight TITAN DC2 HD drone is intended to provide the ultimate FPV experience. Of course, the top-notch hardware has its price, you can pre-order this new racing kwad for US$950.00 + shopping fee. The Iflight TITAN DC2-HD is built on a 122mm carbon fiber frame with a 3mm thick bottom plate....

Coming soon: iFlight TITAN H3 HD with DJI Air Unit

iFlight TITAN H3
The iFlight TITAN H3 HD is built on a robust 3K carbon fiber frame with a wheelbase (diagonal motor-to-motor distance) of 142 mm. At the end of each arm, there is a XING 1404 tyke 4600KV motor matched with 3″ propellers (3-leaf). Its SucceX-D Mini F7 flight controller comes in a stack with 35A BL_S 4-in-1 ESC. According to your...

Coming soon: iFlight TITAN XL5 FPV drone with GPS

image of iFlight TITAN XL5
iFlight announces one after another new FPV drones featuring DJI’s professional-grade digital FPV system. For sure, priced for more than $500, the iFlight TITAN XL5 is not the cheapest 5-inch FPV race drone that you can get right now. In addition to the onboard DJI FPV Air Unit, it features a versatile SucceX-D F7 flight controller, high power 50A...

Coming soon: iFlight Green Hornet FPV drone

iFlight Green Hornet
Similar to the iFlight BumbleBee, the newly announced iFlight Green Hornet also features Whop style large blade protectors and GoPro camera mount. Frankly, apparently the only visual difference between these two CineWhoops is that one is yellow and the other one green. The iFlight Hornet 3″ is made for everyone, you can fly it indoor or in the park. Made...

iFlight BumbleBee CineWhoop FPV drone

iflight BumbleBee
The iFlight BumbleBee is a 142mm size CineWhoop style FPV race drone. BumbleBee is offered by iFlight with two type of FPV systems. With Caddx Ratel camera is priced for $270, while together with DJI FPV Air unit has a price of $399. Furthermore, in case that you need 4K recording, you can install on the front a GoPro...

Coming soon: iFlight TITAN DC5 FPV race drone

iFlight TITAN DC5 5"
iFlight is about to release a new FPV racing quad called TITAN DC5. Like its name says, it is 5" propeller compatible. While iFlight TITAN DC5 4S comes with 2450KV motors, the 6S version has 1800KV ones - the rest of the electronic parts are identical. Thanks to the on-board DJI FPV Air system with long-range 720P@120FPS video transmission, the...

Coming soon: iFlight CinePick 120HD – 4s Toothpick

iFlight CinePick 120HD Toothpick
The CinePick 120HD will be the third iFlight drone announced today. It seems that they are becoming quite active at the end of the flight season. As its name says, it is built on a 120mm size frame with a toothpick design. Despite being small and lightweight (~80 grams), it is powered by 4S LIPO batteries. Equipped with 4500KV motors...

Coming soon: iFlight Cinebee Hybrid 4K FPV drone

iFlight Cinebee Hybrid 4K
Although only 10 days have passed since FirstQuadcopter introduced RunCam's latest dual-lens UHD camera, drone manufactures already started to install it on their FPV racers. The iFlight Cinebee Hybrid 4K is among the first models which comes on-board with the RunCam Hybrid 4K camera. The Cinebee Hybrid 4K is a compact size Whoop style FPV racer made for tight space...