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iFlight Innovation Technology was founded in 2014. They are dedicated to providing intelligent applications and solutions for FPV drones. Besides ready to fly products, iFlight offer also many types of drone parts. On their website, you can find a wide range of third-party RC products as well.

iFlight drones

iFlight drones roadmap

iFlight FreeStyle  drones iFlight Long-Range quadcopters iFlight Cinematic Whoop drones Other IFlight products
Cidora SL5 Chimera4 4S LR BumbleBee HD Electronics (FC & ESC)
Nazgul5 Chimera5 DC LR Green Hornet Brushless motors
TITAN DC5 Chimera7 6S LR ProTek25 and ProTek35 HD FPV gears
TITAN XL5 HD iFlight TP X5 HD CineBee 75HD 3D printed parts
Mach R5 Evoque F6X and F6D Alpha A75 HD Propellers
Evoque F5 Chimera7 Pro V2 Alpha A85 HD Drone frames
Naxgul5 V3 XL10 V6 Alpha A65 Micro Taurus X8 HD
Evoque F4X Cinebee Hybrid
MegaBee HD
Cinebee 4K
ProTek25 Pusher
ProTek60 Pro
Defender 25
Defender 16

Latest iFlight drone reviews and news

iFlight Nazgul Evoque F4X: The compromise between size and power

iFlight Nazgul Evoque F4X
The iFlight Nazgul Evoque F4X has an outstanding balance between size and power. It has a wheelbase of only 185mm, compared to the Nazgul 5 V3, which has 245mm. It has powerful XING2 2205 motors that provide up to 170km/h (105mph) speeds. Using a 6S 1400mAh battery, iFlight promises 8 minutes of hovering time. Thanks to the onboard DJI Air...

iFlight Defender16 O3: Tiny 2S 4K CineWhoop

iFlight Defender 16
iFlight just announced their most compact CineWhoop-style FPV drone with DJI O3 Air Unit onboard. The iFlight Defender16 follows its larger predecessor's user-friendly modular design. It uses a customized "naked" HD digital VTX module to be super-light. The Defender16 drone has a size of 121x117x47mm (81mm wheelbase) and a weight of 128 grams, including the 2S/ 900mAh battery pack. The...

IFlight XL10 V6 Analog Long-Range FPV drone

iFlight XL10
Being intended for long-range FPV flight, the new IFlight XL10 V6 features a high-power 1.6W analog VTX, ELRS/TBS Crossfire Nano RX, and an onboard GPS module. According to iFlight, the XING2 3110 motors and the 10" props provide level 7 wind resistance and a top speed of 140km/h (87mph). The XL10 V6 frame is very similar to the recently reviewed...

iFLight Nazgul5 V3: Designed for HD Digital FPV

iFlight Nazgul 5 V3
The new iFlight Nazgul5 V3 was specially designed for the DJI O3 Air Unit digital FPV system. It comes with a CNC aluminum camera mount that features vibration-reduction silicone insertion. This FPV drone is intended for freestyling as well as for long-range cinematic footage using a GoPro camera and high-capacity battery. Unlike its predecessors, the newest N5 V3 O3...

iFlight Defender 25: DJI AVATA clone?

iFlight Defender 25
For this Cristmas, iFlight prepared a new DJI AVATA-like FPV drone with O3 Air Unit onboard. The iFlight Defender 25 is the successor of the ProTek series. It adopts similar Whoop duct propeller protectors. Defender 25 comes in my with durability and usability. Weighting less than 250 grams doesn't require registration in most countries. It has a durable injection molded...

iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2: 7″ LR w/ DJI O3 Air Unit

iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2
The iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2 is probably the first 7-inch long-range FPV drone with a DJI O3 Air Unit onboard. According to your existing transmitter, you can opt for BNF-DJI, ELRS 2.4Ghz, or TBS Crossfire Nano RX radio receivers. With the DJI O3 Air Unit range hack, you can expect a range of up to 10KM if your battery lasts...

iFlight BOB57 6 Inch Cinematic LR Long Range

iFlight BOB57
iFlight's new BOB57 6" FPV drone was specially designed for long-range flights. It comes with GPS positioning and an optional ELRS or TBS Crossfire radio receiver. The 6-inch frame has an H-shape design and 6mm thick arms. In addition to the onboard FPV camera, can be equipped with GoPro 10 for cinematic 4K recording. According to the advertised specs, with...

iFlight Protek R20 brushless Whoop style FPV drone

iFlight Protek R20
With a wheelbase (motor to motor diagonal distance) of just 94mm, the R20 is the iFlight Protek series' smallest member. Due to its small size, it is available only with an analog FPV system, with no HD digital option. The iFlight Protek R20 uses a Whoop AIO F4 V1.1 AIO flight controller with an integrated 20A ESC and ELRS radio...

iFlight Commando 8 ELRS radio transmitter

iFlight Commando 8
The upcoming iFlight Commando 8 radio transmitter follows a similar gamepad style design as the Jumper T-Pro and RadioMaster Zorro. According to the rumored specs, it features an integrated high-performance ELRS radio module and a 4.000mAh battery that allows 24 hours continuous usage. While the 915MHz version has up to 1W power, the 2.4GHz only 500mW. On the back of...

iFlight ProTek60 Pro Cinelifter HD FPV drone

iFlight ProTek60 Pro HD
The iFlight ProTek60 Pro is a professional FPV drone specially designed for Komodo, Zcam, BMPCC 6K, GH5, Red, and other cinema cameras. It's 282mm size carbon fiber frame has Whoop-style blade protectors for safer flights. Thanks to the powerful propulsion system (XING2 310 motors + 6" props + 80A), the iFlight ProTek 60 Pro drone can take a 1.5 kg...

iFlight Evoque F6X & F6D FPV drones for GoPro 10

Evoque F6X and Evoque F6D
iFlight released two new 6-inches FPV drones for the GoPro 10 camera. While the Evoque F6X has a Squashed-X design, the Evoque F6D adopts "Deadcat" geometry. Both variants are available with an analog 5.8GHz FPV or DJI-compatible HD digital transmission system. While analog comes equipped with RaceCam R1 Mini camera 600mW 5.8GHZ VTX, HD digital with DJI FPV camera,...