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iFlight Innovation Technology was founded in 2014. They are dedicated to providing intelligent applications and solutions for FPV drones. Besides ready to fly products, iFlight offer also many types of drone parts. On their website, you can find a wide range of third-party RC products as well.

iFlight drones

iFlight drones roadmap

iFlight FreeStyle  drones iFlight Long-Range quadcopters iFlight Cinematic Whoop drones Other IFlight products
Cidora SL5 Chimera4 4S LR BumbleBee HD Electronics (FC & ESC)
Nazgul5 Chimera5 DC LR Green Hornet Brushless motors
TITAN DC5 Chimera7 6S LR ProTek25 and ProTek35 HD FPV gears
TITAN XL5 HD iFlight TP X5 HD CineBee 75HD 3D printed parts
Mach R5 Evoque F6X and F6D Alpha A75 HD Propellers
Evoque F5 Chimera7 Pro V2 Alpha A85 HD Drone frames
Alpha A65 Micro Taurus X8 HD
Cinebee Hybrid
MegaBee HD
Cinebee 4K
ProTek25 Pusher
ProTek60 Pro
Defender 25

Latest iFlight drone reviews and news

iFlight ProTek60 Pro Cinelifter HD FPV drone

iFlight ProTek60 Pro HD
The iFlight ProTek60 Pro is a professional FPV drone specially designed for Komodo, Zcam, BMPCC 6K, GH5, Red, and other cinema cameras. It's 282mm size carbon fiber frame has Whoop-style blade protectors for safer flights. Thanks to the powerful propulsion system (XING2 310 motors + 6" props + 80A), the iFlight ProTek 60 Pro drone can take a 1.5 kg...

iFlight Evoque F6X & F6D FPV drones for GoPro 10

Evoque F6X and Evoque F6D
iFlight released two new 6-inches FPV drones for the GoPro 10 camera. While the Evoque F6X has a Squashed-X design, the Evoque F6D adopts "Deadcat" geometry. Both variants are available with an analog 5.8GHz FPV or DJI-compatible HD digital transmission system. While analog comes equipped with RaceCam R1 Mini camera 600mW 5.8GHZ VTX, HD digital with DJI FPV camera,...

Nazgul Evoque F5: FPV drone with a new design approach

Photo of iFlight Nazgul Evoque F5
iFlight just announced another 5" FPV drone with an impressive design that includes cool LED lights and an injection-molded body. The Nazgul Evoque F5 is available with two power options (4S and 6S) and analog or FPV digital FPV. The frame structure is available with Squashed-X (F5X) or DeadCat (F5D) arm layout. The digital iFlight Nazgul Evoque F5 comes equipped...

iFlight GOCam PM G3 4K@60fps drone camera

Photo of iFlight GOCam PM G3 camera
Flight advertises their GOCam PM G3 as an action camera which is it's a little overkill. Without a rugged case and built-in battery, I wouldn't call it like this. Similar to the Naked GoPro and SMO 4K, they kept only the essential parts of the camera, limiting its usability. The iFlight GOCam PM G3 measures 64.7*45*31.3mm and weighs just 37...

iFlight ProTek25 Pusher HD Digital FPV drone

Photo of ProTek25 Pusher drone
iFlight's popular ProTek lineup gets a new member, this time with inverted motors. For now, the iFlight ProTek25 Pusher was announced only in digital edition with Caddx Nebula Nano camera and Caddx Vista VTX. Natively it is compatible with DJI FPV transmitter, but you can order it as well in a handle with FrSky or FlySky compatible radio receiver. The...

iFlight 1S micro FPV racing quad

Photo of iFlight 1S
iFlight is about to release a new micro-class FPV quadcopter that weighs just 26 grams (without battery). The iFlight 1S is built on a 63mm size carbon fiber frame. Its tiny 20000kV brushless motors are matched with 1.4-inch 3-leaf propellers. Between the bottom and top plate is a highly integrated all-in-one flight controller. The SucceX F4 1S comes with a...

iFlight Mach R5 (HD): FPV racing quadcopter

Photo of iFlight Mach R5
iFlight's new Mach R5 FPV racing quadcopter is capable of achieving a top speed of 200Km/hour. The 215mm size carbon fiber frame has easy to replace 6mm arms. The TPU shark fin helps in Turtle mode (Flip Over After Crash). iFlight Mach R5 comes with two different FPV setups. In comparison, analog edition has RaceCam R1 camera and SucceX Mini...

iFlight Taurus X8 HD: Professional drone video platform

Photo of iFlight Taurus X8
With a payload of up to 2Kg, the iFlight Taurus X8 HD drone can be equipped with professional-grade DSLR photo cameras and digital cinema video cameras like Red Komodo, Z-Cam, or BMPCC. The CNC camera mount allows adjusting camera angles within 5° and 35°. When it comes to installing an $8000 camera on a flying platform, you expect some kind...

iFlight TP X5 HD Toothpick FPV Racing Drone

Photo of iFlight TP X5 HD
iFlight's latest 5-inch FPV racing drone features Toothpick style lightweight design. The iFlight TP X5 HD has two power options. While 4S version comes equipped with Xing 2005 2550kv motors, the 6S edition with 1900KV motors. Both variants have NAZGUL 5030 3-leaf propellers. The Beast F7 AIO flight tower is installed on the center of the 214mm wheelbase carbon fiber...

iFlight C85 Alpha Pusher HD and Analog

Photo of iFlight C85 Alpha Pusher drone
Like all trendy CineWhoops, the new iFlight Alpha C85 also features a Pusher design with inverted motors (upside-down installation). IFlight announced the C85 with two FPV options. While the analog edition comes with a Rucam Nano 2 camera and 5.8G 300mW VTX, the HD digital version with Nebula Pro camera and Caddx Vista VTX. Both are based on the...

iFlight Protek25 and iFlight Protek35 FPV drones

iFlight Protek25 vs iFlight Protek35 photo
iFlight just announced a new micro CineWhoop series. While the Protek25 comes with 2.5" propellers and can be equipped with an Insta360 GO camera or naked GoPro, the larger Protek35 with 3.5" blades and can carry a full-size GoPro camera. Both versions can be pre-ordered from Banggood. The smaller Flight Protek25 comes in 5.8G analog and HD digital versions. Both...