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Backpacks and cases

Hard cases and backpacks are the safest way to transport your expensive quadcopter.

Backpacks are the most convenient and comfortable way to carry your drone when you are by foot.

Backpacks and cases for quadcopter drones.

Reviews of the best drone backpacks.

DJI Phantom hard case backpacks.

FPV Airport Backpack for racing fanatics

FPV Airport backpack review
FPV Airport Helipak backpack by Think Thank Photo In my opinion, the most important goal of the FPV backpack manufactures is to design a product that fits any racing quadcopter. Nevertheless, if you want to fit inside more than one drone, the challenge is even bigger. At first impression the FPV Airport Helipak by ThinkThank is not just very customizable but also comfortable.Thanks to the wide range of products, Think Thank Photo (TTP) became over the...

Yuneec Typhoon quadcopter backpack review

Realacc Yuneec backpack review
Cheap Realacc backpack for Yuneec Typhoon 4k quadcopters Large quadcopters are beautiful on the high-sky but become complicated when it comes about their transportation. Without a nice and comfortable quadcopter backpack like this Realacc it is very difficult to carry the drone to the flight zone in the original box. Especially when you are on foot.When I received the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K for review I was pretty...

FPV backpack for racing drones by Think Thank

FPV Session Backpack for racing quadcopters
FPV Session Backpack for racing quadcopter enthusiasts If you are a FPV fanatic you already know that one racing quad is never enough. Don't mention the other accessories (FPV glasses, spare batteries, etc.). This is why I like the concept of this FPV Session Backpack, it can fit up to 4 racing quads (150 - 280 mm ones), transmitter, propellers and a...

3DR Solo quadcopter backpack

Airport Helipak™ for 3DR Solo
Airport Helipak™ backpack for 3DR Solo quadcopter and photo gears Certainly 3DR Solo owners will appreciate Think Thank Photo's announcement regarding their new Airport Helipak backpack. Biggest advantage of this 3D Solo backpack is that you can carry not just your precious drone but also your photo gears and laptop.In my opinion, besides the durability, the most important feature of such a product is...

DJI Phantom 3 case by Realacc

Realacc Phantom 3 case review
Hard case for the DJI Phantom 3 series Definitely, after you pay about $ 1000 for a quadcopter, you will want to carry and store you precious toy in the safest possible way. In my opinion, a hard case like this Realacc is the best solution for transporting your Phantom 3 quadopter when you are traveling by car.Till now I stored my Phantom 3 Advanced...

Airport Helipak quadcopter backpack

Airport Helipak quadcopter backpack
Airport Helipak - DJI Phantom 3 Backpack Can one backpack be fit for all your gadgets (DSLR and GoPro camera, Laptop and quadcopter)? Until I found out about Think Thank Photo's new Phantom Airport Helipak™ I did not thought this is possible.I've started my journey in the world of quadcopters one year ago and till now I didn't think to do something about solving...