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DJI is the dominant market leader in the consumer drone industry. Its camera drone technology is widely used by hobbyists as well as by professionals (music videos, television, and film industries). They have 3 main product lines (Inspire, Phantom, and Mavic).

The company was founded in 2006 by Wang Tao. After 7 years of research and development, they released the first generation of Phantom, an entry-level GPS-enabled quadcopter that was more user-friendly than any other drones on the market at the time. Read more on Wikipedia.

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DJI drones roadmap

DJI Inspire series DJI Phantom series DJI Mavic Series Other DJI drones
Inspire 1 Phantom 1 Mavic Pro Spark
Inspire 1 Pro/Raw Phantom 2 Mavic Pro Alpine Tello
Inspire 2 Phantom 3 Profesional Mavic Pro Platinum DJI FPV drone
Phantom 3 Advanced Mavic 2 Pro Matrice 30 and 30T
Phantom 3 4K Mavic 2 Zoom Avata
Phantom 3 Standard Mavic Air
Phantom 3 SE Mavic Mini
Phantom 4 Pro Mavic Air 2
Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Mavic Mini 2
Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0 Air 2S
Phantom 4 Advanced MINI SE
Mavic 3
Mini 3 Pro
Mavic 3 Classic
MINI 3 Classic

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DJI MINI 3 Pro vs MINI 2: In-depth comparison

After the latest MINI 3 Pro leaks which confirmed the official release, many DJI fans decided to cancel their MINI 2 order and wait for the new edition. Let's find out from this in-depth comparison guide if it's worth waiting for the new MINI 3 Pro. DJI has completely redesigned the new Mini 3 Pro. It has a new look...

DJI MINI 3 Pro: All features and prices confirmed!

DJI has redesigned its Mini drone for its third generation, which will be officially launched on 10 May according to the leaks. Rumor after rumor revealed all important features of the upcoming DJI MINI 3 Pro. Promising a flight time of up to 47 minutes and a range of 12Km (7.5 miles) the MINI3 Pro ranks on the top...

DJI Matrice 30 and Matrice 30T for heavy duty professional jobs

DJI Matrice 30 Series
DJI has officially revealed their new Matrice 30 series, designed for heavy-duty professional jobs. The DJI M30 and 30T feature 54 km/h wind resistance and the ability to fly in snow, heavy rain (IP55 rating), and temperature as low as -20°C (4°F). The Matrice 30 comes with a 48MP 1/2" CMOS sensor optical zoom camera (5-16×) optical and 200× digital...

DJI Mavic 3: Dual-camera Cine drone

DJI Mavic 3
DJI updated their flagship consumer drone, with the release of the versatile Mavic 3. This is camera quadcopter is probably the most expected drone of the year by aerial content creators. The Mavic 3 features a Hasselblad-branded dual-camera system. The main 24mm (35mm-equivalent) f/2.8 - f/11 has a Four Thirds sensor that's considerably larger than the 1-inch sensor on the...

DJI Action 2: The Perfect Drone camera?

DJI Action 2 camera
DJI has finally released a successor to the more than two old original Osmo Action camera. The new DJI Action 2 features a modular design and promises impressive video specs in a rugged, compact body. DJI aims to offer not just an action camera, but a more complex imaging solution with a wide range of applicabilities, from a wearable...

DJI Mini SE vs DJI Mini 2: 3 Key Differences

DJI Mini SE vs DJI Mini 2
Back in 2019, DJI released their first drone under 250g, following by the second-generation MINI 2 in 2020 and now they released the third version of their smallest drone named MINI SE. This new ultra-light drone is positioned between the Mini 1 and Mini 2. Despite that many hoped for an obstacle avoidance system, this feature remains available only...

DJI FPV Goggles V2 review: Redefine FPV!

In-depth review of DJI FPV Goggles V2
Since the announcement of the second generation of DJI FPV goggles, I decided that it is time to get one and make the switch from analog to digital FPV. In my DJI FPV Goggles V2 review, I will discuss the specifications, features, compatibility, comfort in use, and what are the major differences compared to the original V1 goggles and...

DJI Mini SE: True upgrade or just a facelift?

Photo of DJI MINI SE
A few days ago, Walmart leaked some pictures of the upcoming DJI MINI SE drone. Usually, in the case of drones, 'SE' comes from Second Edition or Speed Edition. Let's find out if it is about a true upgrade or just a facelift. Beyond that new transmitter and propellers, the DJI Mini SE appears identical to the first generation Mavic...

DJI Air 2S Combo vs Standard: What extra accessories do you get?

DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo vs Standard box
Today, DJI has officially revealed the Air 2S, a new mid-range drone with top-notch features. As you could read in our DJI Air 2S vs Mavic Air 2 comparison guide, this new model has been upgraded in all aspects compared to its predecessor. Like all previous Mavic drones, the AIR 2S is also available in Standard and Combo package options....

DJI Air 2S versus Mavic Air 2: Worth to upgrade?

DJI Air 2S versus Mavic Air 2
Since the first Air 2S rumors, many DJI fans decided to cancel their Mavic Air 2 order and wait for the new upgraded model. Our DJI Air 2S vs. Mavic Air 2 comparison guide includes features, specs, battery life, range, and camera performance. The completely redesigned, second-generation Mavic Air was released on April 24, 2020, and to be honest, no...

DJI MINI 2 alternatives: Top 5 rivals

DJI Mini 2 Alternatives
Without any doubt, the DJI MINI 2 is currently the best drone in the 250 grams class. It features excellent flight performance and comes equipped with a high-quality 4K camera. On paper, there are several drones that promise similar functionalities, but they are worthy rivals? Let's find out what are the Top 5 DJI MINI 2 alternatives that you...