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Share your best moments with your favorite quadcopter

A few months ago, I created a special ” Testimonials ” section to allow my readers to share their stories. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the success I expected, so I thought that time has come to give it a small push through this post.

I would like to receive stories about how you got into this world and how to start with your first quadcopter. Of course, you can submit any kind of story, funny moments as well as sad ones, anything that has to do with quadcopters. I think it is most important to be useful for our community, and it is much cheaper to learn from other’s mistakes than from ours :D

I also think it would be interesting to receive some tips, mods, or hacks about improving our favorite “toy.”

Detailed quadcopter build guides are also welcomed. Many of us are curious to pilot the purchased toys and build our own DIY quadcopter.

Rules of submitting your best quadcopter story

  • It must be unique and relevant content. Duplicated (theft) contents will be eliminated;
  • Must contain at least 300 words;
  • Affiliate links or other kinds of links are not accepted (exception: if they are truly relevant);
  • It must contain at least one image (800 x 600);
  • YouTube videos are accepted;
  • It should be written in English.

The posts will be shared on my Facebook page and hopefully voted on, the most liked and shared one will be rewarded with a nice gift (I promise it will not be a gardening tool :)).

You can contact me through this contact form and get in touch with me to discuss the details about how to submit your quad-copter testimonial.


  1. Hello,
    I recently won one of your drones from a drawing and when it’s opened it it did not have the USB charging cord and I was wondering if there was anything you could do.
    The model is H98 2.4Ghz 6-axis Gyro Drone
    thank you


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