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Quadcopter hack. Some useful hacks about how to extend your flight time and control range of your quadcoper. Use this hacks only on your own risk!

Foxeer Predator Micro 1000TVL FPV camera

Foxeer Predator Micro 1000TVL FPV camera

FPV flying means that you see what your drone is seeing in real-time. In order to provide a fully immersive experience, besides a good...
Eachine C600T mini camera review

Eachine C600T review: Super mini FPV camera

When it comes to micro drones, it is very hard to find a camera that is small and light enough to fit in. Measuring 15...
Black Box DVR review

Black Box DVR review: Easy way to Record your FPV flights

When it comes to FPV flights, additional devices like this Black Box DVR are required to record the journey of your flights. In order to...
Flight controller repair of Eachine QX110 V-Tail quadcopter drone

Flight controller repair or buy a new one?

Few months ago I received the Eachine QX110 V-Tail mini racer for review. First flights went smoothly, even after minor crashes it was flying like...
Eachine TX01S VTX camera review

Eachine TX01S camera review: Good range, Flexibility in mounting

The Eachine TX01S camera is specially designed for mini FPV drones like the TinyWhoop where space and weight is critical. Due to its modular design,...
Eachine ATX0 VTX review and test

Eachine ATX03 VTX review: Cheap and lightweight

Today I will review a super light VTX module for FPV drones. Weighting only 3.5g, the Eachine ATX03 is suitable for small sized quadcopters.VTX modules are used...
Propeller mod for Eachine QX70 quadcopter

Propeller mod for Eachine QX70

3-leaf propellers on Eachine QX70 (aka Tiny Whoop) Having some free time, I decided to mod my QX70 by replacing the stock props with Hubsan...
F450 my first DIY Quadcopter

F450 my first DIY Quadcopter

F450 quadcopter with ArduCopter flight controller My son is always willing to help me in building or disassembling of any kind of stuff, so he was...
RunCam 2 vs Foxeer Legend 1

RunCam 2 vs Foxeer Legend 1

Battle of the best quadcopter cameras - RunCam 2 vs Foxeer Legend 1 Yesterday it was a cold but nice sunny day so I thought...
XK Detect X380 Downloads

X380 Firmware and driver

XK Detect X380 Firmware, driver and ground station As I'm a XK Detect X380 owner I thought it would be very useful to gather all the important...
Mould King Quadcopter Hot Rod mod

Hot Rod your Quadcopter

Part 2 - Evaluation and Dis-assembly I received my X5C clones in about 2 weeks from the order date. So now I have to evaluate...