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Shenzhen Huagulong Technology Co., Ltd aka HGLRC was founded in 2016 with headquarter located in Shenzhen, China. They have a dedicated team of 3 experienced test pilots that have full input in what to develop.

HGLRC is the first drone brand that managed to integrate VTX+FC, FC+ESC, and DVR+VTX on one board, among other gamechanger innovations.

In addition to a wide range of FPV drones (Freestyle, CineWhop, and Toothpick) they commercialize drone frames, flight controllers, VTXs, and other quadcopter accessories.

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HGLRC drones roadmap

FreeStyle/Racing HGLRC drones CineWhoop style HGLRC drones Toothpick style HGLRC drones Other HGLRC drones
Sector 5 V2 and Sector 5 V3 Veyron 3 Toothpick Petrel120 Motowhoop 85mm
Sector V2 HD Veyron 3 Digital HD Toothpick Petrel120Pro MotoWhoop 90 HD
Sector132 Sector150 Digital HD Toothpick Petrel132  
Arrow3 Sector132 Digital HD    
Wind5 Lite      
Rekon 5      

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Latest HGLRC drone stories (News and Reviews)

HGLRC Rekon 5 MINI long range FPV drone

Photo pf Rekon 5 FPV drone
HGLRC is the first drone manufacturer that introduces failsafe insurance for long-range FPV drones. The Rekon 5 MINI is their inaugural product which can be purchased in a bundle with this premium service. You can opt for 3 or 6-month insures. In case you lost your drone during a flight and you can prove it with DVR footage, you...

HGLRC MotoWhoop 90 HD with Vista digital FPV

Photo of HGLRC MotoWhoop 90HD drone
As its name says, the new HGLRC MotoWhoop 90 HD is built on a 90mm size frame with Whoop style duct blade guards. It comes with on-board CADDX VISTA Nebula Nano digital FPV. Hope to be compatible with the upcoming DJI FPV goggles V2, because I started to make savings for this new gear. Its versatile Zeus F722 flight controller...

HGLRC Sector 5 V3 review: FPV drone with GPS RTH

HGLRC Sector5 V3 review
My HGLRC Sector 5 V3 review covers all my personal experiences from unboxing to first flight. Besides some facelift, the third generation Sector 5 brings upgraded hardware and GPS feature which provides failsafe RTH (Return To Home). Like its predecessors, the Sector 5 V3 also has two power options and multiple FPV setups. While 4S edition comes with HGLRC...

HGLRC Wind5 Lite TrueX 5″ FPV Racing Drone

Photo of HGLRC Wind5 Lite drone
HGLRC's upgraded Wind5 Lite FPV drone comes with a reinforced 208mm size carbon fiber frame, three motor options (1750KV/1900KV/2550KV), and two FPV versions. While the  HGLRC Wind5 Lite analog comes with FOXEER Predator NANO 5 FPV camera and Zeus VTX Nano 350mW VTX, the digital edition with CADDX VISTA HD kit. All variants can be powered with 3-6 LIPO...

HGLRC Veyron 3 review, ratings and guide

HGLRC Veyron3 review
This would be my second attempt of publishing my HGLRC Veyron 3 review. The draft of my previous article was lost together with 6 months of hard-working (drone reviews, quadcopter news, and lots of uploaded user manuals) due to messing up my blog's database. While Oscar Liang and Half Chrome were more focused, in their Veyron 3 CineWhoop review, on...

HGLRC Sector150 Freestyle CineWhoop

HGLRC Sector 150 drone
Following the great success of the Sector132 FPV drone, HGLRC came up with a larger and even more powerful model called Sector150. Like its smaller brother, it comes with 360° blade protectors and two power options. While the Sector132 can be powered by 2S and 3S batteries, the newer Sector150 uses 4S and 6S ones. The HGLRC Sector150 comes with...

HGLRC Sector132 review: 2 in 1 FPV drone

HGLRC Sector132 review
In my in-depth HGLRC Sector132 review I will reveal to you all the advantages and drawbacks of this hybrid Cinema-Freestyle FPV drone. Maybe it’s not the cheapest, fastest or smallest, but it’s probably the most flexible FPV platform. It features removable blade protectors which allows easy conversion from a CineWhoop into a veritable Freestyle drone, 3/4S battery compatibility, and...

HGLRC MotoWhoop 85 FPV drone

HGLRC MotoWhoop 85mm
As you can see in the image below, the HGLRC MotoWhoop 85mm has a motorcycle alike design. Of course, it still has 4 propellers instead of two wheels :D. Like its name says, it is built on an 85mm size carbon fiber frame with large Whoop style blade protectors. Despite its small size is suitable for both indoor and outdoor...

Coming soon: HGLRC Veyron 3″ Cinewhoop

Like most CineWhoops, the HGLRC Veyron is also build on a 3 inch frame with large ducted blade protectors. This design approach allows you to capture super smooth cinematic footage. Another advantage of the Whoop protectors is that you can fly around people relatively safely. HGLRC announced the Veyron 3″ with two power options. While the 4S version comes with...

Coming soon: HGLRC Sector 5 V2 FPV drone

HGLRC Sector 5 V2 FPV drone
HGLRC's new FPV race drone called "Sector 5 V2" comes with two power options. While 4S version HGLRC Sector 5 V2 has 2450KV motors, the more powerful 6S edition 1600K ones. The robust 226mm size carbon fiber frame is 5 inch propeller compatible. In addition to the on-board AURORA V2 1200TVL FPV Camera there is room to install a second...

HGLRC Parrot120 Pro Toothpick FPV Drone

HGLRC Parrot120 Pro FPV drone
As its name says, the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro is a Toothpick style 120mm FPV racing machine. HGLRC puts the most high-end race spec components on the Parrot120 Pro. It comes with versatile F4 flight controller, powerful 6000KV motors and high-quality Caddx Turbo Eos2 camera. The Parrot120 Pro Toothpick is small enough to fly through your house or car park, but...