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Shenzhen Huagulong Technology Co., Ltd aka HGLRC was founded in 2016 with headquarter located in Shenzhen, China. They have a dedicated team of 3 experienced test pilots that have full input in what to develop.

HGLRC is the first drone brand that managed to integrate VTX+FC, FC+ESC, and DVR+VTX on one board, among other gamechanger innovations.

In addition to a wide range of FPV drones (Freestyle, CineWhop, and Toothpick) they commercialize drone frames, flight controllers, VTXs, and other quadcopter accessories.

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HGLRC drones roadmap

FreeStyle/Racing HGLRC drones CineWhoop style HGLRC drones Toothpick style HGLRC drones Other HGLRC drones
Sector 5 V2 and Sector 5 V3 Veyron 3 Toothpick Petrel120 Motowhoop 85mm
Sector V2 HD Veyron 3 Digital HD Toothpick Petrel120Pro MotoWhoop 90 HD
Sector132 Sector150 Digital HD Toothpick Petrel132 HGLRC Petrel 75
Arrow3 Sector132 Digital HD Petrel 120X Draknight 2
Wind5 Sector25(HD) Rekon 3 Nano
Wind5 Lite Sector30(HD) Drashark
Sector150 RaceWhoop30 (HD)
Wind6 RaceWhoop25 (HD)
Mefisto Veyron30CR
BATMAN220 Veyron25CR
Rekon 5 KT20
Rekon 4 Carry30
Rekon 6 HD
Rekon 7 Pro
Sector X5/D5
Draknight 2″

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Latest HGLRC drone stories (News and Reviews)

HGLRC Draknight 2″: Micro Ultralight FPV Freestyle drone

HGLRC Draknight 2inch
HGLRC is among the few drone brands that continue to produce FPV drones with analog systems. Their latest Draknight 2-inch is an ultralight micro freestyle quadcopter with a unique design and ELRS 2.4GHz or TBS Crossfire Nano RX radio receiver options. The HGLRC Draknight 2 has a wheelbase of 91mm and a weight of less than 50 grams. It uses...

HGLRC Drashark 75mm: The 30 grams Toothpick FPV drone

HGLRC Drashark
HGLRC's newest FPV drone, the Drashark is powerful, ultralight and affordable. The little HGLRC Drashark aka Dragon Shark adopts Toothpick-style design with 1.6inch propellers and weights just 30 grams. In center of the 75mm carbon fiber plate is a highly-integrated 5in1 Zeus AIO flight controller with built-in ESC, 200mW VTX and SPI ExpressLRS 2.4G radio receiver. The tiny SPECTER 1002...

HGLRC Rekon10 PRO Long-Range FPV drone frame kit

Rekon10 PRO
The HGLRC Rekon 10 Pro LR is an absolute beast designed for the most challenging long-range missions. The weight and momentum of a 10” quadcopter give it stunningly high cruising speeds and wind resistance for high-altitude mountain dives. Equipped with powerful 31xx/32xx brushless motors, 10" propellers, and 60A ESC, the Rekon10 drone can fly in windy seaside with no...

HGLRC Carry30 CineWhoop drone

HGLRC Carry30
The HGLRC Carry30 is a CineWhoop-style drone with a unique feature. It has an all-in-one electromagnetic suction cup module on the belly that allows for carrying various things. This could be the drone that can recover your drone crashed on the roof of a building or a tree. Of course, having a wheelbase (diagonal motor-to-motor distance) of just 150mm...

HGLRC Sector X5 and D5 FPV drones for GoPro 10

HGLRC Sector X5 and D5
HGLRC's latest FPV racing drone designed to carry a GoPro 10 camera comes with two frame design options. While the Sector X5 features an X-type frame structure with a wheelbase of 210mm, the Sector D5 has a 'Dead Cat' frame with a 225mm wheelbase. Both variants are equipped with the same Zeus F722 Mini flight controller and Zeus 45A...

HGLRC KT20 review: GO-karting is fun at any age

HGLRC KT20 drone
When I was a kid, I always wanted to drive a go-kart but somehow missed the opportunity till now. Maybe the HGLRC GK20 has propellers instead of wheels but when you put the FPV goggles on your head and give some throttle the fun is about the same :) HGLRC is a very active player in the FPV market that...

Rekon35 Nano Long Range GPS FPV Drone

Rekon35 drone
RekonFPV, HGLRC's long-range quadcopter subdivision just announced a new sub 250g drone powered by two 18650 LIION batterie. The Rekon35 has a similar design approach as the Eachine LR3 but instead to have one battery on top and another one at the bottom, both batteries are on the top. You can simply use cheap off-the-shelf 18650 batteries and the...

HGLRC KT20: 2″ micro Pusher FPV drone

HGLRC just announced a new palm-size FPV drone with a cool go-kart shape design. The HGLRC KT20 has a wheelbase of 90mm and a full 360° propeller protection with 3 color options (yellow, blue, and red). The HGLRC KT20 is available with two FPV options. While the analog edition comes equipped with Caddx Ant Eco camera and 350mW 5.8GHz VTX,...

HGLRC Rekon 7 PRO: Long range GPS FPV drone

Rekon 7 Pro drone
HGLRC's largest and most versatile long-range FPV drone, the Rekon 7 PRO was just announced. While the analog edition is equipped with Caddx Ratel 2 camera and Zeus 5.8GHz 800mW VTX, the HD digital version with Caddix Air Unit and Polar camera. Both variants feature the same Zeus F722 fight controller and powerful Zeus 48A BL_S 3-6S 4in1 ESC...

HGLRC Herme ExpressLRS: ELRS TX/RX (900MHz/2.4GHz)

HGLRC Herme ExpressLRS TX and RX
After Happymodel and BetaFPV, HGLRC also announced their first ExpressLRS enabled radio system. Like its contenders, the Herme ExpressLRS also has 900Mhz and 2.4GHz versions. ExpressLRS (ELRS) is an open-source RC link for various applications, including drone communications. ELRS uses LoRa modulation with strong anti-interference technology to achieve long-range transmission with low power usage. HGLRC claims that the Herme ExpressLRS...

HGLRC Zeus25 AIO review: F722 Flight Controller + 25A ESC

HGLRC Zeus25 flight controller review
The HGLRC Zeus25 AIO flight controller is full of features, including a high-performance STM32F722 processor, 25A BL32 ESC, OSD, 4x UART, 10V BEC, easy soldering layout with large pads, and much more. Zeus25 AIO supports PPM (FlySky), Serial RX (including FrSky, S.BUS, DSMX, etc.), and ExpressLRS (RX/TX) radio receivers. It has dedicated pads for Caddx Vista or DJI Air Unit...