HGLRC is specialized in FPV racing drones, but they also offer wide range of accessories. HGLRC provides almost all the parts (motors, flight controller, PDU, VTX, FPV antennas) you need to build your own DIY drone.

HGLRC drones and quadcopters

Interested to purchase a HGLRC? find bellow the most interesting ones!

HGLRC BATMAN220 FPV drone for racing fanatics

Surely, this HGLRC BATMAN220 is not the cheapest FPV drone out there, but let's see what you get for this money. Just like in other forms of competitive flying, drone racers are constantly looking for new gear with the latest features. Based on the versatile AIRBUS F4OSD flight controller, the HGLRC BATMAN 220 is competitive with any high-end FPV drone. In order...