Rekon 3 Nano Long-Rage FPV drone

Photo of HGLRC Rekon 3 Nano drone

The new HGRC Rekon 3 Nano is ingeniously powered by a single cell 18650 battery that provides up to 15 minutes of flight time. You insert the battery just like you would in a TV remote, and you are ready for the next flight. Despite that, it is designed for long-range FPV flights does not feature a fail-safe RTH GPS system.

Its onboard CADDX ANT NANO camera is paired with a high-power 5.8GHZ VTX. You can toggle between 25, 100, 200, and 350mW broadcast power.

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The Zeus 5A AIO flight controller runs HGLRC411 custom firmware. Featuring Seedy Bee WIFI communication, you can make changes conveniently via your mobile phone. There is a tiny Rekon 1202.5 11600kV motor at the end of each arm with a 3″ GEMFAN 3018 propeller.

You can opt to purchase the Rekon 3 Nano drone in a bundle with the following radio receivers: Crossfire Nano, FrSky XM+, FrSky R9mm OTA, or Frsky R-XSR.

HGLRC Rekon 3 Nano features and spesc

  • Designed for long-range flights;
  • Small (140mm wheelbase) and ultra-light (only ~65 grams without battery);
  • Zeus 5A AIO flight controller (BF HGLRC411 firmware);
  • Supports WIFI tuning via Speedy Bee at your mobile phone;
  • Rekon 1202.5 11600kV motors with 3” 2-leaf propellers (GEMFAN 3018);
  • Zeus Nano 5.8GHz 350mW FPV transmitter (VTX);
  • CADDX ANT NANO 1000TVL FPV camera;
  • Optional Crossfire Nano, FrSky XM+, FrSky R9mm OTA, or Frsky R-XSR radio receivers;
  • Up to 15 minis battery life with Sony VTC6 3000mAh.

Product photos

Weight of Rekon 3 Nano
Battery installation
Battery installation
Zeus 5 FC
Flight controller
Rekon 1202.5 11600kV Motors
Rekon 1202.5 11600kV Motors
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