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Syma Toys claims to be an innovator and industry leader in the manufacture of remote-controlled drones and quadcopters for more than 10 years.

They are mainly focused on beginner-friendly drones. For sure Syma’s all-time best-selling model is the X5C. This entry-level had lots of cool features including an onboard camera.

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Latest Syma drone stories (Reviews and News)

SYMA W3: Cheap camera drone under 250g

Syma W3
Syma has revealed its latest drone and one that many hobbyists will prefer on a budget. The SYMA W3 is priced at just $149.99, and it comes with some pretty nice features in a lightweight body. In 2022 drones under 250 grams do not require registration in most countries, making them travel-friendly drones. SYMA claims the W3 drone will last...

Syma Z6PRO: DJI MINI alternative under 250g

Syma Z6Pro
The Syma Z6PRO looks like a rebranded Holy Stone HS175D. They have almost identical designs and similar specifications. Both have a compact size with folding arms and a self-stabilized 4K camera. With folding arms, the Syma (Loolinn) Z6 PRO drone measures 14x6.5x6cm and weighs just 217grams. Here I should mention that drones under 250Grams do not require special registration and...

SYMA TG1001: Convertible flying car

SYMA TG1001 flying car
After the X19W, Syma Toys came up with a new flying car drone. Without any conversion, the SYMA TG1001 can fly like any other multi-rotor and also run on the road like a RC car. This feature will be definitely loved by the kids. Powered by a 500 mAh battery, the TG1001 Syma can stay in the air for about...

SYMA W1: Stylish GPS enabled drone

Syma W1 drone
We are happy to introduce you between the firsts, the Syma W1 GPS enabled drone. It is so new, that is not even listed on the manufacturer's website yet. As my first drone was an X5C, I'm an old fan of Syma drones. From the first rumors we found, results that the SYMA W1 will feature only smartphone APP control....

SYMA Z1: An Affordable Selfie Drone

Syma Z1 drone
In the close future, affordable drones like SYMA Z1 will completely change the way of taking selfies. Holding up your phone to take selfies is not fun anymore. Drones allows to take not just close-up selfies, but also from a bird's vision. The Z1 connects to your phone via a WiFi signal and will stream a live video from the on-board...

Syma X25 Pro drone: Dual GPS and intelligent flight modes

Syma X25Pro drone
After long absence, finally Syma strikes back with a nice GPS enabled drone called X25Pro. In addition to the precise GPS positioning system, the Syma X25 Pro features intelligent flight modes like Surround flight and Waypoint missions. According to the manufacturer's specs, the 7.4V - 1000mAh allows up to 12 minutes of flight. In case of low battery voltage, the drone will...

Syma X8PRO GPS quadcopter for decent price

Syma X8Pro GPS quadcopter
Finally, Syma came up with their first GPS quadcopter. In order to allow precise auto return to home (RTH), the Syma X8PRO is equipped with high accuracy GPS positioning system. Syma's X8 line became very popular because it was between the first cheap drones able to lift GoPro and alike action cameras. Like its predecessor (read my X8SW review), the X8Pro's...

Syma X22W, another wannabe selfie drone

Syma X22W selfie quadcopter
Syma, a well known toy drone manufacturer, recently announced the X22W - a wannabe selfie drone. Excepting the small size and built-in WiFi FPV camera, there is nothing like the JJRC H37 aka the first sElfie Drone. Featuring altitude-hold, the Syma X22W is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude at the desired level. Headless flight mode is another feature...

Syma X15W: What’s New? Lets find out!

Syma X15W drone
After a long absence, Syma announced a new drone called X15W. Due to its small size, the Syma X15W quadcopter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. In order to make safer the indoor flights, the manufacturer includes propeller guards. The integrated 0.3MP WiFi FPV camera allows to record videos as well as take still photos. While nothing is mentioned...

SYMA X21W quadcopter for beginner pilots

SYMA X21W quadcopter drone
Syma, one of the most popular toy drone manufacturer, announced a new model called X21W. Featuring all the latest features and propeller protectors, the Syma X21W is suitable for beginner pilots. The Syma X21W is slightly smaller than the X20 and it has about the same design. The biggest difference between these two mini drones is the remote controller. While...

Syma X19W 2-in-1 car drone

Syma X19W car quadcopter
Syma X19W quadcopter car for double fun After the success of the X9, Syma came up with a new 2in1 car-drone concept called X19W. Compared to its predecessor, the Syma X19W has a much nicer design and it comes with all the latest features like altitude hold and headless flight mode. Without any conversion, this car-drone can fly like any other multi-rotor...