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Flywoo Naked O3 LiteUltra Air Unit for ultra-light FPV drones

Flywoo Naked O3 Lite and O3 Ultra
From the beginning, Flywoo was a company dedicated to small-size FPV drones. Last week brought two customized O3 digital FPV systems on the market for those every gram counts in the minus. The Naked O3 Lite reduces the weight (36.8g) of the original DJI O3 Air Unit by 37% (23.2g) and the Naked O3 Ultra by 50% (18.3g). The Flywoo...

RunCam Wasp FPV camera for DJI digital FPV

RunCam Wasp
RunCam was the second brand that started to offer DJI FPV system-compatible cameras and after the divorce between Caddx and DJI, they become the only provider of digital VTXs. The RunCam Wasp camera is compatible with the RunCam LINK (ex Caddx Vista) and the DJI Air Unit. RunCam Wasp is the company's first 120fps digital FPV camera optimized for low-light...

RunCam Link Falcon Nano Kit: Native 1080P@120FPS

RunCam Link Falcon Nano
RunCam was the second third-party manufacturer that started to produce DJI HD Digital video transmission compatible devices. The RunCam Link Falcon Nano kit consists of two main parts: a Digital video transmitter (Link) and an FPV camera (Falcon Nano). The new shrunk Falcon Nano camera has a size of just 16*14*17mm allowing it to be used on small FPV drones....

WALKSNAIL Avatar HD Digital FPV: DJI Air Unit alternative

Avatar HD Digital FPV kit
WALKSNAIL Avatar HD Digital FPV kit consists of VTX (transmitter) and two types of camera sizes. You can opt for 14x14m or 16x16m camera mounting factors. Weighting just, 16grams is currently the lightest digital FPV transmitter. By comparison, the Caddx Vista weights 19grams and the DJI Air Unit 41.6g. The Avatar HD Digital system features a dual-antenna system and ultra-low...

Hawkeye Firefly X LITE II: Born to be Naked!

Hawkeye Firefly X LITE II
In response to GoPro's Bones camera, Hawkeye has released the second generation of their popular Firefly X Lite camera. Now, the Hawkeye Firefly X LITE II features 4K@60fps recording in half of its contender's weight. Both drone cameras feature a 'Naked' design with no LCD and battery. The Firefly X LITE 2 camera measures 61*38*26mm and weighs just 34 grams....

Foxeer Apollo Digital camera for DJI HD Digital FPV

Foxeer Apollo camera
Foxeer is the third brand that started manufacturing DJI HD digital FPV system compatible cameras. The Foxeer Apollo works with both Caddx Vista and DJI Air Unit VTXs and it is available with two lens options, 'Standard' and 'StarLight' for night flights. For those who like to pimp their FPV drones, the Apollo camera is offered by Foxeer in...

Caddx Polar Nano: Small camera, Big sensor

Caddx Polar Nano
The Caddx Polar Nano is currently the smallest DJI digital FPV compatible Starlight camera with a 1/1.8” image sensor. Measuring just 15.8*14*14mm it can be installed on very small drones. It is available in a combo pack with Vista VTX for only $139.99. Similar to the original Caddx Polar, the Nano edition is also designed for night flights. It promises...

RunCam Link Phoenix HD Kit for DJI FPV Goggles

RunCam Link Phoenix
After Caddx, RunCam also started a cooperation with DJI in order to manufacture digital cameras and FPV transmitters. The RunCam Link Phoenix is advertised with 32ms latency at 1280*720@60fps. Many pro FPV pilots wished to have 20ms at 120fps. It looks like DJI does not let their partners use their technology at best performance. The RunCam Link VTX module measures...

Caddx Peanut camera: Designed for FPV, Powered by Insta360

Caddx Peanut
The Caddx Peanut camera was developed in partnership with Insta360. In a nutshell, the Caddx Peanut is an Insta360 Go 2 in a different case. Weighing just 27 grams it can be installed on small and ultra-small FPV drones. In addition to the built-in WiFI and Bluetooth connectivity, the Caddx Peanut can be controlled (start/stop video recording) via a UART...

Caddx Vista Nebula Nano kit review: Lighter but not better

Caddx Vista Nebula Nano review
The CaddxFPV Vista Nebula Nano is the most affordable and probably the lightest HD digital transmission system compatible with the DJI FPV goggles. With a total weight of just 24 grams, it can be installed on compact FPV drones. You can also find it in pre-build systems such as the BetaFPV Pavo30 CineWhoop. Caddx is the only company licensed by...

Caddx Polar Vista & Air Unit Kit: Starlight Digital HD FPV system

Photo of Caddx Polar Vista
CaddxFPV's new HD digital FPV camera, the 'Polar', can be purchased individually or in a bandle with Vista or Air Unit VTX. Caddx Polar is a digital starlight camera optimized for low-light conditions. With a min illumination of just 0.00003 lux, it is suitable to fly in the dark. Caddx Polar has a 1/1.8" starlight image sensor and a large...