WALKSNAIL Avatar HD Digital FPV: DJI Air Unit alternative

Avatar HD Digital FPV kit

WALKSNAIL Avatar HD Digital FPV kit consists of VTX (transmitter) and two types of camera sizes. You can opt for 14x14m or 16x16m camera mounting factors. Weighting just, 16grams is currently the lightest digital FPV transmitter. By comparison, the Caddx Vista weights 19grams and the DJI Air Unit 41.6g.

The Avatar HD Digital system features a dual-antenna system and ultra-low latency transmission (~22ms). Video resolution is 1080P and H.265 encoding is used.

Avatar HD Digital VTX

Avatar HD Digital FPV features and specs

  • Reliable digital HD video transmission (1080P – H.265 encoding);
  • Lightest digital VTX (only 16 grams);
  • Ultra low-latency (22ms);
  • Canvas mode and distance detection with the dual-antenna system;
  • Two camera size options (Nano 14×14 and Micro 19×19);
  • Compatible with FatShark Dominator HD FPV Goggles.


  1. Avatar 1S HD VTX is here with the following specs:
    – 1S input (3.1V/5V)
    – single antenna
    – 350mw
    – 1080p/60 FPS, 720p/100fps
    – 6.8g vtx board (probably without antennas), whoop format

  2. The WALKSNAIL Avatar HD system is maybe comparable with the old DJI FPV AIR UNIT KIT, but the new unreleased O3 DJI is even better!


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