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Spare parts for drones & quadcopters

Here you can find genuine replacement parts for your drone. Whether you want to fix or upgrade your drone, here you can find all the need it spare parts.

DJI AVATA propeller guard and other spare parts

When you crash your DJI AVATA, the propeller guard will most likely break. Luckily spare parts started to appear for a reasonable price. Like other Whoop-style FPV drones, the AVATA was also designed to be home-maintained easily. The manufacturer even provides a great tutorial on replacing spare parts on their drone. DJI AVATA spare propeller guard kit can be ordered...

Zino Mini Pro spare parts and accessories

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro Spare Parts Accessories
Shortly after I published my Zino Mini Pro review, I crash it. Now, the drone is on my workbench with one broken arm, damaged gimbal support, and cracked bottom shell. The battery in the drone was also damaged, despite that, it fell from about only 4 meters on soft ground. In my opinion, it was a hardware failure but...

DJI FPV drone spare parts and accessories

DJI FPV Drone Spare Parts and Accessories
If you ever own an FPV drone before, you probably already know that they do not last forever. During a risky maneuver, you can hit a tree or a building which can produce serious damage to your aircraft. These situations are covered by a paid DJI FPV drone Care Refresh premium service, but only 2 times for a 1-year...

Eachine EX5 spare parts and accessories

Repair parts for Eachine EX5 drone
Like all drones, the Eachine EX5 has limited battery life. With a top-flight time of 25 minutes, you will definitely need extra batteries to allow you to fly and shoot with your EX5 drone without being grounded for a couple of hours while you recharge your single LIPO pack. You never know when you’ll need extra flight time for...

Eachine EX4 spare parts & accessories

EX4 spare parts and accessories
Since its announcement, the Eachine EX4 became one of the most popular Mavic Mini alternatives. It features a foldable design, stabilized 4K camera, and brushless motors for a friendly price tag. The biggest problem with drones from unknown brands is the lack of spare parts and customer support. Luckily, Eachine provides repair spares for most of their drones and...

FiMI X8 accessories and spare parts

Fimi X8 SE accessories & spare parts
Like in the case of most hobbies, buying your desired gear will not give you full satisfaction. There is always an accessory that can make it even better or just more usable. In this article, I will show you all the best accessories I believe can really improve your FiMI X8 SE flying experience. After a few flight sessions, you...

Spare parts for AOSENMA CG035 drone: All you need to repair it

AOSENMA CG035 replacement parts
As the AOSENMA CG035 has two versions, "Standard/White" and "Optical Positioning/Black" you will need to look for the appropriate parts. For example, while motors are the same for both versions, the propellers and blade protectors are different. Unfortunately, after a few crashes, the fun has gone. A broken landing gear, damaged motor, or missing propeller can make you throw it...

Eachine e511 spare parts & accessories

Eachine E511 spare parts & acessories
Due to its cool design and excellent flight time, the Eachine e511 quickly became very popular. Many compares this model with the Mavic Air, which is quite exaggerated comparison. Excepting the similar design, they are from whole different worlds. While the E511 is just a fun toy, the Mavic Air can be used even for professional aerial filming. For a easy...

Hubsan Zino spare parts & accessories

Hubsan Zino H117S spare parts
Since it was announced, Hubsan Zino has become one of the most popular drone under $500. It has Mavic style foldable design and excellent flight performance. Furthermore it features 4K camera with 3-axis gimbal. Unfortunately, crashes are inevitable, especially for beginner pilots. If you're lucky, you will need only propeller replacement but, if it will not take-off anymore or the...

Spare parts for Visuo XS812 drone: All you need to repair it

Spare parts fo Visuo XS812 drone
In 2018, the XS812 was one the most popular GPS drone under $100. I loved it from the first flight. It has pretty cool foldable design and its GPS positioning feature works very well. Unfortunately, after few crashes, the fun has gone. A broken arm, damaged motor or missing propeller can make you throw it into the trash can. Luckily, TIANQU offers...

Spare parts you need to fix your Eachine E58 drone

Spare parts for Eachine E58 drone
Surely, the E58 is the most popular toy drone from Eachine. I loved it from the first flight. It has pretty cool Mavic alike design and excellent flight performance. Unfortunately, after few crashes the fun has gone. A broken arm, blocked motor or missing propeller can make you throw it into the trash can. Luckily, Eachine offers good aftermarket support,...