Hubsan Zino spare parts & accessories

Hubsan Zino H117S spare parts

Since it was announced, Hubsan Zino has become one of the most popular drone under $500. It has Mavic style foldable design and excellent flight performance. Furthermore it features 4K camera with 3-axis gimbal.

Unfortunately, crashes are inevitable, especially for beginner pilots. If you’re lucky, you will need only propeller replacement but, if it will not take-off anymore or the frame is into pieces, you will have 3 options: throw it in the garbage, send it to an authorized repair center or try to repair it by yourself.

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Hubsan H117S Zino replacement parts

Where to find Hubsan H117S Zino replacement parts?

Crashed your Zino and broke an arm off, damaged the main body or one motor doesn’t work anymore? Here are the most common spare parts and where to find them:

If you lost your Zino remote controller (HT016B), no problem, you can find a spare one here for 69.99.


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