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JDRC JD-22S ultralight GPS enabled drone

JDRC JD-22S quadcopter
If you are in search for a cheap GPS camera drone, the JDRC JD-22S could be a good option for you. It is well-designed foldable drone which weights just 245 grams and comes with some amazing features. Just like the Mavic Mini, being under 250g does not require FAA registration (at least for now). JDRC JD-22S quadcopter features GPS and...

Dragonfly KK13: Parrot Anafi clone?

Dragonfly KK13 quadcopter
The Dragonfly KK13 drone features Parrot Anafi alike foldable design and it will be available with two types of camera. While 1080P version is advertised for $159.99, the 4K UD edition can be purchased for 169.99 - I think the extra 10 bucks are worth being spent for a better camera. Both camera versions feature 2-axis mechanical stabilization and...

Osmo Pocket vs FiMI Palm: Best alternative

Osmo Pocket vs FiMI Palm
Till yesterday, the Osmo Pocket was a quite unique product on its market segment. There was no other handheld gimbal with similar specs and features. The just rumored Xiaomi FiMI Palm could be a good alternative for the Osmo Pocket, but only if Xiaomi will offer it for at least $100 less - especially that it has only 30fps...

Coming soon: L109 MATAVISH 3 GPS camera drone

L109-S MATAVISH3 drone
Priced for only $150, the newly-announced L109 MATAVISH 3 is a serious alternative for DJI's ultra compact Mavic Mini drone. In addition to its friendly price tag it has GPS+Optical flow positioning, long battery life and smart flight modes. According to the manufacture's specs, the 3s/1600mAh battery pack allows up to 25 minutes flight time. While its control range is...

DJI Black Friday Sales (2019): Hottest deals of the year

DJI Black Friday 2019 sales
This year DJI rumored their first Black Friday deals 6 days earlier. They started to show sales on Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action, Ronin-S, Mavic 2, Tello, DJI FPV and RoboMaster. Between November 24 and December 4 you can save as much as 31% - depending on what you buy, this can easily turn in hundreds of dollars remained in...

Black Friday drone deals & discount coupons (2019)

Black Friday Drone Deals & Discount Coupons 2019
Although we have more than two weeks till November 29 - day of Black Friday in 2019, the first drone deals already begun to appear. In the coming days we expect to see noteworthy drone promotions from Banggood and other Chinese online retailers. Lately, drones have become one of the most popular gifts over the holiday period. UAV's evolved a...

FAA and NASA Drone Industry Workshop on December 9

FAA & NASA December 9 Workshop
The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and NASA (ational Aeronautics and Space Administration) will hold the UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Traffic Management Pilot Program Phase 2 Industry Workshop on 9 December. Building on UPP Phase 1, UPP Phase 2 will showcase additional technologies, including Remote Identification (ID) and operations with increasing volumes and density. The UPP’s success is dependent upon...

Mavic Mini standard vs combo: What are the differences?

DJI Mavic Mini Standard vs Mavic Mini Fly more Combo
As you could read in my hands-on review, the Mavic Mini is available in two package options: "Standard" and "Fly More Combo". Let's find out what you get for the extra 100 bucks! Both Mavic Mini box options comes ready-to-fly with included transmitter. As its name says, the "Fly more combo" is dedicated for those who needs extended flight time...

DJI Mavic Mini tutorials (How-tos)

DJI Mavic Mini tutorials
While the Mavic MINI is easy to fly out of the box, every newbie pilot should watch these tutorials. They will learn them not just to use different QuickShots modes but also how to safely take-off and land. My plan is also to share here undocumented tips and tricks. Mavic Mini video tutorials From learning to fly your DJI Mavic Mini...

FQ777 F8 GPS 4K drone: Another Mavic Mini alternative?

FQ777 F8 GPS drone
Various brands started to came up with highly featured smaller and smaller GPS drones - can a $160 quadcopter like FQ777 F8 compete with the Mavic Mini? Let's find out from this article. Just like the DJI Mavic Mini, the FQ 777 F8 also features brushless motors and foldable design. Despite that the Mini is powered by a smaller capacity...