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PowerVision PowerEgg X AI Selfie Flying Camera

Power Vision PowerEgg X drone
PowerVision, a California-based robotics company, launched at CES 2020 its first AI flying camera, the PowerEgg X. The unique egg-shaped fuselage has multiple uses. It can work as a handheld 3-axis stabilized camera, on tripod as vlogging camera or as a drone by attaching rotor arms. Furthermore, PowerVision states that their new drone is suitable for harsh environments -...

Super Bowl LIV 2020 is a No Drone Zone

Super Bowl LIV 2020 is a No Drone Zone!
General Aviation pilots who want to fly around Miami or Fort Lauderdale between Jan. 27 and Feb. 4, 2020, will need to check out the FAA’s Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) for air traffic procedures for the area. Super Bowl LIV is Sunday, Feb. 2, at Hard Rock Stadium. Game time will be at approximately 6 p.m. EST. The FAA has...

Mavic Mini crash: Pilot error or Not?

DJI Mavic Mini Crash
Since I received my Mavic Mini for review, I had more than 7 hours of pleasant flights. In this time I made more than 50th successful flights with total distance of 64Km. I flew with confidence over rivers, lakes, forests and roads. I did range tests, battery life tests, wind resistance tests and everything went fine till yesterday's sudden...

2020 brings Unlock GEO zones to Mavic Mini

Mavic Mini Firmware which unlocks Geo Zones
Since DJI released their ultra-compact Mavic Mini drone, many complains were regarding the lack of self-unlock of blue authorization zones and active tracking features. Think about how frustrating can be to you pay $399 for a drone that can not even take-off from your yard. DJI Support has stated that they expect to have the self-unlock feature released in a...

FAA proposes remote identification for drones

FAA Remote ID proposal
Get ready for the next exciting step in safe drone integration! FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has issued the proposed rule for remote identification of drones. With nearly 1.5 million drones and 155,000 remote pilots registered with the FAA, the ability to provide identification and location is essential to keeping drones safely separated from other aircraft operating in our airspace. Equipping drones...


Diatone's new CineWhoop comes with two types of FPV cameras. The price difference between RUNCAM NANO2 and DJI FPV Air Unit versions is about US$150. The Nano2 camera is paired with a 400mW VTX. The DIATONE MX-C 349 is build on the 158mm size DIATONE MXC TAYCAN ducted frame. In addition to the on-board camera you can also install...

NamelessRC Besthawk Whoop FPV drone

NamelessRC Besthawk
The newly announced NamelessRC Besthawk FPV drone will be available in two versions, with and without built-in DVR. Both versions features Caddx EOS2 camera and D400 5.8G VTX with up to 400 mW transmission power. NamelessRC Besthawk is build on a 75mm size carbon fiber frame with large Tiny Whoop style ducted blade guards. All the electronic parts all well...

Coming soon: LDARC HD140 FPV drone

LDARC HD140 FPV drone
After long absence, LDARC (ex KINGKONG) finally announced a new drone. According to the first rumors  the LDARC HD140 will be offered with two type of FPV cameras. The price difference between Runcam Nano2 and Caddx Turtle V2 edition is about US$50. As its name says, the KINGKONG HD140 is build on a 140mm size carbon fiber frame. Between the...

iFlight BumbleBee CineWhoop FPV drone

iflight BumbleBee CineWhoop
The iFlight BumbleBee is a 142mm size CineWhoop style FPV race drone. BumbleBee is offered by iFlight with two type of FPV systems. With Caddx Ratel camera is priced for $270, while together with DJI FPV Air unit has a price of $399. Furthermore, in case that you need 4K recording, you can install on front a GoPro using...

Recreational Drone Flying Aeronautical Test Moves Forward

FAA drone safety test recommendation
To advance public safety of the largest segment of drone operations, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) today announced the organizations selected to advise the agency in developing test administration requirements for the recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) aeronautical knowledge and safety test. A law passed in 2018 requires that recreational drone flyers pass an online aeronautical knowledge and safety test...