Caddx Air Unit Micro Digital FPV system

Photo of Caddx Air Unit Micro

Caddx just announced their second-generation digital FPV system. As its name says, the new CaddxFPV Air Unit Micro is smaller and lighter compared to the Caddx Vista. The Air Unit Micro measures 44×37.8×14.44mm and weighs just 41.5 grams together with the FPV camera.

The Caddx Air Unit Micro VTX is natively compatible with the DJI FPV transmitter and can locally record 1080p@60fps videos. It can be powered from 7.4 to 17.6V (2-4S batteries) and it has up to 700mW broadcast power. In FCC (US) mode, the range is 4K and in CE (Europe) is only 700 meters.

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The new camera measures 19x14x15.2mm and it is equipped with a 2.1mm that provides 150° FOV. The Caddx Air Unit camera features a 1/3.2″ CMOS image sensor with 4MP effective pixels.

CaddxFPV Air Unit Micro features

  • Ultra-compact DJI FPV compatible digital FPV system (Camera, VTX, and antenna);
  • Total weight of 41.5 gram (Air Unit + Camera);
  • 720p@120fps for DJI FPV goggles;
  • DJI FPV remote compatible (7ms);
  • Up to 8 drones in the same airspace;
  • Long-range and super low latency transmission (28ms/4km);
  • Onboard 1080p@60fps recording;
  • Multi-antenna technology.

Djigital VTX + FPV Camera

Caddx Air Unit Micro specs

  • 5.725-5.850GHZ operating frequency;
  • 720p@120fps <28mm latency or 720p@60fps <40ms
  • Trasmitter power (EIRP) FCC/SRRC <30dBm or CE <1430dBm;
  • FCC 4km or CE 0.7km max transmission distance;
  • MP4 H.264 video compression;
  • USB Type C, MMCX, 3-in-1 port, and micro SD Slot;
  • BetaFlight firmware compatible;
  • 7.4-17.6 input voltage;
  • 25/200/500/700mW broadcast power;
  • Size of 44×37.8×14.44mm.

Dimensions of Caddx Air Unit Micro

Caddx Air Camera specs

  • 1/3.2″ CMOS image sensor;
  • 4MP effective pixels;
  • 2.1mm, f2.1 lens;
  • Rolling shutter;
  • 100-256000 ISO speed;
  • 150° FOV;
  • Size of 19x14x15.2mm.
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