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Racing quadcopters for speed fanatics. This section I dedicated to racing quadcopter. Nothing can be compared with flying with a quadcopter with speed over 100km/h.

Best racing quadcopters

Flywoo CineRace20 Pro

Flywoo CineRace20 Pro: Durable FPV drone

Flywoo's new CineRace20 is inspired by Free Zillio's RaceWhoop design, but instead of 3D-printed ducts uses ABS-PC material. The CineRace20 has two camera options....
Eachine AtomRC Auk

Eachine AtomRC AUK 4″ FPV racing drone

The AUK drone is the second cooperation between Eachine and AtomRC. It comes in a complete FPV bundle with included EACHINE T8 LITE remote...
Happymodel Crux35

Happymodel Crux35 (Analog/Digital): Ultralight 3.5″ FPV drone

After HGLRC, BetaFPV, GepRC, and Diatone, Happymodel also released their ultra-light 3.5" freestyle FPV drone. Like its contenders, the Happymodel Crux35 is available with...
EMAX Nanohawk X

EMAX NanoHawk X: Ultralight outdoor 3″ FPV drone

EMAX is one of the most active players in the micro and small FPV drone market segment. Their new NanoHawk X drone promises unmatched...
Flywoo Firefly 1S Nano Baby

Flywoo Firefly 1S Nano Baby: The FPV Mosquito

The new Firefly 1S Nano Baby is the manufacturer's lightest and smallest brushless FPV drone. It is built around a 5in1 flight controller with...
Diatone Roma F35 HD drone

Diatone Roma F35 (HD): Solid freestyle racing quad

Like many manufacturer's Diatone also started to provide smaller and lighter FPV racing quads. The Roma F35 has only a 158mm wheelbase and weighs...
Photo of iFlight Nazgul Evoque F5

Nazgul Evoque F5: FPV drone with a new design approach

iFlight just announced another 5" FPV drone with an impressive design that includes cool LED lights and an injection-molded body. The Nazgul Evoque F5...
Photo of GEPRC SMART 35 HD

GEPRC SMART 35 HD: Sub250g class FPV drone

The GEPRC SMART 35 HD is a 3.5-inch 250-gram class drone with 5"-like performance. The ultra-light 155mm toothpick style frame has 4mm arms and...
Photo of Happymodel Crux3NLR drone

Happymodel Crux3NLR: Long-Range GPS ExpressLRS FPV drone

Like the BetaFPV HX115 LR, the Happymodel Crux3NLR also comes equipped with a built-in SPI ExpressLRS 2.4GHz receiver. This new radio communication has become...
Photo of HGLRC Ares DS400

HGLRC Ares DS400 Drone Soccer: The New e-SPORT!

HGLRC, my favorite FPV drone brand just announced their first quadcopter designed for drone soccer. HGLRC Ares DS400 is available in two versions, one...
Photo of HGLRC Veyron30CR and Veyron25CR

HGLRC Veyron30CR & 25CR (analogdigital FPV)

Following the great success of the Veyron3, HGLRC brings on the market two upgraded versions named Veyron30CR and Veyron25CR. While the 30CR has a...