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Racing quadcopters for speed fanatics. This section I dedicated to racing quadcopter. Nothing can be compared with flying with a quadcopter with speed over 100km/h.

Best racing quadcopters

Flywoo Naked Chasers HD

Flywoo Naked Chasers HD with DJI Air Unit

Unlike other digital CineWhoops, the Flywoo Naked Chasers HD comes with caged blade protectors instead of duct ones, this approach makes the aircraft very...

BETAFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick 5″ FPV drone

The TWIG ET5 airframe is built for the new generation of FPV racing, it's one of the lightest 5-inch Toothpick on the market delivering...
Diatone Taycan 25 Drone

Coming soon: Diatone Taycan 25 Duct

Diatone, one of the most popular FPV drone manufacturer, just announced a super-compact CineWhoop with 2.5" propellers. The Diatone Taycan 25 comes with two...
iFlight TurboBee 160RS racing FPV drone

iFlight TurboBee 160RS Toothpick racing FPV drone

iFlight's new TurboBee 160RS racing FPV drone features toothpick style design. The frame has a 165mm wheelbase and scratch-X form factor. At the end...
HGLRC Sector150

HGLRC Sector150 Freestyle CineWhoop

Following the great success of the Sector132 FPV drone, HGLRC came up with a larger and even more powerful model called Sector150. Like its...

TOPRC SPARK-3: FPV combo under $50

The TOPRC SPARK-3 is a Whoop style brushed drone designed for indoor FPV practice. According to the promo banners, for only $33.99 (+shipping fee)...
FUS X111 2.5"

FUS X111 2.5Inch CineWhoop under $100

The FUS X111 is probably the first CineWhoop sold under $100. By default, it comes with Runcam Nano2 FPV camera and 200mW 5.8G analog...
BETAFPV Meteor65

BETAFPV Meteor65 FPV KIT (Drone, RC, Goggles)

The BETAFPV Meteor65 is a complete ready to fly FPV kit specially designed for indoor fun. It includes a 65mm size brushes Whoop, LiteRadio...
Eachine Cvatar 142mm

Eachine Cvatar: Affordable CineWhoop FPV drone

After Diatone, HGLRC, and other reputable drone brands, Eachine also came up with their first CineWhoop style FPV race drone. The Eachine Cvatar is...
XILO 5" DIY freestyle drone

XILO 5″ DIY FPV drone (Joshua Bardwell Edition)

The Xilo 5" DIY KIT is the perfect beginner bundle to get you everything you need to start building your own freestyle FPV drone....

GEELANG Anger 85X with Caddx Loris 4K Camera

GEELANG has lots of 85mm Whoop drones, but their new Anger 85X seems to be the most well equipped. It comes with Caddx Loris...