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Racing quadcopters for speed fanatics. This section I dedicated to racing quadcopter. Nothing can be compared with flying with a quadcopter with speed over 100km/h.

Best racing quadcopters

GEPRC Crocodile 7 aka GEP-LC7

GEPRC Crocodile 7 GEP-LC7: Long range GPS FPV drone

GEP-RC's latest drone is designed for long range FPV flights. As its name says, the GEPRC Crocodile 7 quadcopter is compatible with 7 inch propellers. Thanks...
Betafpv Beta85X drone

BetaFPV Beta85X: Brushless Whoop for indoor fun

Despite its small size, the BetaFPV Beta85X is a very promising FPV drone. It features Tiny Whoop alike design and super fast 6000KV brushless motors....
HGLRC XJB 145mm FPV quadcopter

HGLRC XJB-145mm: Features & specs

The HGLRC XJB-145mm is a new compact FPV drone. As its name says, it is build on a 145mm sized carbon fiber frame. It...
DTS GT200 review

DTS GT200 review: Fast and beautiful FPV drone

The fact that, after only 2 hours we published the article about the DTS GT200 drone, its authorized dealer contacted us regarding the possibility...
VIGOUR 3 FPV drone quadcopter

VIGOUR3 FPV drone: Compact size, lots of features

Despite its compact size, the VIGOUR3 has all the features of bigger FPV drones. It features powerful brushless motors, versatile flight controller, on-board video recording...
Eachine Tyro79

Eachine Tyro79: Best DIY FPV drone under $80

Just as the Tyro99 is sold for $99, the new Eachine Tyro79 is advertised for $79. While the Tyro 99 is based on a 210...
T-Motor TM-2419 HD Edition

Coming soon: T-Motor TM-2419 HD Edition

At first sight, the T-Motor TM-2419 is a re-branded Diatone drone. It adopts similar design as Diatone's upcoming micro FPV drone series (2019 edition). The...
GOFly-RC Scorpion 5 review

GOFly-RC Scorpion review: Initial setup, Test flight & Ratings

The GOFly Scorpion is, without question, the Best FPV Drone that GOFly-RC has ever produced (yet). Let's discover in our review how good can...
Airbot TD215 FPV racing drone

Coming soon: Airbot TD215 FPV drone

At first sight, the Airbot TD215 is a great combination of high-end electronics and robust carbon fiber frame. Featuring Omnibus F4 flight controller, it can be...
Eachine EX2 Mini drone review

Eachine EX2 Mini review: FPV drone, monitor & goggles for $100

In a nutshell, the Eachine EX2 Mini is a MJX Bugs 3 Mini on FPV steroids. In addition to the similar design and same type...
DTS GT200 FPV Drone

Coming soon: DTS GT200 FPV Freestyle Racing Drone

After I reviewed the Kopis 2 SE, I thought that it will be very hard to find another damn-near perfect FPV drone. At first sight,...