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Racing quadcopters for speed fanatics. This section I dedicated to racing quadcopter. Nothing can be compared with flying with a quadcopter with speed over 100km/h.

Best racing quadcopters

TransTEC Mini 142mm FPV drone

TransTEC Mini 142mm FPV drone announced

Today, we will check out a new micro FPV racing drone called TransTEC Mini 142mm. Like its name says it is build on a...
AURORA Stick 200 racing drone

Coming soon: AURORA RC Stick 200 Pro racing drone

Excepting the CCD FPV camera, the AURORA RC Stick 200 Pro has all the hardware that you could expect from a pro grade racing...
Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet FPV drone

Coming soon: Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet 145mm FPV drone

While we all are focused to catch a good Black Friday drone deal, new models are coming up everyday. Today I will reveal the...
SKYSTARS X86mm & X120mm Ghost Rider

SKYSTARS X86mm and X120mm Ghost Rider

FPV drones come now in all shapes and sizes. Today I will introduce you two micro sized ones from SKYSTARS. While the smaller, X86 Ghost Rider,...
Diatone micro FPV drones for 2019

Diatone micro FPV drones for 2019: GT R239, R249, R249+ and R349

Although there are still two months till end of the year, yesterday DIATONE officially introduced their micro FPV drone fleet for 2019. While the...
Blade Scimitar 110 FPV drone

Blade Scimitar 110: Micro brushless FPV drone for $200

While the Blade Scimitar 110 seems to be an upgraded successor of the Torrent 110, it still features only F3 flight controller, not F4...
GEPRC Pika 220mm

GEPRC Pika 220mm: A great FPV Racing Drone under $300

The GEPRC Pika seems to be a brilliant 5" FPV racing drone. It has solid 220mm sized carbon fiber frame with top performance components...
Diatone 2018 GT R630 FPV racing quadcopters

Diatone 2018 GT R630 (240mm, 250mm & 260mm)

The new Diatone 2018 GT R630 (aka GT Rabbit) looks to be an excellent drone for anyone looking to get into FPV drone racing. It was...
Emax Tiny BabyHawk FPV drone quadcopter

Emax TinyHawk: Inverted brusheless Whoop (first rumors)

Following the great success of the BabyHawk series, Emax is planning to release a much compact version, called TinyHawk. Like its predecessors, the Emax TinyHawk...
HGLRC Mefisto 226mm FPV drone

HGLRC Mefisto 226MM FPV Drone: 2450KV (4-5s) & 1775KV (5-6s) motors

HGLRC announced their new Mefisto 5" FPV Drone with two type of brushless motors. While the HF2306 2450KV edition is optimized for 4-5s batteries, the FLAME...
FullSpeed Leader 2.5SE FPV drone

FullSpeed Leader 2.5SE: 120mm sized FPV quadcopter

A few months ago we introduced the Leader 3, a 3" FPV drone. Now, it's time to have a closer look on FullSpeed's latest mid-sized...