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Racing quadcopters for speed fanatics. This section I dedicated to racing quadcopter. Nothing can be compared with flying with a quadcopter with speed over 100km/h.

Best racing quadcopters

Photo of BetaFPV X-Knight 360

BetaFPV X-Knight 360 drone for Insta360 ONE R camera

The BetaFPV X-Knight 360 is probably the first FPV drone specially designed to carry an Insta360 ONE R camera. This aerial setup allows taking...
Photo of Betafpv Beta95X V2 HD with Insta360 Go camera

Betafpv Beta95X V2 HD: For Insta360 Go & Naked GoPro

Betafpv's latest micro size FPV drone is specially designed to carry an Insta360 Go or Naked GoPro camera. The Betafpv Beta95X V2 HD is...
iFlight Chimera 4" LR FPV drone

iFlight Chimera4 LR: Micro Long Range FPV drone

iFlight just announced a compact long-range FPV drone named Chimera4LR, with onboard GPS positioning. The iFlight Chimera4 LR features a versatile SucceX-E mini F4...
Photo of DIATONE ROMA F5 drone

DIATONE ROMA F5 DJI and Lite (4s/6s)

DIATONE's latest freestyle FPV drone, the ROMA F5 will be available with two types of FPV systems (digitalanalog). While the Diatone ROMA F5 DJI...
Photo of AuroraRC PachRay3

AuroraRC PachRay3 FPV racing drone

AuroraRC stands that their new PachRay3 FPV drone weighs less than 100 grams without a battery. You can power it with 3S and 4S...
Photo of BETAFPV X-Knight drone

BETAFPV X-Knight 5” Toothpick FPV drone

BetaFPV's X-Knight claims to be the first sub-250 grams 5" 6S FPV racing drone on the market. Its toothpick style T800 carbon fiber frame...
HGLRC Veyron3 review

HGLRC Veyron 3 review, ratings and guide

This would be my second attempt of publishing my HGLRC Veyron 3 review. The draft of my previous article was lost together with 6...
Eachine Tyro79S

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro79S

Although I'm very busy with recovering the lost drone reviews by server failure, I couldn't miss writing a few words about this upgraded version...

AuroraRC DEMON: Little devil on the sky

The AuroraRC DEMON features CineWhoop style design with devil-like canopy. For good impact resistance, the 100mm size carbon fiber frame comes with a sponge...
Flywoo Explorer LR

Flywoo Explorer LR: Long range GPS FPV drone under 250g

The Explorer LR was born from the collaboration between Flywoo and Dave_C creator of the Micro long-range brand. While in the past, long range...
FullSpeed TinyPusher 1.5"

Coming soon: FullSpeed TinyPusher 1.5″ CineWhoop

Despite its small size, the new FullSpeed TinyPusher drone can be equipped with a Naked GoPro or Insta360 Go camera (suitable mounts are not...