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Racing quadcopters for speed fanatics. This section I dedicated to racing quadcopter. Nothing can be compared with flying with a quadcopter with speed over 100km/h.

Best racing quadcopters

Photo of Happymodel Crux3NLR drone

Happymodel Crux3NLR: Long-Range GPS ExpressLRS FPV drone

Like the BetaFPV HX115 LR, the Happymodel Crux3NLR also comes equipped with a built-in SPI ExpressLRS 2.4GHz receiver. This new radio communication has become...
Photo of HGLRC Ares DS400

HGLRC Ares DS400 Drone Soccer: The New e-SPORT!

HGLRC, my favorite FPV drone brand just announced their first quadcopter designed for drone soccer. HGLRC Ares DS400 is available in two versions, one...
Photo of HGLRC Veyron30CR and Veyron25CR

HGLRC Veyron30CR & 25CR (analogdigital FPV)

Following the great success of the Veyron3, HGLRC brings on the market two upgraded versions named Veyron30CR and Veyron25CR. While the 30CR has a...
Photo of BetaFPV HX115LR drone

BetaFPV HX115 LR Toothpick FPV Drone

BetaFPV's new long-range FPV drone comes equipped with its latest ELRS Series radio system. The HX115 LR is an ultra-light toothpick style 3" quadcopter...
Photo of Holybro Kopis Freestyle 4 FPV drone

Holybro Kopis Freestyle 4 FPV drone

Holybro's new 4-inch Kopis Freestyle drone is available with two types of FPV systems. While the analogue editions come equipped Foxeer Micro Razer camera...
HGLRC RaceWhoop30

HGLRC RaceWhoop30 review: Fly, Crash, Repeat!

Last month I was contacted by HGLRC regarding the opportunity to review their upcoming product. RaceWhoop is a trendy concept in the France FPV...
Photo of Flywoo Firefly Baby Quad

Flywoo Firefly Baby Quad digital HD FPV drone

The Flywoo Firefly Baby Quad is probably the smallest and lightest FPV drone equipped with a DJI-compatible HD digital video transmission solution. This cuttie...
Photo of Rekon 6 HD

HGLRC Rekon 6 HD: Ultra-light long-range GPS FPV drone

A few months ago, HGLRC contacted me regarding the possibility tor review their upcoming Rekon 6 HD long-range drone. At that time I didn't...
Photo of AirForce PRO-X8 drone

AxisFlying AirForce PRO-X8: Powerful 2.5″ CineWhoop

AxisFlying just released their first drone, an 8 motor CineWhoop. The AirForce PRO-X8 looks like two drones glued one to each other. This approach...
Photo of Betafpv HX115 SE

BetaFPV HX115 SE Toothpick: Lighter & Faster!

The second generation of BetaFPV HX115 SE has about half the weight of its predecessor (39g vs 75g). Toothpick-style drones are super-light, but powerful...
Photo of HGLRC Petrel 75

HGLRC Petrel 75 Whoop FPV combo kit

HGLRC's new micro Whoop is sold in 3 package options (RTF FPV combo kit, BNF, and PNP), and it is available with 2 power...