Quadcopter manufacturers

I will try to keep this list of Quadcopter manufacturers as up to date as possible even if the Quadcopter industry is grooving rapidly. Please contact me by the form below if I left any major ones off.

Complete list of Quadcopter manufacturers

DJI Innovations – They offer a range of mid-high end unmanned aerial systems (UAS) platforms, they are specialized on GPS FPV Quadcopters. Their products are aimed primarily for commercial photography and videography, but after they dropped the price under $500 with the DJI Phantom FC40 they are also targeting the hobbyists market.

Email: support(at)dji.com, Web page: http://www.dji.com

Parrot – Parrot produces highly popular AR.Drone and the latest AR.Drone 2.0, a consumer quadcopter with an integrated first-person view system, is controlled by smartphones (Android and Iphone) using the WiFi signal.

Email:  salesinfo(at)parrot.com, Web page: http://www.parrot.com

Walkera – The Walkera quadcopter factory is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Walkera is a quadcopter manufacturer that offers a wide range of quadcopter models, from the tiny QR Ladybird Mini Quadcopter to the QR X800 GPS FPV Multi-Rotor.

Email:  info(at)walkera.com, Web page: http://www.walkera.com

Hubsan (Traxxas) – This quadcopter manufacturer becomes fairly well known recently with its Hubsan X4 series, including the popular entry-level Hubsan X4 H107C  and the FPV X4 H107D.

Email:  sales(at)hubsan.com, Web page: http://www.hubsan.com

Syma ToysSYMA TOYS INDUSTIAL CO.,LTD is located in Laimei Industrial park Chenghai District Shantou China. It is a large-scale enterprise with own designing, manufacturing and trading.  This quadcopter manufacturer is best known for its traditional R/C helicopters, though they have recently broken into the quadcopter market with the highly popular Syma X1 quadcopter. Their latest product is the X5C with 6-Axis Gyro system and an onboard HD camera.

Email:  syma(at)symatoys.com, Web page: http://www.symatoys.com

WLToys – WLtoy is a registered brand of R/C products and belongs to Shantou Chenghai Weili Toys Industrial Co. Ltd., with years of experience in the R/C industry. WLToys offers a range of R/C toys, including vehicles, helicopters, and quadcopters. One of their most popular models is the WL303 GPS FPV Quadcopter with the lowest price in his range, around $300.

Email:  rctoys.chris(at)gmail.com, Web page: http://www.wlmodel.com

Blade (Horizon Hobby) – Horizon Hobby manufactures and distributes a wide range of R/C craft and many other hobby products as well. One of their most popular models is the Blade 350QX FPV GPS Quadcopter.

Email:  websales(at)horizonhobby.com, Web page: http://www.horizonhobby.com

UDI – SHANTOU UDIRCTOYS INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is located in Dengfeng Industrial Zone, Chenghai District,Shantou City, Guangdong, China. UDIRC Toys is one of the professional Enterprises which specialized in RC helicopter products.

Email:  marketing(at)udirc.com, Web page: http://www.udirc.com

Cheerson – “JH TOYS INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED ” has set up its manufacturing base in Shantou of Guangdong province, specializes in the design and manufacture of all kinds of toys in China. One of their most popular models is the Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter with the lowest price in his range, under $290.

Email:  sales(at)cnjhtoys.com, Web page: http://cnjhtoys.com

Idea-Fly – Is specialized in the manufacture and sales of multi-rotor aircraft, located in Shenzhen, China. With an innovative concept, professional technology, and rigid quality control, they provide reliable and economical products which are popular with customers. Apollo is the latest available quadcopter from them.

Email:  ifly(at)idea-fly.com, Web page: http://idea-fly.com

SpeedWolf – Is a new quadcopter manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. They are specialized in designing and manufacturing outdoor products, include High-power LED bicycle lights and LED auto car lights. The SP-Basic20 Rotorcraft is the latest available quadcopter from them.

Email:  speedwolf7(at)speedwolf.net, Web page: http://www.speedwolf.net

Flying3D – Flying Technology Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2004, located in Guangzhou which closes to the golden market of Onelink Plaza. Flying3D is specialized in the remote control helicopter and quadcopter industry. The Flying3D X3 is the latest available quadcopter from them.

Email: flyingrchobby(at)msn.com, Web page: http://en.flying3d.cn

Skyartec – R/C MODEL FUN LTD was established in 2004, over the years they designed and provided many kinds of toy and professional graded R/C models. They also produced a lot of parts for RC products like Gyro modules, Li-Po batteries, brushless motors,ESCs, voltage regulators, and multi-function balance battery chargers. One of their most popular models is the SKYARTEC Free-X Quadcopter.

Email: james(at)skyartec.com, Web page: http://www.skyartec.com

Meijiaxin Toys – MJX R/C Technic is a leading manufacturer of radio-controlled cars and aircraft. Their production plant is located in Guangdong Province of China and the administration office is sited in Hong Kong. They recently launched three new first-person view quadcopters. The MJX X500 will be probably one of the successful models of 2015.

Email: info(at)mjxtoys.com, Web page: http://www.mjxtoys.com

YiZhan toy – Is specialized in the production of remote control helicopters and multi-rotors. The YiZhan toy design and development studio were founded in 2007. They recently launched two new quadcopters, the YiZhan X4 and the Tarantula X6.

Email: 70290283(at)qq.com, Web page: http://yizhantoy.com

ZeroTech – Is a new company that is located in Shenzhen China. They promise revolutionary design due to their focus on R&D. We can expect to hear more and more of them as beginning with 2015 they plan to go worldwide. They recently launched the Zero Xplorer, quadcopter family.

Web page: http://www.zero-drone.com/en/

JJ RC Toy – Last year they launched plenty of new quadcopters. From small and cheap ones like JJRC H7 to the V666 FPV professional quadcopter. Last year’s favorite JJRC model was the H8C quadcopter. They also manufacture other remote-controlled toys like: cars and helicopters.

Email: sales(at)jjrctoy.com, Web page: http://www.jjrctoy.com/en/index.html

KaiDeng Toys – Is an old Chinese company that produces remote-controlled toys for more than 25 years. The fabric and the head office is located in Shantou Guangdong. The first quadcopter model is the K60 X-Fighter, which was announced last week and comes with many awesome features.

Email: market(@)kaidengtoys.com, Web page: http://www.kaidengtoys.com/

FUAV Unmanned aerial vehicle – Is a professional manufacturer located in Shenzhen, the Chinese version of Silicon Valley.  They are mainly specialized in R&D of multi-rotor UAV systems. At the moment they have two quadcopter models, the Smargle 1 and Seraphi-GPS.

Email: sales(@)f-uav.com, Web page: http://www.f-uav.com/html/en/

Align RC World – At the beginning they manufactured carbon brush motors and later expanded the product line with milling machine parts and vacuum cleaners. In 2003 they extended their product line with high-performance RC model kits and related electronics. Align’s flagship model is the versatile and powerful M690L hexacopter. They also manufacture the popular MR25P racing quadcopter.

Email: align(@)ms.align.com.tw, Web page: http://www.align.com.tw/en/

Other Quadcopter manufacturers:

3D Robotics
Amax Toys
Ares RC
Eye One (RC Eye)
HJ Toys
Hobbylord (Bumblebee)
SH toys
Woodon Toys
XPro Heli

Using google.com you can search for a specific quadcopter manufacturer, adding “quadcopters” after the name. Example of search term: “Hubsan Quadcopters”.

last update on 14.02.2016