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Amax F5L frame and Performante 2306 motors

Amax F5L frame and Performante 2306 motors
The Amax F5, designed in Germany, is a popular FPV frame aimed for freestyle. This review will look closely at the "L" version, optimized for long-range flights. The Amax F5L can be equipped with both analog and digital FPV systems. It can accommodate 16, 19, and 20mm FPV cameras. Freestyle FPV drone frames are designed specifically for freestyle flying, which...

Meps 2306 motors and Meps Space 45A ESC

MEPS MINI SZ45A ESC and MEPS 2306 motors
In terms of flight performance, the most important things are the motors and ESC. You can have the best flight controller, but the brain can't fly without muscles. This review will closely examine the Meps SZ2306 motors and Meps MINI SZ45A ESC. If you are looking to build a new racing FPV quadcopter, this tandem is an excellent option...

DJI AVATA upgrade with Axisflying C157 motors

Axisflying C157
AxisFlying's C157 motors are particularly intended for the DJI Avata drone to give it even more power. These 1507 type upgrade motors have 3650KV and weights 14.5grams each. Many say that replacing the stock 1408 2400KV motors will give you extra power for freestyling, about 50% more thrust. The Axisflying C157 motors are compatible with the original DJI-5P propellers. As...

BetaFPV 1506 3000KV motor review: Perfect for CineWhoops

BetaFPV 1506 3000KV motors
A few months ago, I tested the BetaFPV Pavo 30, a very capable CineWhoop. Unfortunately, I needed to replace the flight controller and two of the motors due to an accident. While the stock motors were 3400KV, I found as a replacement only these BetaFPV 1506 3000KV ones. Brushless motors in the drone world are marked with a 4- digit...