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Small quadcopters. Small sized multi-rotor drones and quadcopters. Small quadcopters are recommended for indoor flights.

Eachine E016H Mini cheap kids drone

Eachine E016H Mini: Cheap & Super safe drone for kids

In addition to the super safe design and cool features, the Eachine E016H Mini has very long flying time. According to the advertised specs, the 350mah...
Diatone micro FPV drones for 2019

Diatone micro FPV drones for 2019: GT R239, R249, R249+ and R349

Although there are still two months till end of the year, yesterday DIATONE officially introduced their micro FPV drone fleet for 2019. While the...
Emax Tiny BabyHawk FPV drone quadcopter

Emax TinyHawk: Inverted brusheless Whoop (first rumors)

Following the great success of the BabyHawk series, Emax is planning to release a much compact version, called TinyHawk. Like its predecessors, the Emax TinyHawk...
BetaFPV Beta65X, Beta65 Pro, Beta75X and Beta75 Pro micro FPV drones

BetaFPV Beta65X, Beta65 Pro, Beta75X & Beta75 Pro micro FPV drones

This morning I found on BG's website four new micro brushless FPV drones, two 75mm sized and two 65mm sized. All sharing the same Tiny...
Blade Inductrix FPV HD drone quadcopter

Blade Inductrix FPV HD: A brand new HD FPV experience!

Over the time, the Blade Inductrix series got many new features. As its name says, this new Blade Inductrix FPV HD brings WiFi 720p real-time...
FullSpeed Leader 2.5SE FPV drone

FullSpeed Leader 2.5SE: 120mm sized FPV quadcopter

A few months ago we introduced the Leader 3, a 3" FPV drone. Now, it's time to have a closer look on FullSpeed's latest mid-sized...
LDARC/Kingkong GT7 & GT8 FPV drone

LDARC/Kingkong GT7 & GT8: Two micro brushless Whoops

LDARC's (ex KingKong) new Tiny GT series, brings two micro sized brushless Whoops. While LDARC GT7 has 75mm wheelbase, the Kingkong GT8 has 86.7mm. Both drones,...
BATTA RC 95mm FPV Drone

BATTA RC 95mm mini brushless FPV drone for indoor fun

As its name says, the BATTA RC 95 drone is build on a 95mm carbon-fiber frame. Contrary to the Eachine Tyro99, the BATTA RC 95mm can fly...
Blade Inductrix FPV+ review

Blade Inductrix FPV Plus review: Best micro FPV drone

Surprisingly, while the Blade Inductrix FPV Plus was one of the most promising micro FPV drone of 2018, I found very few reviews about it. After...
TransTEC Demon 95mm FPV drone quadcopter

TransTEC Demon: 95mm sized Ghost Whoop :D

In addition to the cool Tiny Whoop alike blade protectors, the TransTEC Demon mini FPV drone features a nice Ghost shaped protective canopy. As Halloween is...
HSKRC IX2 90mm mini fpv drone

HSKRC IX2 90mm: Super mini brushless FPV drone

Probably because lately my garden was invaded by mischievous moles, I see them everywhere, even in drone designs. Due to its squat form-factor, the HSKRC IX2 90...