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Small quadcopters. Small sized multi-rotor drones and quadcopters. Small quadcopters are recommended for indoor flights.

Photo of HGLRC Petrel 120X

HGLRC Petrel 120X (Pro) Toothpick FPV Drones

HGLRC's latest toothpick style FPV drone comes with four power options. While the 1S/2S, 3S, and 4S/6S HGLRC Petrel 120X are equipped with 3"...

FIMI MINI versus DJI MINI 2 comparison guide

If you are looking for the best drone under 250 grams, you should definitively read our in-depth comparison of the FIMI MINI versus DJI...
Photo SMRC M21

SMRC M21: DJI MINI 2 like drone for less than $100

For less than $100, the SMRC M21 drone follows almost in all aspects the design of the popular MINI 2 drone. Of course for...
Photo of Fimi MINI drone

FIMI Mini 4K drone is here!!!

Starting with December 28, a new drone APP, named FIMI NAVI MINI, is available on the Goggle play store. This application was the first...
Photo of Beta95X V3 drone

Beta95X V3 brushless Whoop for Insta360 SMO 4K

The new Beta95X V3 is the first FPV drone specially designed for the SMO 4K camera. Actually, this ultralight action cam was developed by...
Photo of CSJ S189 PRO

CSJ S189 PRO brushless drone with 4K 2-axis camera

Weighting almost 500 grams, the CSJ S189 PRO can be considered more a budget Mavic Air 2 alternative than a MM one. It features...
Photo of Diatone Roma L3

Diatone Roma L3 FPV drone for GoPro & Insta360Go

Tina, CEO Assistant at diatone.us just shared a post with their latest FPV drone, the Roma L3. This new ultralight (120 grams) drone features...
Photo of AlfaRC Herbie 112B

AlfaRC Herbie 112B: 2.5″ Toothpick FPV drone

The AlfaRC Herbie 112B is a 2.5-inch propeller compatible Toothpick style FPV drone. It is built on a 112m size carbon fiber frame with...
Happymodel Moblite6 and Moblite7 side by side photo

Happymodel Moblite6 & Moblite7 brushless Whoops

Happymodel is about to release two new micro brushless Whoops, the Moblite6 and Moblite7. Both FPV drones weigh less than 20 grams and share...
Photo of Holy Stone HS330 drone

Holy Stone HS330 Mini drone for Christmas

The Holy Stone HS330 Mini drone features dual-control mode. It can be operated via the included remote controller like any drone, but thanks to...
Photo of HOMFPV Micron 2" CineWhoop

HOMFPV Micron 2″ CineWhoop (HD and Analog)

The HOMFPV Micron 2" is available in two versions. BNF edition comes with Caddx Vista Nebula HD digital FPV system and can be paired...