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Small quadcopters. Small sized multi-rotor drones and quadcopters. Small quadcopters are recommended for indoor flights.

Eachine UZ65 brushless Whoop

Eachine UZ65: Lightest brushless Whoop!

Weighting only 21 grams (without battery), the Eachine UZ65 is one of the lightest brushless Whoop available right now. Eachine offers their new 65mm...
HGLRC Veyron 3"

Coming soon: HGLRC Veyron 3″ Cinewhoop

Like most CineWhoops, the HGLRC Veyron is also build on a 3 inch frame with large ducted blade protectors. This design approach allows you...
iFlight Green Hornet 3" CineWhoop

Coming soon: iFlight Green Hornet FPV drone

Similar to the iFlight BumbleBee, the newly announced iFlight Green Hornet also features Whop style large blade protectors and GoPro camera mount. Frankly, apparently...

Coming soon: FLYWOO CHASERS 138mm CineWhoop

The coronavirus outbreak in China may end up leading to a shortage of drones, even new models like the Zino 2 are shown as...
Eachine Viswhoop 2.5 inch

Eachine Viswhoop with Caddx Vista HD

The Eachine VisWhoop is probably the smallest and most powerful race drone which feature DJI's latest generation digital FPV system. Despite its small size...

Coming soon: GEPRC ROCKET Plus & Lite

Like most professional grade FPV drones, the GEPRC ROCKET Plus also comes with on-board DJI FPV Air Unit. There is also a cheaper version...
EMAX Tinyhawk 2

EMAX Tinyhawk II: Might be the best micro FPV drone for 2020?

Back to October 2018, EMAX introduced the first generation of Tinyhawk with unique inverted motor design. While it may not had the power of...
NamelessRC Besthawk

NamelessRC Besthawk Whoop FPV drone

The newly announced NamelessRC Besthawk FPV drone will be available in two versions, with and without built-in DVR. Both versions features Caddx EOS2 camera...
LDARC HD140 FPV drone

Coming soon: LDARC HD140 FPV drone

After long absence, LDARC (ex KINGKONG) finally announced a new drone. According to the first rumors  the LDARC HD140 will be offered with two...
iflight BumbleBee CineWhoop

iFlight BumbleBee CineWhoop FPV drone

The iFlight BumbleBee is a 142mm size CineWhoop style FPV race drone. BumbleBee is offered by iFlight with two type of FPV systems. With...
T-Motor F15

Coming soon: T-Motor F15 Toothpick FPV drone

While T-Motor is more knows about their superior quality motors, thy are also provides other drone accessories including fully build aircraft for FPV enthusiasts....