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Small quadcopters. Small sized multi-rotor drones and quadcopters. Small quadcopters are recommended for indoor flights.

Best Drone Under 250grams (Top5))

Best Drones Under 250g (0.55lbs): Top 10 in 2020

In most countries, there is a weight limit for drones that require registration. For example, the US FAA considers drones under 250g (.55 pounds)...
Happymodel Crux3 with Insta360o camera

Happymodel Crux3: FPV drone for Insta360Go under $100

As you could read in our Insta360 Go review, weighing just 20 grams, this tiny camera can be successfully used on micro-size FPV drones...
iFlight Chimera 4" LR FPV drone

iFlight Chimera4 LR: Micro Long Range FPV drone

iFlight just announced a compact long-range FPV drone named Chimera4LR, with onboard GPS positioning. The iFlight Chimera4 LR features a versatile SucceX-E mini F4...
LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini drone

LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini: Smallest and cheapest Mavic Air 2 clone

The LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini looks like a great option, in case your 6 years old kid ask for his first drone which looks like...
Photo of KF611 Mini droe

KF611 Mini: Cheapest 4K foldable drone

Despite its small size and friendly price tag, the KF611 Mini drone comes with lots of beginner-friendly features like precise altitude hold and headless...
Eachine Tyro79S

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro79S

Although I'm very busy with recovering the lost drone reviews by server failure, I couldn't miss writing a few words about this upgraded version...
FullSpeed TinyPusher 1.5"

Coming soon: FullSpeed TinyPusher 1.5″ CineWhoop

Despite its small size, the new FullSpeed TinyPusher drone can be equipped with a Naked GoPro or Insta360 Go camera (suitable mounts are not...
Diatone Taycan 25

Coming soon: Diatone Taycan 25 Duct

Diatone, one of the most popular FPV drone manufacturer, just announced a super-compact CineWhoop with 2.5″ propellers. The Diatone Taycan 25 comes with two...

LSRC-MIN Mini: Cheap 4K drone for kids

Due to its small size and lots of beginner-friendly features, the LSRC-MIN Mini seems to be the perfect drone for kids. It even comes...
FUS X111

FUS X111 2.5Inch CineWhoop under $100

The FUS X111 is probably the first CineWhoop sold under $100. By default, it comes with Runcam Nano2 FPV camera and 200mW 5.8G analog...
RadioLink F121

RadioLink F121 Eneopterinae: Dirt cheap educative FPV drone

While we more known RadioLink as a remote controller manufacturer, they also have a couple of ready to fly FPV drones. The new F121...