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Small quadcopters. Small sized multi-rotor drones and quadcopters. Small quadcopters are recommended for indoor flights.

Photo of Happymodel Crux3NLR drone

Happymodel Crux3NLR: Long-Range GPS ExpressLRS FPV drone

Like the BetaFPV HX115 LR, the Happymodel Crux3NLR also comes equipped with a built-in SPI ExpressLRS 2.4GHz receiver. This new radio communication has become...
Photo of MJX B16 Bugs

MJX B19 MINI 4K / EIS: Bugs under 250 grams

Together with the recently reviewed Bugs 16 PRO, MJX released another drone named B19 MINI. This sub-250g class drone is available with two camera...
Photo of Zino MINI SE

Hubsan Zino Mini SE: More affordable, less versatile

While Zino Mini Pro was officially released on April 2021 and is still not available for orders, Hubsan announced another iteration of their sub-250g...
Photo of AirForce PRO-X8 drone

AxisFlying AirForce PRO-X8: Powerful 2.5″ CineWhoop

AxisFlying just released their first drone, an 8 motor CineWhoop. The AirForce PRO-X8 looks like two drones glued one to each other. This approach...
Photo of ProTek25 Pusher drone

iFlight ProTek25 Pusher HD Digital FPV drone

iFlight's popular ProTek lineup gets a new member, this time with inverted motors. For now, the iFlight ProTek25 Pusher was announced only in digital...
Photo of DJI MINI SE

DJI Mini SE: True upgrade or just a facelift?

A few days ago, Walmart leaked some pictures of the upcoming DJI MINI SE drone. Usually, in the case of drones, 'SE' comes from...
Photo of iFlight 1S

iFlight 1S micro FPV racing quad

iFlight is about to release a new micro-class FPV quadcopter that weighs just 26 grams (without battery). The iFlight 1S is built on a...
Photo of Diatone ROMA F1

Diatone ROMA F1: Convertible 1.6″ FPV Whoop

The Diatone ROMA F1 is an ultra-compact FPV drone with removable blade protectors. For better orientation during the line of sight flights (LoS), it...
Photo of HGLRC Sector25CR and Sector30CR

HGLRC Sector25 & Sector30 CR (HD) CineWhoops

HGLRC just announced the upgraded versions of Sector132 and Sector150. They replaced the number in the product name from wheelbase size to propeller size....
Review of HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro drone

HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro review: Furious Toothpick

The HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro looks like a Furious Angry Bird and flies like a SpaceX rocket. Beginning with my first flight test I...
Photo of Flywoo Hex Nano drone

Flywoo Firefly Hex Nano: Micro FPV Hexacopter

Flywoo's new micro-class hexacopter can carry an Insta 360 GO 2 or SMO 4K camera. The Firefly Hex Nano has a 90mm wheelbase and...