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Small quadcopters. Small sized multi-rotor drones and quadcopters. Small quadcopters are recommended for indoor flights.

Photo of Happymodel Larva X

Happymodel Larva X HD: Toothpick & TinyWhoop

Currently, there are two major design approaches regarding small FPV racing drones, the Happymodel Larva X HD seems to fit for both of them....
Photo of Emax EZ Pilot drone

Coming soon: Emax EZ Pilot beginner FPV drone

The Emax EZ Pilot is a Tiny Whoop type brushed drone specially designed for beginner pilots. Thanks to the ducted blade protectors, newbies can...
Happymodel Mobula6

Coming soon: Happymodel Mobula6 ultralight FPV drone

After the Mobula7, Happymodel came up with an even smaller brushless Whoop called Mobula6. Featuring only 20 grams, the Happymodel Mobula6 is probably the...
Photo of FQ777 F8 drone

FQ777 F8 GPS 4K drone: Good Mavic Mini alternative?

Various brands started to come up with highly featured smaller and smaller GPS drones – can a $160 quadcopter like FQ777 F8 compete with...
Eachine EX4

Eachine EX4 a good Mavic Mini alternative?

With GPS positioning system, 4K camera and foldable design the Eachine EX4 could be an good alternative for the Mavic Mini. Besides the similar...
DJI Mavic Mini review

DJI Mavic Mini review: Your Everyday FlyCam!

After countless of rumors and speculation, the DJI Mavic Mini was finally revealed officially on 30th of October. FirstQuadcotper is between the first drone...
Geprc SKIP HD 3" FPV Race drone

Coming soon: GepRC SKIP HD 3″ FPV race drone

The GepRC SKIP HD is a new toothpick style 3 inch FPV FPV race drone. All the electronic parts are 3s and 4s battery...
Skystars Angela145

Skystars Angela145: 4K FPV race drone

Skystars' new Angela145 FPV race drone features large ducted blade protectors and Runcam Hybrid 4K camera. Furthermore, it comes with a GoPro camera mount...
Eachine E38 drone

Coming soon: Eachine E38 cool beginner drone

Eachine's latest E38 entry level drone will be available with 4 types of on-board camera. You can opt from low-quality 480P resolution to ultra...
Eachine Novice-II entry level FPV drone

Eachine Novice-II entry level FPV drone

Similar to the Novice-I, the Eachine Novice-II is also ready to fly out of the box. While the first generation Novice-Whoop comes with VR005...

Coming soon: DIATONE GTR249T-HD Deadcat Version

In order to exclude props and motors from FPV view, the DIATONE GTR249T-HD features "deadcat" design. It may sound a little morbid, but the...