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LiPo chargers

LiPo battery chargers are very versatile electronic devices. Professional chargers, during charge/discharge real-time monitor health of the battery pack (temperature, internal resistance).

Balance Li-Po battery chargers

Balance Li-Po chargers monitors individually each cell of the LiPo pack. When the charging process is finished, all cells will have the same voltage levels. This will ensure a longer life for your Li-Po battery.

List of best LiPo battery chargers

HB120QUAD RC battery charger review

HB120QUAD review
Whether you’re a newbie that plays with toy drones or a professional FPV pilot, time will come when you will need a RC battery charger like the HB120QUAD. In addition to the fact that allows charging up to 4 LiPo batteries simultaneously, it is compatible with most common type of rechargeable batteries (Multi-Chemistry).While most of the toy drones come with...