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LiPo chargers

LiPo battery chargers are very versatile electronic devices. Professional chargers, during charge/discharge real-time monitor health of the battery pack (temperature, internal resistance).

Balance Li-Po battery chargers

Balance Li-Po chargers monitors individually each cell of the LiPo pack. When the charging process is finished, all cells will have the same voltage levels. This will ensure a longer life for your Li-Po battery.

List of best LiPo battery chargers

FiMI A3 charger (URUAV 2-3S High Voltage): Faster & better

Xiaomi FiMI A3 charger (URUAV 2-3S HV)
During our FiMI A3 review we discovered that the stock charger can charge the Li-Ion battery only till ~12.75V (4.25V/cell). With this charging level we got an average of 14 minutes flight time. Charging the FiMI A3 battery with a high voltage (4.35V/cell) charger, like the URUAV 2-3S HV, we got more than 18 minutes flight time. Furthermore, the URUAR HV claims that charges...

Best drone charger: HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro review

Best drone charger: D6 Duo Pro review
If you’re looking for one of the best portable drone chargers, then the HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro is an excellent option. In addition that allows to charge simultaneously two LiPo batteries with up to 6 cells, also allows to charge wirelessly your smartphone.The whole point of having an universal smart charger is that it allows to charge all your drone batteries, eliminating...

HB120QUAD RC battery charger review

HB120QUAD review
Whether you’re a newbie that plays with toy drones or a professional FPV pilot, time will come when you will need a RC battery charger like the HB120QUAD. In addition to the fact that allows charging up to 4 LiPo batteries simultaneously, it is compatible with most common type of rechargeable batteries (Multi-Chemistry).While most of the toy drones come with...