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LiPo chargers

LiPo battery chargers are very versatile electronic devices. Professional chargers, during charge/discharge real-time monitor health of the battery pack (temperature, internal resistance).

Balance Li-Po battery chargers

Balance Li-Po chargers monitors individually each cell of the LiPo pack. When the charging process is finished, all cells will have the same voltage levels. This will ensure a longer life for your Li-Po battery.

List of best LiPo battery chargers

SKYRC B6neo Smart Charger: Tiny & Powerful

SkyRC B6neo
All-new from SkyRC is the B6neo 200W pocket smart charger. It has the size of a matchbox and packs many features, including a 1-inch display, dual-power input, up to 10A charging current, and 6S LiPo compatibility. Furthermore, it doubles as a customizable power supply and battery checker (cell voltage and internal resistance). LiPo batteries have multiple cells, and it's crucial...

ToolKitRC C4 50W portable drone charger

ToolKitRC C4
The ToolKitRC C4 is a compact charger with a maximum output of 50W. Its small size makes it easy to carry and use on the go, and its intuitive user interface and LED display make it easy to use. It comes with an XT60 output and 4 levels of adjustable charging current. Being compatible with LiPo, LiHv, and LiFe cells...

ToolKitRc M9 review: The talking drone LIPO charger

ToolKitRC M9
In addition to the lots of inbuilt functionalities, the ToolKitRc M9 features cool voice alerts and a multi-angle colour display. With a size slightly bigger than your smartphone and output power of 600W, it is very portable and powerful. Is the ToolKitRc M9 the only charger you need on your drone backpack? Let's find out from this review! Along with...

iCharger DX8 1600W High Power Dual-Channel LiPo charger

iCharger DX8
The upcoming iCharger DX8 is capable of charging simultaneously two up to 8S drone LIPO batteries. Each channel can charge/discharge with up to 30A. The DX8 Duo is capable to deliver a maximum power of up to 1600W. On the input side, it can accept anything between 9 and 49 volts. To deliver the max power it requires an external...

Kovol Sprint 120W 4-Port USB PD GaN charger review

Kovol Sprint 120W USB PD GaN charger
Nowadays, most drones weighing less than 250 grams are charged via USB. Laptop manufacturers are also moved from dedicated power adaptors to more convenient PD USB chargers. Often, I have to charge 3-4 devices at the same time and I borrow my wife's and kid's wall charger which makes them unhappy if they have to charge their phones too....

Hobbymate D6 Dual Lite review: Two channel LIPO charger

Photo of Hobbymate D6 Dual Lite charger
While FirstQuadcopter is mainly focused on drone reviews, we are always happy to test and evaluate additional accessories like this Hobbymate D6 Dual Lite LIPO charger. If you're an occasional drone pilot, who plays only once a month, probably any cheap charger will fit for you, but if you are seriously involved in quadcopter racing, with a huge arsenal of...

HOBBYMATE Speed H6 review: Truly smart drone charger

HOBBYMATE Speed H6 review
It looks like it has become a tradition to review on FirstQuadcopter all the newly-launched drone chargers from HobbyMate. Today we will make an in-depth analysis of their Speed H6 smart charger. Despite its small size, the HOBBYMATE Speed H6 is a very powerful charger with a built-in AC adapter and some cool extra features. A good intelligent LIPO charger...

DJI battery charger: VIFLY PowerUltimate review

VIFLY Power Ultimate DJI battery charger review
Today we will have a closer look on VIFLY's DJI battery charger called PowerUltimate. This tiny aluminium box allows to charge your DJI drone battery right on the field. It is compatible with most consumer DJI drones (Mavic and Phantom series) - even with their smallest drone. As DJI does not offer a dedicated car charger for the little...

HOBBYMATE D6 Elite review: More than a drone charger

HobbyMate D6 Elite review
In the past, chargers were very basic electronic devices. I remember that ones I tried to repair one and I found inside only a couple of resistors and diodes. Compared to those old charges, the  HobbyMate D6 Elite is a very versatile hi-tech gear. In addition to the fact that allows charging almost any type of rechargeable batteries (multi-chemistry),...

FiMI A3 charger (URUAV 2-3S High Voltage): Faster & better

Xiaomi FiMI A3 charger (URUAV 2-3S HV)
During our FiMI A3 review we discovered that the stock charger can charge the Li-Ion battery only till ~12.75V (4.25V/cell). With this charging level we got an average of 14 minutes flight time. Charging the FiMI A3 battery with a high voltage (4.35V/cell) charger, like the URUAV 2-3S HV, we got more than 18 minutes flight time. Furthermore, the URUAR HV claims that charges...

Best drone charger: HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro review

Best drone charger: D6 Duo Pro review
If you’re looking for one of the best portable drone chargers, then the HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro is an excellent option. In addition that allows to charge simultaneously two LiPo batteries with up to 6 cells, also allows to charge wirelessly your smartphone. The whole point of having an universal smart charger is that it allows to charge all your drone batteries, eliminating...