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Here you can find all the quadcopters and drones of a specific brand.

Drone brands. Quadcopter brands

Which is the best quadcopter brands? Frankly it is hard to tell, but it is definitely listed in this category.

In this section I also will introduce few quadcopter accessories brands.

List of most important brands on the drone market

HubsanMJX R/CFuriBee

Updated list for 2018!

SIMTOO XT198 Rainbow drone: Optical flow & Gyro control

SIMTOO Rainbow XT198 drone quadcopter
The XT198 Rainbow is a new foldable drone from SIMTOO. It features on-board 720P camera with WiFi real-time image transmission. Thanks to the optical flow camera and barometric air-pressure sensor, the SIMTOO XT198 quadcopter has an excellent hovering capability.With folded arms, the fuselage measures only 142 x 86 x 48 mm and weights about 127 grams. Arms can be easily folded/unfolded...

Diatone 2018 GT R630 (240mm, 250mm & 260mm)

Diatone 2018 GT R630 FPV racing quadcopters
The new Diatone 2018 GT R630 (aka GT Rabbit) looks to be an excellent drone for anyone looking to get into FPV drone racing. It was announced in 3 sizes: 240, 250 and 260mm. According to the first rumors, all seems to share the same hardware.Like its predecessor, the Diatone 2018 GT R630 is also based on the versatile Mamba F405 flight controller....

Eachine E511S GPS drone: Features & specs

Eachine E511S GPS drone
The Eachine E511S is definitely a very promising drone. It isn’t terribly expensive ($111), has GPS system and up to 16 minutes flying time. In addition, you have 3 camera options: 5G WiFi 5MP, 720P or 1080P. Furthermore, the angle of the camera can be remotely adjusted.At first sight, the E511S is an upgraded version of the popular Eachine...

Emax TinyHawk: Inverted brusheless Whoop (first rumors)

Emax Tiny BabyHawk FPV drone quadcopter
Following the great success of the BabyHawk series, Emax is planning to release a much compact version, called TinyHawk. Like its predecessors, the Emax TinyHawk drone also features Tiny Whoop alike design. I would be curious to test one and find out if the reversed installation of the 15000KV brushless motors has any impact in terms of flight performance, or just...

JJRC X8 GPS enabled brushless camera drone

When I saw the first images with the JJRC X8 drone I through it is an upgraded MJX Bugs 2. These two drones have almost identical design.The JJRC X8 comes with GPS positioning system and 1080P camera. The powerful 1806/1500KV brushless motors are matched with 8A ESCs.According to the rumored specs, the 1800mAh LiPo battery allows up to 18 minutes flying...

HGLRC Mefisto 226MM FPV Drone: 2450KV (4-5s) & 1775KV (5-6s) motors

HGLRC Mefisto 226mm FPV drone
HGLRC announced their new Mefisto 5" FPV Drone with two type of brushless motors. While the HF2306 2450KV edition is optimized for 4-5s batteries, the FLAME 2207 1775KV one is suitable for 5-6S LIPOs. Both versions are compatible with 5 inch propellers. This dual type motor option is also adopted by the HobbyMate Comet racing quad.In front of the aircraft is...

Blade Inductrix FPV HD: A brand new HD FPV experience!

Blade Inductrix FPV HD drone quadcopter
Over the time, the Blade Inductrix series got many new features. As its name says, this new Blade Inductrix FPV HD brings WiFi 720p real-time image transmission and 1080P on-board video recording. The manufacturer claims that the integrated camera has low-latency and provides beautifully immersive 720p live images straight to your Android or Apple smart device. You can use your phone mounted...

FIMI A3 GPS drone with 2-axis Gimbal & 1080P Camera

FIMI A3 GPS enabled drone with full hd camera
Back in 2016, FiMI in collaboration with Xiaomi announced the Mi 4K drone. Now, FiMI Technologies comes up with another quadcopter called FIMI A3. Unfortunately, in terms of video rigs, it seems to be worst equipped compared to its processor. It has 2-axis gimbal vs 3-axis gimbal, also only Full HD camera vs Ultra HD camera.According to the advertised specs,...

VISUO XS812 review: A good GPS camera drone under $100

VISUO XS812 GPS drone quadcopter review
From the day of its announcement was obvious that the VISUO XS812 aims to be the perfect drone for people who are looking for a low-cost introduction in flying and shooting aerial videos.Just like its predecessor, the VISUO XS812 also follows the Mavic's cool foldable design. This second generation Visuo drone brings GPS positioning system and longer flight time. Practically,...

SYMA W1: Stylish GPS enabled drone

Syma W1 drone
We are happy to introduce you between the firsts, the Syma W1 GPS enabled drone. It is so new, that is not even listed on the manufacturer's website yet. As my first drone was a X5C, I'm an old fan of Syma drones.From the first rumors we found, results that the SYMA W1 will feature only smartphone APP control....

Bayangtoys X28 & X30 GPS drones: What we know about them

Bayangtoys X28 & X30 GPS drones
While the Bayangtoys X28 and the X30 have almost same design, they are a bit different in terms of features. While the Bayangtoys X28 is advertised with a 2s/2000mAh battery which provides up to 21 minutes flying time, the Bayangtoys X30 is powered by a 2s/1600mAh LiPo and has about 16-18 min play time.Both, Bayangtoys quadcotpers are equipped with full HD camera with...