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Here you can find all the quadcopters and drones of a specific brand.

Drone brands. Quadcopter brands

Which is the best quadcopter brands? Frankly it is hard to tell, but it is definitely listed in this category.

In this section I also will introduce few quadcopter accessories brands.

List of most important brands on the drone market

HubsanMJX R/CFuriBee

Updated list for 2020!

Eachine UZ65: Lightest brushless Whoop!

Eachine UZ65 brushless Whoop
Weighting only 21 grams (without battery), the Eachine UZ65 is one of the lightest brushless Whoop available right now. Eachine offers their new 65mm size FPV drone with two type of internal (SPI FlySky or FrSky) and two versions of external (DSM2/DSMX or TBS Crossfire) radio receivers. The versatile Crazybee F4 flight controller features integrated 5A ESC (speed controller) and...

Coming soon: HGLRC Veyron 3″ Cinewhoop

HGLRC Veyron 3"
Like most CineWhoops, the HGLRC Veyron is also build on a 3 inch frame with large ducted blade protectors. This design approach allows you to capture super smooth cinematic footage. Another advantage of the Whoop protectors is that you can fly around people relatively safely. HGLRC announced the Veyron 3" with two power options. While the 4S version comes with...

Coming soon: iFlight Green Hornet FPV drone

iFlight Green Hornet 3" CineWhoop
Similar to the iFlight BumbleBee, the newly announced iFlight Green Hornet also features Whop style large blade protectors and GoPro camera mount. Frankly, apparently the only visual difference between these two CineWhoops is that one is yellow and the other one green. The iFlight Hornet 3" is made for everyone, you can fly it indoor or in the park. Made...

Coming soon: FLYWOO CHASERS 138mm CineWhoop

The coronavirus outbreak in China may end up leading to a shortage of drones, even new models like the Zino 2 are shown as "out of stock" or "discontinued". Since first deaths from the virus were reported, it seems like the hall market has frozen. Before the epidemic, almost every day new models like the FLYWOO CHASERS were announced. FLYWOO...

Xiaomi Yuemi 1-axis phone gimbal stabilizer for $39.99

Xiaomi Yuemi one-axis gimbal
Xiaomi's sub-brand Yuemi Technology is about to release their first phone gimbal. Despite that the Xiaomi Yuemi features only one motor claims to allow smooth footage due to its powerful 32bit ARM process and 6-axis gyro sensor. The gimbal ca easily switched between portrait and landscape mode. According to the advertised specs the Yuemi 1-axis gimbal weights just 229...

Zino Pro vs Zino 2: What are the differences?

Zino 2 vs Zino Pro
Over the last few years, Hubsan has launched many drone models that lots of users are still enthusiastic about. Their flagship series has 3 models: the Zino 1, Zino Pro and Zino 2. In the Hubsan Zino Pro vs Zino 2 article I will go through all the important aspects of each drone. At the end of the article you...

Eachine Viswhoop with Caddx Vista HD

Eachine Viswhoop 2.5 inch
The Eachine VisWhoop is probably the smallest and most powerful race drone which feature DJI's latest generation digital FPV system. Despite its small size (130 mm wheelbase) in addition to the on-board DJI camera you can install a second GoPro Session Style 4K camera. Furthermore, you can power the drone with 3S as well as with 4S LiPo batteries. Caddx...

Coming soon: GEPRC ROCKET Plus & Lite

Like most professional grade FPV drones, the GEPRC ROCKET Plus also comes with on-board DJI FPV Air Unit. There is also a cheaper version with Caddx Vista HD called ROCKET Lite. Both digital video transmission systems use same type of DJI camera with 1/3.2” CMOS image sensor. Thanks to its TinyWhoop alike blade protectors, the GEPRC ROCKET can be used...

Coming soon: Eachine E32HW entry level drone

Eachine E32HW drone
The Eachine E32HW drone comes with lots of newbie friendly features including removable blade protectors and dual speed rates. Furthermore, it has an on-board 720P camera with WiFi real-time image transmission. Top of that for only $65.99 it comes with two flight batteries. Thanks to the barometric air-pressure sensor this entry-level quadcopter is capable to autonomously keep its flight altitude...

JJRC H86 Jokull: 4K drone for less than $70??

JJRC H86 Jokull
Even the JJRC H86 Jokull is advertised with a 4K camera for sure will not have the image quality as good as the Mavic Mini which has a "only" 2.7K camera. Video quality is more than just about resolution, are more important factors like: sensor size, lens quality, frame rate and if the camera is mechanically stabilized. But frankly, who...

Coming soon: LDARC DJ220/DJ220-Digital FPV drone

2020 comes with the first new FPV drone from LDARC (ex KingKong). The LDARC DJ220 will be available in 3 variants. While the PNP version comes without FPV rig and radio receiver, the DJ220-Digital and DJ220-4K are equipped with camera and video transmitter. The "DIGITAL" edition has on-board DJI FPV Air Unit and the "4K" has RunCam 4K camera...