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Here you can find all the quadcopters and drones of a specific brand.

Drone brands. Quadcopter brands

Which is the best quadcopter brands? Frankly it is hard to tell, but it is definitely listed in this category.

In this section I also will introduce few quadcopter accessories brands.

List of most important brands on the drone market

HubsanMJX R/CFuriBee

Updated list for 2019!

Coming soon: Geprc CineKing 4K brushless Whoop

GepRC CineKing 4K
Like most CineWhoops, the Geprc CineKing 4K also features dual-power options and Caddx Tarsier 4K camera. While the 2S edition has GR1103 8000KV motors, the 4S version GR1105 5000KV motors. According to GepRC, thanks to the brushless motors the CineKing 4K is capable to record super-smooth jello free videos.The versatile STABLE F411 flight controller comes with pre-tuned PIDs settings....

HGLRC Parrot120 Pro Toothpick FPV Drone

HGLRC Parrot120 Pro FPV drone
As its name says, the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro is a Toothpick style 120mm FPV racing machine. HGLRC puts the most high-end race spec components on the Parrot120 Pro. It comes with versatile F4 flight controller, powerful 6000KV motors and high-quality Caddx Turbo Eos2 camera.The Parrot120 Pro Toothpick is small enough to fly through your house or car park, but...

EACHINE EG16 review, ratings & sample: Best drone under 100?

Eachine EG16 - Best drone under 100?
As lately I received for review only drone accessories, I was happy to finally get a new drone to play with it. Even if, due to its brushed motors and compact size, the EACHINE EG16 WINGGOD could be considered just a toy drone, it comes with plenty of high-end features. In addition to the precise GPS positioning system it...

Diatone GT-Marauder 515 with ultra-efficient power system

Diatone GT-Marauder 515
Diatone's new GT-Marauder 515 drone claims to provide up to 10 minutes of flight time with a fully charged 800mAh LiPo. This awesome autonomy is obtained by the ultra-efficient power system and lightweight air-frame (170 grams).For an incredible first person view experience, Diatone selected the parts of the FPV system from the biggest brands on the market. As camera,...

iFlight Cidora SL5 FPV drone: 4s and 6s versions

iFlight Cidora SL5 drone
Like most professional grade racing drones, the iFlight Cidora SL5 will be available in two power options. While the 6S edition has XING CAMO X2306 1700KV motors, the "lighter" 4S version is equipped with X2306 2450KV motors. Both versions have same solid 215mm size carbon fiber frame and versatile SucceXF7 TwinG flight tower.Being designed for long range FPV flights,...

Hubsan Zino Pro: New features & better range

Hubsan Zino Pro drone
The upgraded version of Hubsan Zino, called "Pro", comes with few new features and extended flight range. While the first generation H117S had 1KM of range, thanks to the revolutionary LEAS 1.0 transmission system, the second generation Zino Pro has up to 4 KM control range, which is close to its competitor - the FiMi X8.Both generation of Zinos...

Coming soon: Eachine Twig 115mm FPV drone

Eachine Twig 115mm
Eachine's new Twig 115mm first person view drone will be available wit two type of FPV cameras. While for the Caddx Baby Turtle HD version you will need to pay $129.99, Runcam Nano2 edition will cost only $98.99. Both, variants are sold in in BNF version with Frsky D8 radio receiver and 5.8G/40CH FPV transmitter.Thanks to the versatile Crazybee...

Eachine RD200 Wearable FPV Watch

Eachine RD200 FPV Watch
Back in 2016, we reviewed a similar wearable first person view watch like the Eachine RD200 and we found it to be a nice FPV gear. This 2019 model from Eachine brings new cool features. The built-in DVR allows to record the journey of your flights either from the internal 5.8G/48CH receiver or from an external video source (like...

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro69 mini DIY FPV drone

Eachine Tyro69 drone quadcopter
Like we are used with the Tyro series, the number included in the name of Eachine Tyro69 drone means its price not its wheelbase size (distance between motors). For only $69 you get all the parts you need to build your own brushless racing FPV drone.At the end of each 2mm carbon fiber arm there is a 1104 8600KV...

Coming soon: JJRC X7P aka JJRC SMART+

JJRC is about to release an upgraded version of their current best drone (read more about it in our JJRC X7 review). The second generation JJRC X7P comes with lots of improvements compared to its predecessor. Biggest change is around its video gear. Instead of a 1080P camera with 1-axis gimbal, it features 4K camera with 2-axis mechanical stabilization....

LDARC 90GTI & 130GTI small FPV racing drones

LDARC 90GTI & 130GTI drones
LDARC just announced two new compact FPV drones. While the 98mm size LDARC 90GTI is powered by 3S batteries and has XT1105-5000KV motors, the larger and more powerful KingKong 130GTI has XT1406-3600KV motors and it is 4S LIPO compatible. Both models are available with two type of FPV cameras (C1200 - FPV or Cadds Turtle V2- HD). In addition...