FQ777 drones and quadcopters

This brand is mainly focused on small and ultra small drones. FQ777 toy drones have good price / value ratio.

FQ777 is also knows as FUQI Models

FQ777 F8 GPS 4K drone: Good Mavic Mini alternative?

Photo of FQ777 F8 drone
Various brands started to come up with highly featured smaller and smaller GPS drones – can a $160 quadcopter like FQ777 F8 compete with the Mavic Mini? Let’s find out from this article. Just like the DJI Mavic Mini, the FQ 777 F8 also features brushless motors and foldable design. Despite that, the Mini is powered by a smaller capacity...

FQ777 FQ40: Poor man’s Mavic Air drone

FQ777 FQ40 drone
Like many cheap Chinese quadcopters, the FQ777 FQ40 also copies the design of a DJI drone. Same as the Eachine E58, renting the design of the popular Mavic Pro, the FQ777 FQ40 wants to imitate the newer Mavic Air. It adopts similar design lines and colors. In front, instead of the collision avoidance sensors it has two LED lights. FQ777 released...

FQ777 FQ19W Pterosaur: First flying dinosaur drone

FQ777 FQ19W drone
Old guys like me probably still remember the popular Flintstones cartoons. The FQ777 FQ19W Pterosaur looks just like it came out from that movie. In addition to the cool flying dinosaur design, the FQ19W comes with all the latest features. Thanks to the built-in barometric air-pressure sensor, the drone is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude. According to the manufacturer's specs, the...

FQ777 FQ28 drone: Second flying EGG

FQ777 FQ28 drone
Even if the EGG design does not seem to be too aerodynamic, lately many drones like the FQ777 FQ28 are revealed. It is even more strange that Christmas comes and not Easter :). FQ777 announced the FQ28 in two variants. One with included remote controller and one with APP control. Both versions share similar features and same type of camera with...

FQ777 FQ26 drone review: First flying cube

FQ777 FQ26 Miracle drone review
After the flying egg, here is the first flying cube. In folded position you would not think that the FQ777 FQ26 is actually capable to fly, it looks like a cube with four fans. Can be easily confused with an electronic alarm clock or something like that :D This "Miracle" drone was announced by FUQI Models in two variants. While the FQ26-TX...

FQ777 FQ04 pocket drone with camera

FQ777 FQ04 quadcopter
Rumors about the FQ777 FQ04 aka Eachine E60 FQ777, a serious player on the pocket drone market recently announced their new model called FQ04. The remote controller of the FQ777 FQ04 can not only conveniently store the drone but also charge its battery. I especially like pocket drones because they are extremely portable. You can take them with you every where, from office...

FQ777 FQ11W mini foldable quad

FQ777 FQ11W quadcopter
The biggest innovation of this FQ11W over the older FQ777 models is the foldable arms. If I remember correctly, FQ777 was among the first manufacturers who offered truly pocket drones. In my opinion, it is a great idea to store the quad inside the remote controller. Unlike its predecessors, this FQ777 FQ11W features a WiFI FPV camera which allows real-time...

FQ777 126C pocket hexa-copter

FQ777 126C Spider hexa-copter
I own a couple of pocket multi-rotors like this FQ777 126C Spider and frankly, I love them all. I find it very practical that you can store and carry the aircraft inside the remote controller. The transmitter is small enough to fit inside of a larger pocket so you can take with you everywhere and anytime your favorite RC...

FQ777 AF957 aka The Gazer

FQ777 The Gazer 957
FQ777 AF957 first person view quadcopter The promo images with the FQ777 AF957 are revealing a quadcopter with an extremely cool design. Few months ago I already tested another model from FUQI FQ777. That model supersized me with a neat design and good build quality, hopefully this new AF957 FPV quadcopter will also follow these characteristics . On the first impression the biggest disavange of this...

FQ777-124 Pocket quadcopter

FQ777-124 Pocket quadcopter
FQ777-124 the ultimate micro quadcopter Micro quadcopters like this FQ777-124 are appreciated because they are affordable and very portable. For newbies I always recommend to buy something not expensive and easy to fly. Crashes always happen and it's not a good idea to hit the ground with a $999 DJI Phantom 3. There are many small quadcopters on the market that are sold very well because they are accesible to every one, they...