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Quadcoper repair. Some useful tips how to repair your broken or damaged quadcoper. Step-by-step guide how to replace your quadcoper’s motor and other parts.


DJI AVATA propeller guard and other spare parts

When you crash your DJI AVATA, the propeller guard will most likely break. Luckily spare parts started to appear for a reasonable price. Like...
BETAFPV Flight Controller Series

BETAFPV Flight Controller Series: For 1S-6S FPV drones

Besides the frame and motors, the flight controller (FC) is an essential part of an FPV drone. Flight controllers are the brain of drones,...
BetaFPV ELRS Recovery Dongle

ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle (FTDI USB to TTL)

BetaFPV was among the first drone brands that joined the ExpressLRS team by adopting their high-performance Open Source Radio Control Link. The ELRS Recovery...
BetaFPV 1506 3000KV motors

BetaFPV 1506 3000KV motor review: Perfect for CineWhoops

A few months ago, I tested the BetaFPV Pavo 30, a very capable CineWhoop. Unfortunately, I needed to replace the flight controller and two...
Hubsan Zino Mini Pro crash

Zino Mini Pro crash: How Hubsan customer service works?

When you spend more than 500 bucks for a drone, you expect to use it for more than just a couple of flights. My...
Hubsan Zino Mini Pro Spare Parts Accessories

Zino Mini Pro spare parts and accessories

Shortly after I published my Zino Mini Pro review, I crash it. Now, the drone is on my workbench with one broken arm, damaged...

SEQURE SQ-001 review: Soldering Iron for drone repairs

The SEQURE SQ-001 is one of the most portable soldering iron at the moment. Its small size and battery-operated mode make it perfect for...
HGLRC Herme ExpressLRS TX and RX

HGLRC Herme ExpressLRS: ELRS TX/RX (900MHz/2.4GHz)

After Happymodel and BetaFPV, HGLRC also announced their first ExpressLRS enabled radio system. Like its contenders, the Herme ExpressLRS also has 900Mhz and 2.4GHz...
Makerfire 18 in 1 tool kit

Drone repair tool kit review: Must have for all FPV pilots!

Whether you are looking to build your own FPV drone for the very first time or looking for a complete solution for the maintenance...
DJI FPV Drone Spare Parts and Accessories

DJI FPV drone spare parts and accessories

If you ever own an FPV drone before, you probably already know that they do not last forever. During a risky maneuver, you can...
Repair parts for Eachine EX5 drone

Eachine EX5 spare parts and accessories

Like all drones, the Eachine EX5 has limited battery life. With a top-flight time of 25 minutes, you will definitely need extra batteries to...