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Quadcoper repair. Some useful tips how to repair your broken or damaged quadcoper. Step-by-step guide how to replace your quadcoper’s motor and other parts.

DJI FPV Drone Spare Parts and Accessories

DJI FPV drone spare parts and accessories

If you ever own an FPV drone before, you probably already know that they do not last forever. During a risky maneuver, you can...
Repair parts for Eachine EX5 drone

Eachine EX5 spare parts and accessories

Like all drones, the Eachine EX5 has limited battery life. With a top-flight time of 25 minutes, you will definitely need extra batteries to...
FullSpeed TinyLeader drone repair instructions

Fullspeed drone repair: ESC replacement

Although the Fullspeed TL is 3S rated, it could be different or I just had a bad luck. During my Fullspeed TinyLeader review, initially...
Eachine E511 spare parts & acessories

Eachine e511 spare parts & accessories

Due to its cool design and excellent flight time, the Eachine e511 quickly became very popular. Many compares this model with the Mavic Air, which...
Hubsan Zino H117S spare parts

Hubsan Zino spare parts & accessories

Since it was announced, Hubsan Zino has become one of the most popular drone under $500. It has Mavic style foldable design and excellent...
How to calibrate the VISUO XS809HW?

Calibrating the VISUO XS809HW: Step by step guide

Based on my experience, after few crashes, drones start to fly abnormally even if there are no visible damages. Performing gyro-calibration can solve sideward flying...
Calibrating and resetting the Eachine E58 drone

Calibrating the Eachine E58 drone: Step by step guide

As lately I got many comments regarding how to calibrate the Eachine E58 drone, I thought it would be helpful to make a step-by-step guide...
Flight controller repair of Eachine QX110 V-Tail quadcopter drone

Flight controller repair or buy a new one?

A few months ago I received the Eachine QX110 V-Tail mini racer for review. First flights went smoothly, even after minor crashes it was...
Fayee FY805 hexacopter review

Fayee FY805 micro haxacopter review

Hexacopters like this Fayee FY805 offer greater stability compared to the 4 motor design (or at least it supposed to be). But sadly, each concept...
Mould King Quadcopter Hot Rod mod

Hot Rod your Quadcopter

Part 2 - Evaluation and Dis-assembly I received my X5C clones in about 2 weeks from the order date. So now I have to evaluate...
X5C Hot Rod Mod

Syma X5C Hot Rod

Hot Rod your quadcopter - Transform your X5C or one of the many clones into a Hot Rod!!! In a series of articles I will...