DJI FPV drone spare parts and accessories

DJI FPV Drone Spare Parts and Accessories

If you ever own an FPV drone before, you probably already know that they do not last forever. During a risky maneuver, you can hit a tree or a building which can produce serious damage to your aircraft. These situations are covered by a paid DJI FPV drone Care Refresh premium service, but only 2 times for a 1-year plan and 3 times for a 2-year plan. What happens if you crash it more times? Or if the repair process (spare part) will cost you less than the replacing unit fee?

During crashes, most likely will suffer one or more propellers and the camera gimbal. Set of spare propellers are available for $15, and the DJI FPV Gimbal Camera for $129. A detailed tutorial about how to replace the gimbal by yourself is available on the manufacture’s website. Spare arms and motors will be soon available, as they can break easily during collisions. In case of total damage, you can purchase a brand new DJI FPV drone with one battery for $739.

The DJI FPV Combo pack includes Goggles, Transmitter, and one flight battery. In case you want a longer flight time, there is an option for one or more spare batteries. DJI sells FPV drone batteries for $159. They also have Fly More Kit with two batteries and included a charger hub for $299. Between the available optional accessories is the brand new motion controller which allows one-handed operation.

Where to find genuine and third-party DJI FPV drone parts?

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Last updated on 25 June, 2021


  1. Does anyone have a left rear arm for sale (location Edmonton) for a DJI FPV drone? Broke mine and I want to replace it this weekend.

  2. Unfortunately, today I screw my DJI FPV drone against a wall, frontal collision destroyed the glass of the camera, where and how could I repair it or change it?

  3. Recently I had to replace the right front arm of my DJI FPV. Ordered a replacement arm from eBay. Also replaced all propellers. All costs me just 40$, much cheaper than their care refresh…

  4. Just flew my dji fpv for the first time today and I make an mistake. Now I need a top cover. Any idea how to get one fast for reasonable prce in Canada?

  5. My DJI FPV drone crashed yesterday (pilot error) and one arm broke off. I super glued it back and added gorilla tape and zip ties for extra protection back to fly in 30 min

  6. I need a DJI FPV drone with smashed arms, dead gimbal, bent motor bell or cracked frame. Does anyone sell something like this? I need it for flight controller transplant…

  7. Is there anybody who tried this cinewhoop style props guard already? How does it work? You can even 3D print them if are effective. Could save props and other DJI FPV drone parts.

  8. We can buy spare parts to fix yourself or pay DJI a $65 service fee plus the cost of spare parts. Personally, I like to do my own repairs, so I pre-order lots of spare parts to have on hand.

  9. Well, new to this hobby and I just flew my new DJI FPV into a pool. What to do now? How to start with the repair? It is fron grey market without Care Refresh….

    • The Goggles and Transmitter are still useful, so no great loss! You can still build a new FPV drone with DJI Digital VTX

  10. Hey guys, I need a list of websites that are selling DJI FPV drone spare parts in Europe (preferable UK or Germany)
    Thank you

  11. Today arrived the aluminum protection for the camera. The protection looks solid and does not interfere with any drone parts.

  12. Thanks, but I’m going to try to reassemble it and avoid sending it back for repair. I just got all the spare parts I need to repair it.

  13. So many broken drones. In most cases do you feel the drone should have been able to stand up to the force of the impact or was the damage understandable? I’m considering buying one. Thanks!

  14. Bought the DJI FPV drone from a friend two weeks ago with no insurance. I had a nasty crash with 3 arms and the gimbal broke. What do I?

  15. I had a crash a couple of weeks ago and just got the quad repaired; however, my battery won’t work now. It looks fully charged but doesn’t work with the drone. Does anyone know how to fix it? Or is the answer to buy a new battery pack?

  16. Where can I find a new flight controller board? I crashed in the water, and my DJI FPV drone beeps constantly…

  17. My DJI FPV drone is still 100% like new but just in case I bought entire shell with 4 arms and 2 motors. Plus tons of spare propellers, antennas and landing gears…. All for just 120$.
    I also plan to order a spare gimbal with camera.
    Fly safe!

  18. Hey! has anyone replaced a broken arm on their DJI FPV quad? How hard is it? Do I need to use a soldering iron?

  19. Crashed my DJI FPV drone today and broke both rear arms. Does anyone know how much this would cost to repair through authorized service center ?

  20. I have found this site that offers spare parts that DJI does not offer.

    I have sent an email to them asking how come they have parts on sale such as arms when DJI does not while claiming that those are genuine parts though.

    If you do not have DJI care this side might be worth trying.

  21. I had my first flight crash today. I was only flying in sport mode… the plastic is made from is so cheap…electronics are ok, but it looks like I need to replace the entire frame (body)…

    • Just send it to official DJI Repair. They typically are very fair. Better than buy spare parts and repair yourself.
      Good luck!

  22. Is there anybody who would like to test third-party FPV propellers or Goggles V2 accessories for FREE? If YES, just give me a comment below.

  23. What do you say about the propeller guard for the DJI FPV drone? Is it working? Will it provide some protection during crashes?

  24. My friend accidentally stepped on the Fpv drone and broke one of the front legs. I don’t have the care plan from DJI… so what’s next?

  25. Are any of you guys using a LowePro bag for the DJI FPV? I would like to know if it’s easy to store and has enough space to fly more combo kit.

  26. Does anyone know what Dji charges to replace the gimbal and one arm? Trying to decide between sending it in or ordering the parts and doing it myself. If you repair on your own will void the warranty?

  27. Crashed on second day, all repair parts arrived on day 10. Now is 100% operation again, hope do not make the same mistake. I payd 150$ for parts…

    • So, where did you all buy your FPV parts from? Amazon, AliExoress or direct from DJI. Curious how long this will take to get here. I want it back to air asap.

  28. My motion controller and back pack arrived today. What other accessories do you guys recommend for the DJI FPV drone?

  29. ESC’s are individual for each motor, or it has a 4 in 1 board? Sometimes it’s not just a motor arm if it not spin. Most likely is burn a FET in one of the ESCs.

  30. Just got the DJI FPV motion controller. Not as a primary transmitter but it is pretty reassuring to use it for proximity flying since it is quite intuitive even for newbies. Never use it in Manual mode!!

  31. Guys, what to do with my broken DJI FPV DRONE? Can I sell it for parts or I don’t know. I’m out of this hobby… It was one painful crash…

  32. DJI made the parts cheap to break on purpose. Most FPV Drones have carbon fiber frames, not crappy plastic like their quad.

  33. I just crash it. Pilot error… Two broken arms and the camera fell off. I checked DJI website to buy another FPV drone on its own (without the rest of the accessories), but unfortunately, they’re out of stock :(

  34. Crash it on the first low altitude flip. Care refresh is nice, but what happens if I need more than 2 replacements in one year?

  35. Arms seem to be the big thing in all the crashes I’ve seen so far. Hopefully, DJI comes up with user-replaceable carbon fibre arms. If not, they will not sell too many FPV drones…

  36. DJI FPV drone broke its arm trying to take-off under the balcony… How much do you think it’d cost to get repaired?

  37. DJI is working on a FPV backpack. It’s up for preorder now. In case you don’t want to wait so much, there are also plenty of other fpv bags on the market like Think Thank Photo, Pelican, Torvil, and LowePro


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