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2018 comes with a new category on FirstQuadcopter.com, called “Drone deals”.

Shopping for new drone can be a considerably time consuming endeavor, but it is something that we all need to do from time to time. New drone models are announced every month. And we want to fly with the best.

Drone quadcopter deals

Looking through the hundreds of drone deals available from various online shops, I will share with you every month, at least 5 of them.

Black Friday, Christmas, New year and other quadcopter sales.

If you’re shopping for friends or family members that have an interest in quadcopters, you should also check our drones by price category.

Top Picks and Hot drone deals from Amazon, Banggood, Gearbest, Geekbuying, HobbyWow, TomTop and other retailers.

Drone Coupons: up to 39% off w/ Promo Codes for May 2018 Sales

Drone Coupons & Codes for May 2018 Sales
To make it easier for those who wish to purchase their first drone online, here at FirstQuadcopter.com, we have sorted out the best drone coupons related to multi-rotors available on Bangggod. We selected for May the top 10 promo codes for drones and the best 7 discount coupons for drone accessories and parts. Get discounts of up to 39% off...

Drone Deals, Coupons & Special Offers for April 2018

Drone deals and discount coupons for April 2018
For April 2018 we selected 4 drone deals and 7 drone discount coupons. Like usual, we tried to cover all market segments. From cheap toy quadcopters to versatile aerial drones. So, regardless of whether you are a newbie pilot or a pro-shooter, you will find here the best deals for you. The discount are from 10% to 39%.If you're...

MJX B8 Pro FPV racing quadcopter (Coupon deal)

MJX Bugs 8 Pro coupon deal
MJX B8 Pro aka Bugs 8 Pro is a 250mm sized FPV racing quadcopter. It is available in combo either with 4.3" FPV monitor or FPV goggles. Featuring both, stabilized and manual, flight modes it is suitable for every type of drone pilots.The Bugs 8 Pro is equipped with a removable HD camera with integrated 5.8G video transmitter. The angle...

JJRC H61 Spotlight, reinvented sElfie drone (Coupon deal)

JJRC H61 sElfie Drone Quadcopter
Surely, one of the most popular selfie drone of the last year was the JJRC H37. Following its great success, JJR/C announced for 2018 an upgraded model called H61 Spotlight. Let’s have a closer look on the specs and features.In addition to the cool foldable design, the JJRC H61 drone comes with optical flow positioning system which ensures more accurate altitude...

DJI Mavic Pro coupon code: About 50% price drop

DJI Mavic Pro Coupon Code with 50% off
DJI’s Mavic Pro has dropped to just $709.99 using discount coupons. It’s the best deal we’ve seen for the Mavic Pro since its release in 2016 and is likely to prove hard to resist for those who’ve been looking for a portable drone with 4K camera and excellent flight autonomy.Why now? I'm pretty sure that DJI started to drop...

The best cheap drone deals in March 2018

A great cheap drone deal can be hard to find with so many fake "deals" around. Being a dedicated deal hunter, I daily check most of the reputable retailers for genuine discounts.For March, I want to share with you the best drone deal under $100. In my opinion, this is the maximum budget that a newbie should spend on...

The best drone deals in the February sales 2018

Best Drone deals in February 2018
It's pretty amazing how quickly drones have progressed from expensive, but with limited functionalities, to affordable models with top-notch features. Whether you are newbie or skilled FPV pilot you can find pretty nice quadcopters for less than 200 bucks.What you decide to spend on your first drone should be determined by how much you are willing to lose. Based on...

Phantom 3 Standard sale: Only 372.67€ from Europe

Phantom 3 Standard for sale from Europe
Evan if we introduced the Phantom 3 Standard 3 years ago, it is still a good entry level drone with plenty of nice features. As it has become discontinued by DJI, you can find it only from some third-party retailers. Now, during flash sale, you can grab one from TomTop for 372.67 euro.Admittedly, at that time I was a bit confused...

The best drone deals in the January sales 2018

Drone deals of January 2018
The Christmas presents have been unwrapped and you did not get the much wanted drone? Bit sad, isn't it? Well it shouldn't, because you got a second chance. The January sales are now upon us and with it some of the year's best drone deals.Being a dedicated deal hunter, I'm looking almost every day to find the best drone deals...

Best Black Friday drone deals 2017. Others than DJI ones!

Black Friday drone deals 2017
Checking with Google Keyword Planner the most searched drone deals during Black Friday, I found out that most of us want to get a DJi drone with promotional price. As I recently got a notice from them that they stoped to send products to my country, I will skip over their Black Friday drone deals and focus on other...

Best buy drones for sale on 11.11 2017

Best drones for sale in 11.11.2017
In order to help my readers find the best drone for their budget, I recently created the "Drones by Price" section on FirstQuadcopter. I thought it would be also helpful to share some great drone savings. Especially that 11.11 will be next weekend and usually it comes with huge drone discounts.Probably Double Eleven is the world’s second most expected...