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Eachine is a relatively new Chinese drone brand. In the beginning, they were focused on entry-level RC toy drones. Latest they started to offer DIY drone kits and FPV drones. Their product range also includes RC cars, Helicopters, Airplanes, FPV goggles, and other drone accessories.

While Banggood is the biggest distributor of Eachine products, you can also order directly from the manufacturer’s webpage or from eBay.

Eachine drones banner

Eachine drones roadmap

FPV racing Eachine drones 4K/GPS/Brushless Eachine drones Toy-grade Eachine drones Other Eachine products
Eachine SHADOW Fiend LR Eachine EX5 MINI Eachine E38 FPV Goggles
Eachine Tyro79S Eachine EX4 EACHINE EG16 FPV monitors
Eachine Tyro119 Eachine E020S Eachine E013 Plus RC Airplanes
Eachine Cvatar Eachine E520S Eachine E016H RC Cars
Eachine LAL 5Style Eachine EX3 Eachine E61HW RC Helicopters
Eachine UZ65 Eachine E511S Eachine E511 FPV parts (Cameras and VTX)
Eachine Novice-III Eachine EX2 Mini Eachine E014 Windmill Model & Building Toys
Eachine Novice-II Eachine EX2H Eachine E010S Pro
Eachine Novice-I Eachine EX1 Eachine M80S
Eachine Twig 115mm Eachine Pioneer E350 Eachine QX90C Pro
Eachine Tyro69 Eachine E58
Eachine Cinecan 85mm Eachine E59 Mini
Eachine RedDevil 105mm Eachine E011C
Eachine Tyro109 Eachine Q90C
Eachine Tyro79 Eachine E57
Eachine Wizard X140HV Eachine E013
Eachine US65/UK65 JJRC H47 Elfie
Eachine Tyro99 Eachine E51
Eachine Wizard TS215 Eachine E56
Eachine QX65 Eachine E53
Eachine Revenger55 Eachine E31HW
Eachine Racer 250 PRO Eachine E70 Mini
Eachine Wizard X220S Eachine E708 Cyclone
Eachine DustX58 Eachine E52 sElfie
Eachine QX110 VTail Eachine E33W
Eachine Aurora 100 Eachine E55 review
Eachine QX70 Eachine E011
FB90 Eachine E010
Eachine E010S Eachine E30W
Assassin 180 Eachine E10C Mini
Eachine Blade 185 Eachine H8C Mini
Tiny QX95 Eachine H8 Mini
Novice-IV Eachine 3D X4

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Latest Eachine drone stories (Reviews and News)

Eachine TX16S transmitter (RadioMaster TX16S clone)

Photo of Eachine TX16S remote controller
From the first rumored images was obvious that the Eachine TX16S is a RadioMaster TX16S clone. I adopt an almost identical design and a similar set of features. Both run OpenTX firmware, has 16CH transmission channels, and are equipped with pro-grade Hall Sensor Gimbals. The Eachine TX16S remote controller is powered by two pieces of 18650 batteries. You can also...

Eachine VR004: Convertible 2 in 1 FPV goggles monitor

Photo of Eachine VR004
The Eachine VR004 FPV goggles feature a modular design that allows easy conversion from a 4.3" FPV monitor into a veritable FPV headset. Fully assembled measures about 155x96x128mm and weighs 350 grams. IMHO, due to its small size, it will be difficult to be used with eyeglasses. Thanks to the built-in 1300mAh Polymer battery, it can be used for up...

Eachine E58 Pro Emotion 2020 edition

Photo of Eahine E58Pro
In 2017, the original Eachine E58 Emotion was considered the best entry-level drone under $50. Now, after 3 years, Eachine announced the 'upgraded' E58 Pro. Like its predecessor, 2020 edition also has Mavic alike folding design. Following DJI, Eachine also switched from black to gray color. The Eachine E58 Pro features an onboard 1080P camera with WiFi real-time image transmission....

Eachine Skyzone Cobra S & Cobra X: FPV Goggles With Head Tracker

Eachine Skyzone Cobra FPV goggles
Eachine in collaboration with Skyzone is about to release two new FPV goggles with built-in RapidMix receiver, DVR, and HeadTracker. While the Cobra S features an 800X480 LCD and MJPEG recording, the more expensive Cobra X a 1280X720 screen and H264 compression. Both FPV headsets are available in black and grey colors. The Eachine Skyzone Cobra goggles are powered by...

Eachine SHADOW Fiend 4″ Long-range FPV drone

Eachine SHADOW Fiend banner
Following the great popularity of the iFlight Chimera4 and Flywoo Explorer, Eachine also releases its own 4" long-range FPV drone named after Nevermore, the SHADOW Fiend, a hero possessing abilities that inflict superb burst damage from varying distances. The Eachine SHADOW Fiend is built on a robust carbon fiber frame with a wheelbase of 180mm. At the end of each...

Eachine EX5 versus Eachine EX4

Eachine EX4 versus Eachine EX5
Although, the Eachine EX5 is a newer model, it doesn't necessarily mean that is better than the older Eachine EX4. In this article, I will try to make things clear so you can make the right decision on which is is the best bang for your buck. While the EX4 Aurora was revealed in November 2019 and has a Mavic...

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro79S

Eachine Tyro79S
Although I'm very busy with recovering the lost drone reviews by server failure, I couldn't miss writing a few words about this upgraded version of Eachine Tyro79S. The new edition comes ready to fly (in RTF package) with included transmitter and two or four flight batteries. At the end of each 3mm thick arm, there is a powerful 1607 type...

Eachine EX5: Mavic Mini for $102?

Eachine EX5
The headline sounds pretty good but it is not exactly true. Even if at first look, the Eachine EX5 with 4K camera and up to 30 min battery life seems to be a great Mavic Mini alternative, it is far behind DJI’s smallest foldable drone. Adopting a direct WiFi connection, it has only a quarter of its rival’s FPV...

Eachine Moneagle 5″ IPS Ultra bright FPV monitor

Eachine Moneagle FPV monitor
Even DJI’s digital video transmission system offers much better image quality compared to analog 5.8G systems, many drone pilots are still using FPV monitors like this new Eachine Moneagle. Why? the answer is simple: They are super cheap! Featuring ultra-high luminance of 1000lux, it should be usable in strong daylight. Its 5 inch display has 800 x 480px resolution, quite...

Eachine Cvatar: Affordable CineWhoop FPV drone

Eachine Cvatar 142mm drone
After Diatone, HGLRC, and other reputable drone brands, Eachine also came up with their first CineWhoop style FPV race drone. Eachine Cvatar is built on a 142mm size frame with EVA duct propeller protectors and it has two power options. While the 4s edition has 1507 type 3600KV motors, the 6s version has 2400KV ones. Both variants have the...

Eachine EV300O FPV Goggles with OLED display

Eachine EV300O
In the last few years, Eachine came on the market with many affordable entry-level FPV goggles. Well, this time they are aiming high! The Eachine EV300O features top-notch hardware, from HD OLED display, built-in DVR, Rapid Mix RX Receiver to HeadTracker. Thanks to the wide range of DC input (7.4-25.2 Volts), it can be powered from 2S to 6S batteries....