Lately Eachine become a well know quadcopter brand thanks to their good prices.

If you are an FPV racing enthusiast, Eachine is probably one of your favorite drone brand.

Eachine drones. Eachine Quadcopters

Latest Eachine drone models and review of the best Eachine quadcopters.

Coming soon: Eachine Cinecan 85mm 4K

Eachine CineCan 85mm 4K drone
Like most popular FPV drone manufacturers, Eachine also revealed their own CineWhoop based on the dual-lens Caddx Tarsier 4K camera. Thanks to the powerful 7000KV brushless motors and large Whoop alike blade protectors, the Eachine Cinecan 4K drone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. Eachine offers the CineCan 85mm in PNP (no receiver) and BNF (with integrated...

Coming soon: Eachine RedDevil 105mm

Eachine RedDevil micro FPV drone
The newly announced Eachine RedDevi will feature 105mm size carbon-fiber frame and nice red protective canopy. Its supper fast EX1102 KV8700 motors are paired with 2-blade 65mm propellers. According to the first rumors, all electronic parts are 2-3s rated.Thanks to the versatile Crazybee F4 PRO controller it can be configured with multiple flights modes. While newbies can practice on...

Eachine EG16 WingGod GPS drone with pseudo 4K camera

Eachine EG16 WING GOD
At first sight, everything is nice around the Eachine EG16 WingGod drone. It has GPS positioning system, optical flow sensor, dual camera system (frontal/belly) and excellent flight time but, after a closer inspection, I found that the frontal camera actually has only 2K video resolution (not 4K as it is advertised) and brushed motors instead of much reliable brush-less...

Eachine VR005: Dirty cheap, compact FPV goggles

Eachine VR005 FPV headset
Not long time ago, FPV goggles were expensive high-tech gears. Now, the Eachine VR005 is offered for only $36.99. Furthermore, this price includes two rubber ducky antennas and micro USB charging cable.The headset measures about 150 X 120 X 60mm and weights 145 grams. IMHO, due to its small size, it will be difficult to be used with eyeglasses....

Coming soon: Eachine EX3 GPS camera drone

Eachine EX3 drone
From the firs sight it is obvious that the Eachine EX3 is a re-branded MJX B4W. It features about the same design and features. Actually, many MJX R/C quadcopters are sold as Eachine drones and vice-versa.According to the manufacturer’s specs, the 7.6V/3400mAh battery pack allows up to 20 minutes flight time. As charging process, it takes about 4 hours, so...

Coming soon: Eachine Wizard X140HV FPV racing drone

Eachine Wizard X140HV drone
Following the success of the Wizard X220HV, Eachine is planning to release a smaller 6S compatible racing drone called Wizard X140HV. In order to make your flights more spectacular, it comes with gloving frame (atmosphere light strip).Like its bigger brother, the Eachine Wizard X140HV also features F4 flight controller with BetaFlight OSD. Installed with the powerful 1507/2500KV brushless motors...

Eachine E013 Plus: New design, more features

Eachine E013 Plus drone
While you should expect from the Eachine E013 Plus to be an enhanced version of its predecessor, I didn't find too much similarities between Plus and non-Plus editions, in terms of design.Like the older Eachine E013, this upgraded version will be also available in bundle with the VR006 FPV Goggles. On checkout, you will be able to choose between...

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro109 DIY FPV racing drone

Eachine Tyro109
As we have already been accustomed with Eachine's Tyro series, this new model is advertised for exactly what its product name says. While the Tyro79 is sold for $79, the Tyro99 for $99 and you can buy the Eachine Tyro109 for $109.The Eachine Tyro109 is the direct successor of the Tyro99, which was been for long time one of the best DIY racing...

Best drone for kids: Eachine E016H review

Eachine E016H review
When it comes to beginner pilots, especially if they are kids, I highly recommend to start with ultra cheap easy to control drones like this Eachine E016H. In addition to the newbie friendly features, it has cage type blade protectors which make the aircraft safe to use even by children.No manufacturer can guaranty that their drone is indestructible. Many toy...

Eachine E61HW review: Cheap mini drone with camera

Eachine E61HW review
A great way to get kids interested in drones is giving them a cheap mini drone like the Eachine E61HW. As crashes are inevitable, starting with an expensive model is not a good idea. It would be at least disappointing seeing a 1000$ quadcopter hitting a wall after only few minutes of flight. Also, larger drones may be dangerous in...

Eachine Tyro79: Best DIY FPV drone under $80

Eachine Tyro79
Just as the Tyro99 is sold for $99, the new Eachine Tyro79 is advertised for $79. While the Tyro 99 is based on a 210 mm sized frame kit, the Tyro 79 is built on a 140mm sized one.The Eachine Tyro79 DIY drone comes in parts and needs to be assembled by yourself. The KIT includes the frame, flight controller, ESC, motors,...