Lately Eachine become a well know quadcopter brand thanks to their good prices.

If you are an FPV racing enthusiast, Eachine is probably one of your favorite drone brand.

Eachine drones. Eachine Quadcopters

Latest Eachine drone models and review of the best Eachine quadcopters.

Coming soon: Eachine E020S Whooped GPS 4K drone

Eachine E020S GPS 4K drone
In order to make your night flight more spectacular, the Eachine E020S drone has LED illuminated Whoop style blade protectors - it glows like an UFO in the dark. Eachine offers their new E020S quadcopter with 5 types of camera. According to your phone you can opt for 2.4G or 5G WiFi FPV.  In the same time, you can opt...

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro119 DIY FPV race drone

Eachine Tyro119 FPV drone
Just like in case of all DIY Tyro drones, the number included in the name of Eachine Tyro119 drone means its price, not its wheelbase size (distance between motors). For only $119 you get all the parts you need to build your own racing FPV drone. Designed for long range flights, the 250mm size carbon fiber air-frame will be installed...

Coming soon: Eachine E38 cool beginner drone

Eachine E38 drone
Eachine's latest E38 entry level drone will be available with 4 types of on-board camera. You can opt from low-quality 480P resolution to ultra high quality 4K resolution. All Eachine E38 versions will be purchasable in black and white colors. In addition to the newbie features (3 level of speed rates, headless mode and altitude holde), the Eachine E38 comes...

Eachine Novice-II entry level FPV drone

Eachine Novice-II entry level FPV drone
Similar to the Novice-I, the Eachine Novice-II is also ready to fly out of the box. While the first generation Novice-Whoop comes with VR005 goggles, the second generation is equiped with VR009 headset. Both versions are packed with same type of WT8 remote controller. The Eachine Novice-II drone measures 100 x 100 x 40mm and has a wheelbase (motor to...

Eachine LAL5: Cheap 4K FPV race drone

Eachine LAL5 FPV drone
Like most popular FPV drone brands, Eachine also started to equip their quadcopters with the Cadax TARSIER 4K dual-lens camera. The Eachine LAL5 is build on a robust, orthogonal X-shape carbon fiber frame with 225mm wheelbase. Featuring versatile LAL-F405 flight controller it can be configured with multiple flight modes.  The 2507 type 1850KV motors are matched with Racerstar 5046 (5"...

Coming soon: Eachine Novice-I 75mm brushless Whoop

Eachine Novice-I FPV Drone
Eachine's latest Novice-I drone is a 75mm brushless Whoop specially designed for beginner pilots. In order to allow lots of practicing hours, besides the basic package with 2 LIPOs, there is a fly-more combo package with 10 batteries and one set of spare propellers. Both box options include 6-way charger, remote controller and Eachine VR005 FPV goggles. The Eachine Novice-I...

EACHINE EG16 review, ratings & sample: Best drone under 100?

Eachine EG16 - Best drone under 100?
As lately I received for review only drone accessories, I was happy to finally get a new drone to play with it. Even if, due to its brushed motors and compact size, the EACHINE EG16 WINGGOD could be considered just a toy drone, it comes with plenty of high-end features. In addition to the precise GPS positioning system it...

Coming soon: Eachine Twig 115mm FPV drone

Eachine Twig 115mm
Eachine's new Twig 115mm first person view drone will be available wit two type of FPV cameras. While for the Caddx Baby Turtle HD version you will need to pay $129.99, Runcam Nano2 edition will cost only $98.99. Both, variants are sold in in BNF version with Frsky D8 radio receiver and 5.8G/40CH FPV transmitter. Thanks to the versatile Crazybee...

Eachine RD200 Wearable FPV Watch

Eachine RD200 FPV Watch
Back in 2016, we reviewed a similar wearable first person view watch like the Eachine RD200 and we found it to be a nice FPV gear. This 2019 model from Eachine brings new cool features. The built-in DVR allows to record the journey of your flights either from the internal 5.8G/48CH receiver or from an external video source (like...

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro69 mini DIY FPV drone

Eachine Tyro69 drone quadcopter
Like we are used with the Tyro series, the number included in the name of Eachine Tyro69 drone means its price not its wheelbase size (distance between motors). For only $69 you get all the parts you need to build your own brushless racing FPV drone. At the end of each 2mm carbon fiber arm there is a 1104 8600KV...

Coming soon: Eachine E520S & E520 Mavic clones

Eachine E520S & E520 drones
Following the epic success of the E58 Emotion drone, Eachine is planning to release to new drones on the same foldable Mavic alike design. While the Eachine E520 has only some basic features, the Eachine E520S GPS comes with satellite positioning system and intelligent flight modes. Both versions are available with 720p, 1080p or 4K camera. You have also...