Eachine EX5 versus Eachine EX4

Eachine EX4 versus Eachine EX5

Although, the Eachine EX5 is a newer model, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is better than the older Eachine EX4. In this article, I will try to make things clear so you can make the right decision on which is is the best bang for your buck.

While the EX4 Aurora was revealed in November 2019 and has a Mavic Air alike design, the EX5 Mini in July 2020, and follows the Mavic Mini’s design. Both drones feature foldable arms and a 4K camera.

Weighing only 229 grams, the EX5 does not require FAA registration. It’s smaller than the EX4, too. By comparison, with folded arms the EX4 measures 104x85x57mm, and its older brother 177x196x70mm. Being larger and heavier, the EX5 Aurora has better wind resistance than the smaller EX5 MINI.

Despite the fact that it has a small capacity battery (2S/2200mAh vs 3S/2400mAh), the EX5 promises 5 minutes extra flight time compared to the older Eachine EX4.

Eachine EX4 vs Eachine EX5 comparison chart

In the table below, I compared the most important specs and features of both Eachine drones. I highlighted with red were the EX4 Aurora excels and with green were the EX5 MINI shines.

  Eachine EX4 Aurora Eachine EX5 Mini
Folded size (L×W×H) 177x196x70mm 104x85x57mm
Weight 437g 229g
Satellite positioning  GPS GPS
Indoor Positioning Optical Flow + Ultrasonic Barometric altitude hold
Camera 4K 4K
Gimbal 3-axis NO
Bit rate 8Mbps N/A
Image sensor 1/3.2 CMOS N/A
FPV range 1.2KM/3KM 0.2KM/1KM
Battery capacity 3S/2400mAh 2S/2200mAh
Flight time 25 minutes 30 minutes
Flight time EX4 full specs EX5 full specs
Price $214.99 $111.99

Bottom line

Despite that the EX5 is a newer model, its camera capabilities are far behind the EX4 ones. The 3-axis gimbal allows pro-grade smooth aerial videos. The control range of the Eachine EX5 is also much better compared to the one its smaller brother has.

On the other hand, the Eachine EX5 MINI does not require FAA registration, it is much portable and claims to have a better battery life (30 vs 25 minutes). The sub 250 grams design makes it one of the best Mavic Mini alternative around $100.


  1. La gran diferencia entre ex4 y ex5, es la tarjeta sd. El ex5 no dispone de la posibilidad de usar tarjetas sd, la grabación tiene que ser fpv por la app. Por lo tanto evidentemente Ex4 es mucho mejor que el EX5.
    The big difference between ex4 and ex5, is the sd card. The ex5 does not have the possibility to use sd cards, the recording has to be fpv by the app. So obviously Ex4 is much better than EX5.


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