Eachine EX5: Mavic Mini for $102?

Eachine EX5 quadcopter

The headline sounds pretty good but it is not exactly true. Even if at first look, the Eachine EX5 with 4K camera and up to 30 min battery life seems to be a great Mavic Mini alternative, it is far behind DJI’s smallest foldable drone. Adopting a direct WiFi connection, it has only a quarter of its rival’s FPV range (in the best case). Also, even if it claims to have a 4K camera without a 3-axis gimbal stabilization, your footage will be very shaky.

As you can see in the image below, the Eachine EX5 copies the design of the Mavic Mini in every detail. Even the motors look to be the same. Whit folded arms, the aircraft measures just 85 x 140 x 57 mm. Weighing only 229 grams, it is 20g lighter than its DJI contender.

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Eachine EX5 vs DJI Mavic Mini
Right: Eachine EX5, Left: Mavic Mini

According to your mobile device, you can opt for a 2.4G or 5G WiFI version. While 2.4G version has 1000 meters range, the 5G edition has 200 or 1000m.

Price, availability, and options

As Eachine is a home brand of Banggood, they are the only online store that offers it right now. As I previously mentioned, there are two versions, with 2.4G and 5G WIFI FPV. At the checkout, you can opt for 1, 2, or flight batteries. You have also the option to purchase it in a bundle with a nice carrying case for an extra 10 bucks. While the cheapest version (5G, 200m range, 1 battery, and standard box) is sold for $101.99, the fly more combo pack (3 batteries) and hand case can be ordered for US$156.99.

Eachine EX5 drone features and specs

  • Compact size with foldable arms;
  • Only 229 grams, no FAA registration required (at the moment);
  • Smart flight modes (Follow me, Surround flight and Gesture recording);
  • Dual satellite positioning (GPS + GLONASS);
  • 4K camera with remote angle adjustment;
  • 2.4G/5G WiFi real-time image transmission;
  • 1406 type brushless motor;
  • About 30 minutes max flight time;
  • Up to 1000 meters control & FPV range.

Box content

  • EX5 RC drone;
  • Remote controller ;
  • 7.4V/2200mAh flight battery (1, 2 or 3);
  • USB charging cable;
  • 1 pair of spare propellers;
  • Screwdriver
  • User manual.


  1. Check out the JJRC X9PS. Under 250g. 4K Camera with two axis remote controlled gimbal. Record to SD card. Proven 1 km range for both the drone and FPV transmission. See YouTube review by Captain Drone.

  2. My son is turning 9 and really wants his first drone. I don’t want to spend a ton, but also don’t want to go cheap. He wants a good camera too. Maybe one you can buy spare parts for if something breaks. Also he wants with GPS to prevent flying away….
    What do you think, the Eachine EX5 will fits for him?

    • The ex5 is too much for a beginner because of its powerful brushless motors and the fact it can fly more than 100 meters away. A beginner in particular a nine year old will most certainly crash and destroy this drone within 2 weeks of use. Get him a toy with brushed motors. The Eachine e014 is a good choice for indoor training and the kf609 with optical flow is a good start for outdoors. If your looking for quality get a DJI Tello. Then once he earns his wings get him something like this.

  3. Is there record to SD card? I scoured the pictures…top, bottom front, back, left side and right side I could not find a micro sd slot. Read thru the specs and no mention of sd card.

    Update on remote camera up/down. Nothing on remote to move camera. HOWEVER, on the app you can switch between front and bottom camera. And most important camera up and camera down on bottom right of app screen. This is good news.

    • Unfortunately, there is no info about this aspect. But, I hope to have on-board DVR, without probably no one will buy the EX5…

  4. If you like flying drones more than being a photographer this EX5 is good for the price. I’ll wait to see how it flies in an actual review.

    For the time being the mjx b7 is good under 250g alternative to the DJI Mavic Mini. All mjx drones fly great with great GPS lock/stability and are extremely reliable.

    PS. If you have reasonable flying skills you can take pretty good video without a stabilized camera. It’s always good to learn to fly. My Mavic mini videos are better than most because I trained with the toys first.

    • I contacted Eachine regarding the possibility to review the EX5, but till now I didn’t received any feedback from them…

    • Don’t buy it until you see several reviews. You want to know it’s limitations ie. how close it performs to spec. Also make sure it doesn’t have a major flaw like not returning to home or a wifi feed of less than 100m.

  5. This drone seems to be a cheap option for the DJI Mavic Mini. Even though this drone has some nice features, its lack of a 2 or 3 axis gimbal limits its capabilities. Once again another cheap Chinese copy that instead of a competitor, it’s just another cheap variation. It’s a shame companies like Eachine don’t use their technology to develop a working gimbal for a drone-like this that has such potential.

    • for its price I think its good what it offer: brushless motors, gps and 4k camera (even if it not has a 3-axis gimbal)

  6. hello,
    will market an ex5 drone of the company machine again to make money they should have upgraded the ex4’s camera which had quite a few issues you did nothing, ignored customer feedback.
    you take out an ex5 drone and that and not even with a stabilized camera.
    we are a group of friends and we will never buy Eachine brand again before making an ex5, you need to solve the ex4 problems and drop the clients we will buy DJI Mavic Mini, more expensive and at least reliable Banggood is deteriorating, a pity not to listen to the problems you lose a lot of customers

    • Probably you have perfectly right! An Eachine drone will be never like a DJI one, but for the quarter of the price, it is perfect for beginners which usually crash their first drone. The higher price of DJI drones, includes lots of research, developing, product testing, brand marketing, and excellent aftermarket customer support.

        • The Eachine EX5 has for sure remote camera angle adjustment, you can change from front view to ground via in the fly.

          • What you are describing is the ability to switch between cameras (ie. the front mounted camera and the optical flow camera underneath). I still see no indication that you can move the main camera remotely by some dial or button on the transmitter.


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