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DJI Action 2 camera

DJI Action 2: The Perfect Drone camera?

DJI has finally released a successor to the more than two old original Osmo Action camera. The new DJI Action 2 features a modular...
LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini drone

LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini: Smallest and cheapest Mavic Air 2 clone

The LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini looks like a great option, in case your 6 years old kid ask for his first drone which looks like...
DJI Osmo Action Review

Osmo Action review: Action Camera from King of Drones

OSMO Action is DJI's first attempt to enter into the word of action cameras - dominated by GoPro for a long time. As DJI...
RunCam Split 3 Nano & Micro FPV cameras

RunCam Split 3 Nano & Micro FPV DVR cameras

Back in 2017, the first generation of RunCam Split camera was considered a true game-changer product on the FPV market. Now, they are planning...
Hawkeye Firefly Split 4K camera

Hawkeye Firefly Split 4K FPV camera for racing quads

FPV cameras like the Hawkeye Firefly Split 4K are very practical due to their freedom of installation. While the small (19mm×19mm) lens module can...
DJI Osmo Action

Osmo Action: Good for drones? Or stay with GoPro?

Few days ago, DJI - market leader in drone technology - officially revealed their first GoPro alike rugged action camera. Let's find out if...
Foxeer Box 2 drone camera

Coming soon: Foxeer Box 2 drone camera

Foxeer, one of the must active player on the drone camera market, just announced their second generation GoPro Session alike camera. While the Foxeer...
MJX C6000 review

MJX C6000 drone camera: Review, Ratings & Sample video

If you're looking for a GoPro alternative at a lower price for your MJX drone, the C6000 is worth take a look. The MJX...
RunCam 3S camera

RunCam 3S camera for FPV drones

Last year, RunCam announced a new GoPro Session alike camera, which was shortly withdrawn from the US market due to some patent infringement. Curiously, this...
Foxeer Predator V2 Standard FPV camera

Foxeer Predator V2 Standard FPV camera

Foxeer, one of the most active player on the FPV camera market, just announced a new camera called Predator V2. Let's check what new features...
Aomway 1/3 CCD camera review

Aomway 1/3 camera review: CCD, 650TVL, OSD and Mic

With the Aomway 1/3 CCD 650TVL you got more than a simple camera. Its OSD allows you to monitor the elapsed flight time and battery voltage....