LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini: Smallest and cheapest Mavic Air 2 clone

LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini drone

The LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini looks like a great option, in case your 6 years old kid ask for his first drone which looks like daddy’s one. LS-XT6 is a toy-grade Mavic Air 2 clone available with 3 types of cameras. While the cheapest model with 1080P camera is sold for US$32.99, the most ‘expensive one’ for US$42.99 with 4K camera. All versions are packed with a storage bag.

With folded arms measures 5 x 8 x 4 cm and weighs not more than a smartphone. According to the advertised specs, its 3.7V/650mAh allows up to 12 minutes of flight time, which is not bad from such a tiny bird.

Despite its small size, the LS-XT6 Mini features all the latest features which you can get in its price range. It has altitude hold, headless mode, and one key take-off/landing. Furthermore, for safer indoor fun, it comes removable blade protectors.

LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini features and specs

  • Super compact size with foldable arms (only 8cm);
  • Altitude-hold mode for stable hovering;
  • Headless-mode, for easy orientation for newbies;
  • One Key Take-off/Landing;
  • Optional 500W (1080P), 4K or 4K+Belly camera;
  • WiFi real-time image transmission;
  • 3D VR experience through the mobile app with VR glasses;
  • LED lights make flying more spectacular, especially in the dark.
  • Up to 12 minutes of battery life.

Product details

LS-XT6 Mini frontal LED lights
Frontal LED lights
LS-XT6 Mini folding design
Folding design
LS-XT6 Mini camera
4K Camera
LS-XT6 Mini battery
Battery for 12 minutes of flight time
LS-XT6 remote controller
Remote controller


  1. My drone is not taking off because top right propeller is slow and when ever I try to make it take off it just flips it on its side

  2. Mij. Qr code is niet bij geleverd en die ik via internet heb gevonden is inderdaad in het Chinees waardoor ik hem niet kan koppelen plus als ik hem via WiFi probbeer te verbinden staat er een uitroepteken met daar bij geen netwerk verbinding dus mijn vraag is weet iemand een oplossing voor mijn probleem? Alvast bedankt
    Me. Qr code is not included and that I found via the internet is indeed in Chinese so I cannot connect it plus if I try to connect it via WiFi there is an exclamation mark with no network connection so my question is does anyone know a solution to my problem? thanks in advance

  3. Following. Having trouble ourselves. Got a similar drone with the same brand name. But the only QR code takes us to a video that shows how to use the remote. That’s fine. But nowhere does it have the code for an app to link the camera to the phone. Even missing the phone holder piece. And there is no one to co ya t or call or even a website for this company.

  4. When I scan the QR code that came with the Drone, it downloads everything in Chinese. Is there an app that is in English that I can download that will work with this drone with my android phone?


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