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Portable power stations and solar generators have become increasingly popular as more people seek alternative power sources for outdoor activities or emergencies. These devices are essentially battery packs with built-in inverters, which can convert the DC power from a battery to AC power that can be used to run electronic devices. Most power stations also have an integrated MPPT solar charge controller.

Power station

Solar generators are portable power stations that use solar panels to charge the battery. The panels can be either built-in or external, and they can generate power even when the device is being used. This makes them ideal for camping, outdoor activities, and emergency situations when access to traditional power sources may be limited.

Most portable power stations and solar generators come with a variety of output ports, including AC outlets, USB ports, and DC ports. Make sure to choose a device with the right port combination to meet your needs. These devices are perfect for charging your drone’s LIPO battery right on the field.

POPDEER S500: A little power horse

POPDEER S500 power station
The Popdeer S500 offers a storage capacity of 518 Wh and 500W of output power. It is the smallest solar generator in size with these power parameters that I have tested so far. It is almost twice as small as the 300W power station I reviewed last month. Priced around $200, this is a relatively simple unit, but it’s...

VEVOR Portable Power Station: Very budget friendly solar generator

Vevor 296Wh|300W Power Station
Power stations have improved drastically in recent years and have become more and more used for outdoor activities as they are much more portable than gas generators. In this review, we will have a closer look at the Vevor 300W mini solar generator that is great for powering your laptop and charging family phones and other gear while you...

Bluetti AC180 vs Anker 757: Which power station should you buy?

Bluetti AC180 vs Anker 757
Thirty years ago, when I first started wandering around the Apuseni mountains, the only electrical device I carried with me was a flashlight that needed two batteries. Now, I have a smartphone, a drone, a DSLR camera, an action camera, and who knows what else. Solar generators like the Bluetti AC180 and the Anker 757 (SOLIX F1200) can power...

Bluetti AC180: The smart power station

Bluetti AC180
The Bluetti AC180 was first announced on 22 March and became available for orders on the 1st of June. We received this power station for review in late June, so we have about a week of testing behind. Many confuse storage capacity with output power. The storage capacity of a portable power station determines how long it can power various...

Bluetti AC60: Perfect for Outdoor Use

Bluetti AC60
The Bluetti AC60 is an all-weather scalable solar generator, supplying 600W power from its 403Wh LFP battery, which can be expanded to 2,015Wh. It is a dust-proof and water-resistant (IP65 rating) power station intended for all kinds of outdoor activities, from beach parties to mountain camping. With super fast charging, and multiple charging options (12V/24V DC car socket, solar...

Bluetti EB3A review: Aimed to power your outdoor fun!

Bluetti EB3A review
When camping, road-tripping, or having outdoor activities that involve charging various gear, such as smartphones, cameras, and drones, a small portable solar generator like the Bluetti EB3A is a more convenient solution than a heavy home-backup power station or gas generator. It is quiet, emission-free, and requires no fuel, making it environmentally friendly. If you are in areas with short...

Anker 767: Suitcase-like 2048Wh power station

Anker 767
Surely after we received the Anker 757 review unit, the company announced a much more versatile power station named PowerHouse 767. This new device doubles its predecessor's output power and has some new cool features, such as remote Smart Control with the Anker app. The Anker 767 packs a capacity of 2048Wh LFP batteries and weighs 67 lbs (30.52kg). It...

Anker 757 review: Be powered Anywhere, Anytime!

Anker 757 PowerHouse
I never thought I would need a power station until I reviewed the Anker 757. After a few days of testing, it proved to be a device with multiple applications. From bringing the conform to your home, in the middle of the forest, to surviving blackouts. I love that I can power my drone batteries, FPV goggles, and controllers...