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3D printing enables you to produce complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printers have become very accessible and helpful for every drone pilot.

Resin and Filament are the most widespread 3D printer technologies. This category will also cover 3D printing consumables such as filaments, resins, and other accessories.

3d printing

Elegoo PLA: Cheap 3D filament for big projects

Elegoo PLA filaments
I mostly printed drone parts in my last filament reviews, so I decided to try something else this time. Using Elegoo PLA filament, I printed a vertical modular hydroponic tower system for plants. My wife was happy to find out that she would always have fresh herbs at home. Hydroponic tower gardens are becoming popular, especially among urban gardeners, due...

ELEGOO’s new Mars 4 DLP 3D Printer welcomes DIYers on a budget

ELEGOO's Mars series gets a new member, a DLP (Digital Light Processing) version that promises reach details, long lifespan, and low power usage —all you can wish from a budget desktop resin 3D printer. DLP and LCD resin 3D printers operate similarly, creating objects using a light source to cure the liquid material. The light source projects onto the resin...

ELEGOO PHECDA Laser Marking Machine

ELEGOO, a well-known 3D printer brand, is about to start a funding campaign on Kickstarter for their first laser marking and cutting machine.  Established in March 2015, ELEGOO Inc. is a thriving technology company dedicated to open-source hardware research & development, production, and marketing. In 2019 they announced their first LCD 3D printer named MARS, which became quickly popular among...

SUNLU PLA Carbon Fiber filament: Is it Good for Drone Frames?

3D-printed FPV drone frames offer a number of advantages over traditional frames made from carbon fiber or other materials. Firstly, they can be completely customized to suit the pilot's specific needs, allowing for greater control over the design process and resulting in a perfectly optimized frame. It is great for prototyping, allowing testing of different design approaches conveniently and...

eSUN PLA+ review: Grab The Best Filament!

eSUN PLA+ filament review
PLA (Polylactic Acid) is the most popular and widespread filament used in 3D printing. It’s affordable, easy to print, and, more importantly, safe (made from natural materials). PLA is also considered compostable and recyclable. eSUN has a wide range of PLA filaments with different characteristics and applications in more than 26 color options. In this review, we will have a...

Nanovia filaments review: Best for RaceWhoops

Nanovia filaments
3D printing has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to its affordability and ability to create complex and elaborated objects in the comfort of your garage. One of the most important decisions you'll make when 3D printing is choosing the suitable filament, as the material you select will greatly affect the outcome of your project. With so many...

Sunlu Terminator 3 (T3) review: Fast but Rusty

Sunlu T3
The Sunlu Terminator 3 (T3) is an ambitious 3D printer that promises five times faster print speed than most of its contenders. Priced for only $199.99, it comes with 250mm/s high-speed printing, a metal double-gear extruder, and a 16 points auto-leveling system. Our review covers unboxing, assembling, first impressions, and usage recommendations. We have to admit that most of the...

eSUN eBox filament dryer review

eSUN eBox filament dryer box
When I got the first 3D printer and had only a few meters of demo filament, I didn't realize the purpose of a filament dryer like the eSUN eBox. Later, when I started to test more and more types and colors of filaments, I ended up with many started spools. Most 3D printing filaments are highly hygroscopic, fastly absorbing ambient...

Elegoo Neptune 3 MAX Large Scale 3D printer

Elegoo Neptune 3 MAX
The Neptune 3 MAX is Elegoo’s largest 3D printer and one of the most competitively priced large-size consumer FDM printers currently on the market. It features a 420x420x500 build volume, dual-gear direct drive extruder, 63-point auto-bed levelling, and PEI magnetic platform. The dream FDM printer of any hobbyist for under $500. The Elegoo N3 MAX comes in the Neptune 3...

Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus: Budget large 3D printer

This year Christmas arrived earlier! Yesterday, when I came home, a massive package was waiting for me in the hall. It was the Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus in the biggest box that I ever got a product for review. In November, Elegoo officially announced their upgraded Neptune 3 Series, which includes three models with different print volumes. The 'Plus'...

Elegoo Neptune 3 series comparison: Pro, Plus, & Max

Elegoo Neptune 3 family
Shortly after we published our Neptune 3 Pro review, Elegoo announced two new models of their 3rd generation FDM printer series. Apparently, all three 3D printers have the same features, and only the print volume differs. Of course, there is also a significant price difference. The Neptune 3 Max doubles the build volume size of the Neptune 3 Pro,...