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Advertorials and Guest posts

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SJ R/C F11 brushless GPS drone with camera

SJRC F11 GPS drone quadcopter
Only few days ago I introduced the SJRC Z5 brushed GPS quad and now I'm back to write you about the SJ R/C F11, a GPS enabled brushless drone. Adopting similar design, these two can be easily confused. Even their remote controllers are about the same. Brush-less motors, compared to brushed ones, offer not just better flight performance, but they are also...

GENIUS NY, Drone and UAS-Based Business Accelerator, Gearing Up for Third Annual Competition

GENIUS NY Drone Based Business Accelerator
Today I wanted to let you all know about a really exciting competition for drone enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interested in starting or growing a drone-based business! GENIUS NY, the world’s largest business accelerator for drone and UAS-based startups, is gearing up for their 3 rd annual competition. GENIUS NY was started in Central New York in order to fuel the growth of innovative...

RunCam 3S camera for FPV drones

RunCam 3S camera
Last year, RunCam announced a new GoPro Session alike camera, which was shortly withdrawn from the US market due to some patent infringement. Curiously, this new RunCam 3S features also similar cubic design but it has straight lines instead of rounded lines. Not a big change, so I hope that will last more on the market compared to its predecessor. While...

VISUO XS812 drone: GPS, Full HD camera for only $81

VISUO XS812 drone
Following the epic success of the XS809HW, Visuo came up with a much versatile drone called X812. In addition to the reinvented design it comes with GPS positioning system and intelligent flight modes. Unfortunately, the VISUO XS812 still adopts brushed motors instead of more reliable brushless ones. According to the advertised specs, the 1800mAh battery allows up to 14 minutes play time....

Attop XT-3, a ultra cheap foldable pocket selfie drone

Attop XT-3 selfie drone quadcopter
At first look, the Attop XT-3 is a good starter drone. It is affordable, portable and has lots of the features that you’d like to see in a beginner quadcopter. It has alt-hold which keeps autonomously the flight altitude at the desired level. With headless mode enabled, newbies should not have to worry about the orientation of the aircraft. While...

LiDi RC L15W cheap drone for beginners

LiDi RC L15W quadcopter
Following the epic design of the X5C, LiDi RC recently announced their own version called L15W. In addition to its attractive price tag, LiDi RC L15W comes with lots of beginner orientated features. While the altitude hold feature ensures easy take-off and landing process, enabling headless mode helps newbies to easily control their drone in all directions since this feature tracks the...

GoolRC X5C, Oldies but goldies drone

GoolRC X5C drone quadcopter
Five years ago I started my journey in the world of multi-rotors with a Syma X5C. At that time it was the first affordable drone. GoolRC X5C follows its epic design while bringing new features like headless mode and on key return to home. According to the manufacturer's specs, the 500 mAh battery allows about 5 minutes of flight time. In...

Attop XT-1, a Mavic clone for less than $60

Attop XT-1 drone quadcopter
After the Eachine E58 and VISUO XS809HW, another Mavic clone was revealed. The Attop XT-1 quadcopter follows similar foldable design as the much expensive DJI drone. Thanks to the barometric air-pressure sensor, the Attop XT-1 drone is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude at the desired level. Headless mode is another feature that makes it easier for beginners to fly. In front...

SJ R/C S70W GPS drone with HD camera under $200

SJ R/C S70W GPS drone with HD camera
A quadcopter with GPS system, including camera, gives you plenty of aerial options. Enable the "Follow me" mode and the drone will autonomously record and follow you during sports or other outdoor activities. SJ R/C S70W comes with remote camera adjustment which allows you to focus exactly on what you want to capture. Thanks to the "Headless mode" feature, newbies will...

SMRC S1 mini pocket drone with camera

SMRC S1 mini pocket drone
Over the last year, we introduced many pocked drones with different shapes and features. SMRC S1 comes with a square shape like the Eachine E55. Flying cameras are often advertised as “Selfie drones”, but this is a bit exaggerated. The truth is that you can’t buy anything under $500 in compliance with the term. In addition to the HD video recording, the SMRC S1's...

Drone Film Festival by SanDisk 2017: Best 12 aerial footage

Drone film festival ANZ 2017
Usually, I refuse to publish this kind of announcements, but checking the winner aerial films, I decided to make an exception this time. Frankly, these guys did a really great job. They show us that drones can do more than spy our neighbors, they can create Truly Art! Drone Film Festival Australia & New Zealand presented by SanDisk 2017 winning films...