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Drone Film Festival by SanDisk 2017: Best 12 aerial footage

Drone film festival ANZ 2017
Usually, I refuse to publish this kind of announcements, but checking the winner aerial films, I decided to make an exception this time. Frankly, these guys did a really great job. They show us that drones can do more than spy our neighbors, they can create Truly Art! Drone Film Festival Australia & New Zealand presented by SanDisk 2017 winning films...

FQ777 FQ28 drone: Second flying EGG

FQ777 FQ28 drone
Even if the EGG design does not seem to be too aerodynamic, lately many drones like the FQ777 FQ28 are revealed. It is even more strange that Christmas comes and not Easter :). FQ777 announced the FQ28 in two variants. One with included remote controller and one with APP control. Both versions share similar features and same type of camera with...

GoolRC T49, ultra thin foldable drone

GoolRC T49 low profile drone
Few weeks ago we reviewed the GoolRC T32 and now we are here to introduce you the GoolRC T49, an ultra thin foldable drone. The T49 have all the features of its bigger brother in a more compact fuselage. Having a thickness of just 2.8 cm, we can say easily that the GoolRC T49 is one of the thinnest selfie quadcopter on...

415B flying ball drone in 300 words

415B quadcopter
Bored from the usual design? Here comes the 415B drone, a flying ball. Not too conventional, not very aerodynamic, but pretty cool. Foldable drones became quickly popular because they are extremely portable. You can take them with you almost everywhere. While the unfolded 415B measures 17.8 x 17.8 x 8.5 cm, when it's folded into a ball shape it measures only 8.5...

Syma X22W, another wannabe selfie drone

Syma X22W selfie quadcopter
Syma, a well known toy drone manufacturer, recently announced the X22W - a wannabe selfie drone. Excepting the small size and built-in WiFi FPV camera, there is nothing like the JJRC H37 aka the first sElfie Drone. Featuring altitude-hold, the Syma X22W is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude at the desired level. Headless flight mode is another feature...

S9W mini foldable drone with FPV camera

S9W foldable drone
Measuring about only 4.9 x 6.2 x 3 cm, the S9W drone is one of the smallest foldable drone. The small size is paired with an attractive design and all the latest features. Thanks to the built-in air-pressure sensor, the aircraft is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude. This feature is very handy for first-time pilots. In front of the...

X183GPS super cheap double GPS drone

X183GPS 5.8G FPV quadcopter
Personally, I have mixed fillings regarding brushed GPS drones like this X183GPS. I'm not sure that it would worth thickening so much technologies into quad-copters with a weak point like brushed motors. Anyway, for only $150, the X183GPS quadcopter with complete FPV system seems to be a great deal. Thanks to the GPS positioning system, the X183GPS features precise hovering and orbit...

DJI Goggles for Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro

DJI GOGGLES for Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro
Compared to basic FPV glasses, the DJI Goggles comes with up to 1080P video resolution, Head Tracking, revolutionary OcuSync wireless transmission and lots of other top notch features. The DJI Goggles was specially designed for the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 series but, through HDMI, can be also used with other flying and not-flying gadgets. While most of the racing FPV drones...

JJRC H47 Elfie Plus drone: One hand control

JJRC H47 Elfie Plus drone
Last week I was contacted to review this JJRC H47 Elfie Plus, but lately being quite busy I said pass. Anyway, I thought that at least in the news section I should say a few words about this nice selfie drone. Following the incredible success of the H37 Elfie, JJR/C recently announced this upgraded model with one-hand G-sensor controller and a...

Xiaomi Mi 4K drone: What we know about it

Xiaomi Mi 4k drone
Based on my good experience with the Yi 2 camera, I decided to accept Flora's guest post about the Xiaomi Mi 4K drone to be published here on FirstQuadcopter. In March, Xiaomi released the 4k version drone, there’s a HD camera on it. And I just fly it just several days ago, and I will let you know what my feelings. It’s easy to fly, with...

Star Wars Jedi training drone

Star Wars Jedi training quadcopter
Mixed reality Star Wars Jedi training quadcopter Michael Moon and Stephen Dodds at Juuk Inc., are making the first real-life Star Wars Jedi Training Drone. Their smart quadcopter uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to locate, track, and decide when to shoot the player. The drone even knows when you blocked the light beam with the light saber! They removed the remote...