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FPV monitors

FPV screens are common accessories for both racing pilots as well for aerial filmmakers.

Currently you can find a wide range of 5.8G FPV monitors. From 5″ to 12″, with built-in battery with external battery.

FPV monitors for racing enthusiasts.

In this section you will find reviews of the best FPV monitors.

Foxeer 4.3″ FPV Monitor with DVR

Foxeer 4.3 Inch 800x480 FPV Monitor
Foxeer and other FPV brands are considering that analogue transmission systems still have a future in 2023. In addition to a nice clean, and professional design, the new Foxeer 4.3" FPV monitor comes with a built-in 40CH 5.8GHz receiver and integrated video recorder (DVR). You can find this FPV screen also under the RC SoloGood brand name. The inbuilt 3.7V...

Hawkeye Little Pilot Master FPV monitor review

Hawkeye Little Pilot Master FPV screen
Hawkeye's 'Little Pilot Master' FPV monitor series has 3 models. In this review, we will have a closer look at the smallest, 2.5" edition. These tiny FPV screens can be conveniently installed on top of your controller, allowing you to make an easy transition from the line of sight (LoS) flights to first-person view (FPV) flights via FPV goggles. The...

Eachine Moneagle 5″ IPS Ultra bright FPV monitor

Eachine Moneagle FPV monitor
Even DJI’s digital video transmission system offers much better image quality compared to analog 5.8G systems, many drone pilots are still using FPV monitors like this new Eachine Moneagle. Why? the answer is simple: They are super cheap! Featuring ultra-high luminance of 1000lux, it should be usable in strong daylight. Its 5 inch display has 800 x 480px resolution, quite...

Aomway HD588 Full HD FPV monitor with DVR

Aomway HD588 fpv display
Although the Aomway HD588 was announced about 1 year ago, it is still one of the most versatile FPV monitor that you can buy for its price. Generous 10" LCD display, built-in 40CH diversity and integrated DVR with playback are the features that recommend this monitor. The HD588 5.8G FPV comes with HDMI input which allows to be used together with DJI's...

AOMWAY Upgraded 7″ FPV monitor

AOMWAY Upgraded FPV Monitor with DVR
AOMWAY HD518 7" FPV display with integrated DVR and diversity 40CH 5.8G VRX Looking for a new FPV monitor with DVR I came across to this Aomway "Upgraded" one. Compared to other cheep FPV screens, the Aomway HD518 is capable not just to record videos but also to play them. At first look, my only concern about this AOMWAY Upgraded FPV LCD is the lack...

GTeng T909 FPV watch review

GTeng T909 FPV gear review
Currently, there are several types of FPV displays on the market but the most widespread are the 7" FPV screens and FPV glasses. Frankly, I don't think that gadgets like this GTeng T909 watch can compete with FPV goggles because they are not too practical. In my opinion, they can be used more for fun than for truly professional...

Eachine LCD5802S FPV screen review

Eachine LCD5802S FPV review
Eachine LCD5802S 5.8GHz 7" LCD with diversity Yesterday I had my first FPV flight using this Eachine LCD5802S screen and it performed very well. It was a great autumn Sunday, with perfect colors, lots of sun, just perfect for going out and playing with my new "toys". I had an awesome 15 minutes fight with my X380 Quad equipped with a 2D Gimbal, RunCam HD camera and 600mW...