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Drones under $50

Affordable doesn't necessarily mean cheap! You can find many interesting drones even under $50.Lately, even the cheapest drone is equipped with camera and offers many cool features.While most of the drones under $50 are suitable for kids, some quadcopters are recommended only for experienced pilots.

Find bellow a wide range of drones under $50

Syma X22W, another wannabe selfie drone

Syma X22W selfie quadcopter
Syma, a well known toy drone manufacturer, recently announced the X22W - a wannabe selfie drone. Excepting the small size and built-in WiFi FPV...

S9W mini foldable drone with FPV camera

S9W foldable drone
Measuring about only 4.9 x 6.2 x 3 cm, the S9W drone is one of the smallest foldable drone. The small size is paired...

JJRC H47 Elfie Plus drone: One hand control

JJRC H47 Elfie Plus drone
Last week I was contacted to review this JJRC H47 Elfie Plus, but lately being quite busy I said pass. Anyway, I thought that at...

Eachine E57 quadcopter: Thinnest selfie drone

Eachine E57 drone
Having a thickness of just 9.5 mm, we can say easily that the Eachine E57 is one of the thinnest selfie drone on the...

FuriBee H801: TinyWhoop by Frankenstein

FuriBee H801 drone
Advertised for $50, the FuriBee H801 is surely not the cheapest drone with ducted propellers, especially that it comes with a "basic" flight controller not...

Flytec T11S DIY building brick drone

Flytec T11S DIY Building Bricks drone
Building brick drones like this Flytec T11S doubles the fun. In my opinion there is no kid that never have played with a Lego -...

Eachine E56 with innovative gyro control

Eachine E56 drone
Eachine E56 brings new waves in the word of toy drones. Instead of the usual two stick transmitter, it adopts a "magic" remote controller...

YH-13HW quadcopter: Beautiful during night flights

YH-13HW WIFI FPV drone
Seeing the first images of the YH-13HW quadcopter, I was nicely impressed by those colorful LED lights. Being a multi-rotor enthusiast, I consider that...

BAYANGTOYS X20 sElfie drone with voice control

BAYANGTOYS X20 selfie drone
Frankly, I got bored from this "Selfie drone" madness, there is no week without a new model. Like this BAYANGTOYS X20, all want to pose...

TKKJ TK111W Foldable drone with WiFi FPV

TKKJ TK111W foldable quadcopter
It looks that cloning popular drones becomes a general rule. Even clones are cloned :D. The TKKJ TK111W seems to be a cheap copy of...

Flytec T18D cheap drone with sporty design

Flytec T18D drone quadcopter
T18D is a new HD drone that was recently announced by Chinese manufacturer Flytec Technology. The Flytec T18D quad-copter will be available in four...