LS-E525: Mavic Mini clone under $50

LS-E525 drone

There are many Mavic Mini alternative which looks like a DJI drone, but if you dive into their specs you will find out that they are only cheap copies. Most of them, including this LS-E525 feature, only brushed motors that are less reliable compared to the MINI’s brushless ones. Also, they have dummy gimbals instead of motorized ones for real image stabilization.

With folded arms, the LS-E525 drone measures about 12 * 8 * 5.5cm and with extended arms, ready for flight 25 * 23 * 5.5cm. It has two bright navigation lights on the front. In addition to the frontal 4K camera, there is a second one on the belly of the aircraft which serves as an optical flow sensor.

According to the technical specs, its 1800mAh battery allows up to 15 minutes of playtime, which is half of the Mavic Mini has.

LS-E525 drone features and specs

  • Mavic Mini alike design with foldable arms;
  • Brushed motors with 2-leaf foldable props;
  • Optical flow sensor for stable hovering;
  • On-board 4K camera (4096 * 2160 photo and 2160 * 1080 video resolution);
  • WiFi real-time video transmission (FPV);
  • Manual camera angle adjustment;
  • About 100 meters control range;
  • Up to 15 minutes of flight time.

Included accessories with the LS-E525 quadcopter:

  • Remote controller with phone holder;
  • 3.7v/1800mAh flight battery;
  • USB charging cable;
  • 2 pairs of spare propellers;
  • 1 set of blade quads;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Drone manual.

Product images

LS-E525 folding design
Folded arms
LS-E525 front view
Front view
LS-E525 top view
Top view


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