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Hubsan claims to be an industry leader in easy-to-fly drones, Hubsan quadcopters are equipped with new technology & features. Their headquarter is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.

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Hubsan’s ZINO series is an affordable GPS enabled drone with 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal stabilization.

Hubsan drone range

Brushless Hubsan drones Brushed Hubsan drones Hubsan racing drones Other  Hubsan products
Zino 2 Plus H507D X4 STAR H123D X4 Jet RC Airplanes
Zino 2 H216A H122D X4 STORM GPS Watch
Zino Pro X4 AIR Pro Drone accessories
Zino H111D FPV goggles
H109S X4 PRO Series H501S X4
Zino Mini Pro X4 H502S
ACE SE X4 H107 2015
ACE SE Refined H107P X4 PLUS
BlackHawk1 H107C+ X4 CAM PLUS
H501M X4 Air Basic Edition

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Latest Hubsan drone stories (Reviews and News)

Hubsan BlackHawk1: Features, specs, and pricing

Hubsan BlackHawk1
Hubsan claims to be a "Leading provider of flight control" and brings "new" drones on the market. Just like their other drones, the Hubsan BlackHawk1 looks extraordinary on paper, but when you start using them, the unpleasantness comes. Over the last seven years, the First Quadcopter team reviewed more than 200 drones from the biggest names in the drone...

ZINO MINI PRO REFINED: More promises or real upgrades?

In 2021 when the original ZINO MINI PRO was released and reviewed here on FirstQuadcotper, we had great exceptions from this sub-250grame, but during the tests, it proved to have some major issues. The upgraded REFINED edition promise even more, but will it also be more reliable, or is it just the new carbon fiber finish? The Hubsan ZINO MINI...

Hubsan ACE SE Refined Carbon Fiber Edition

Hubsan ACE SE R
The Hubsan ACE SE R comes with a nice carbon fiber-like finish. This 5th generation ACE SE Refined has a 4K camera with a big 1/2.6inch image sensor and a 3-axis gimbal that allows 3840x2160/1920x1080@30fps recording with up to 100Mbps. Thanks to the high capacity 4S 3200 mAh intelligent battery, the Hubsan ACE Refined has up to 37 minutes of...

Hubsan Mini Standard features and specs

Hubsan Mini
The Hubsan Mini is a compact foldable drone with a 4K camera and a 3D obstacle avoidance system. This new drone wants to be a direct competitor of the DJI MINI 3 Pro. With folded arms measure just 137x88x61.6mm and weigh 260 grams. Despite its small size and lightweight build, the Hubsan MINI has a wind speed resistance of just...

Hubsan ACE PRO+ with 1-inch 4K camera

Hubsan ACE PRO+
The biggest difference between the Hubsan ACE PRO+ and the 'non-Plus' version is the camera with the bigger sensor. While the Pro+ has a 1-inch sensor, the standard Pro only has a 1/1.3" sensor. There is also a size difference between these two drones (199.24x129.4x85.49 vs 118.7×172.5x73mm). It’s important to reiterate that shooting in H.265 HEVC is tough on computers...

Hubsan ACE PRO: Price, Features, and specs

Hubsan ACE PRO
The Hubsan ACE PRO is basically a Zino Mini Pro in a larger more powerful and stronger body. It is also advertised with a 10km flight range, more than 30 minutes of battery life, and an advanced obstacle avoidance system. Thanks to the powerful propulsion system (KV2820 motors + Digital 20A Brushless ESC), the ACE PRO can stand to wind...

Hubsan ACE SE: Another epic fail?

Hubsan ACE SE
On paper, all Hubsan drones look extremely good, but you find how many issues they have when you actually fly them. For example, my Zino Mini Pro crashed after just 2 hours due to a sudden USB disconnection. To be honest, my biggest frustration was not that the drone crashed but that Hubsan refused to admit that it was...

Zino Mini Pro crash: How Hubsan customer service works?

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro crash
When you spend more than 500 bucks for a drone, you expect to use it for more than just a couple of flights. My Zino Mini Pro crashed after 130 minutes of usage, more exactly after 20 flights with a total of 12101 meters flight distance. In this article, I will explain to you how the accident happened and...

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro review: Incredibly small and versatile

Zino Mini Pro review
The Hubsan Zino Pro was probably the most expected drone of 2021. It is the first quadcopter with a 4K camera and obstacle avoidance system under 250 grams. Our Zino Mini Pro review covers technical specs, features, image quality, and battery life. Of course, we will also test how effective is its 3D collision avoidance system. In the under 500...

Hubsan Zino Mini SE: More affordable, less versatile

Photo of Zino MINI SE
While Zino Mini Pro was officially released on April 2021 and is still not available for orders, Hubsan announced another iteration of their sub-250g drone named Zino Mini SE. This new version will be more affordable but with fewer advanced features. According to the first rumors, the Hubsan Zino Mini SE inherits the Pro's 4K camera, excellent battery life, and...

Hubsan ZINO MINI PRO: Price, availability & features

Photo of Zino Mini Pro drone
Hubsun, one of the top 10 popular quadcopter brands, just revealed their first 4K drone under 250 grams. The ZINO MINI PRO comes equipped with a 48MP camera installed on a 3-axis gimbal, ultra-long flight range, and impressive battery life. On paper, it looks positioned somewhere between the DJI MINI 2 and Air 2. Yesterday, one of my sponsors contacted...