Hubsan ACE PRO+ with 1-inch 4K camera

Hubsan ACE PRO+

The biggest difference between the Hubsan ACE PRO+ and the ‘non-Plus’ version is the camera with the bigger sensor. While the Pro+ has a 1-inch sensor, the standard Pro only has a 1/1.3″ sensor. There is also a size difference between these two drones (199.24×129.4×85.49 vs 118.7×172.5x73mm).

It’s important to reiterate that shooting in H.265 HEVC is tough on computers in post-processing, especially when you are recording at 4K with 200Mbps. The H-Log support is an advanced feature for professional aerial filmmakers.

Ace Pro+’s smart battery pack uses 3s lithium polymer cells. Each battery pack is equipped with a safety protection circuit and management unit. With a fully charged battery, you can have up to 37 minutes of flight time.

Hubsan ACE PRO+ features and specs

  • Folding design (199.24×129.4×85.49 / 560 grams);
  • Triple satellite positioning system + Optical Flow, TOF, and Barometer positioning system;
  • Advanced 3D obstacle avoidance system;
  • UHD 4K camera with 1inch CMOS image sensor;
  • H.265/HEVC 200Mbps with H-Log support;
  • Built-in 64G/128G internal memory;
  • Up to 10KM (CE 6KM) SyncLeas 3 1080P image transmission system;
  • Powerful brushless motors with Level 8 wind resistance;
  • ATVT3.0 Visual Active Tracking;
  • Level 8 wind resistance;
  • Up to 37 minutes of battery life.



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