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XK Innovations is the deluxe department of WLToys brand.

Certainly one of the best XK quadcopter is the X380 with GPS positioning system. This model was my first “professional” drone.

XK quadcopters and drones

Like many other quadcopter brands, XK Innovations continuously working to came up with new and more interesting remote controlled drones.

XK X252 Shuttle quadcopter review

XK X252 review
I read somewhere that XK Innovations is a "deluxe" division of WLToys. Certainly, on first look, the XK X252 quadcopter has a pretty nice design and comes with many features. Only its attractive price is apart from a "deluxe" product so I'm expecting to discover about this quad only positive things during my review. The XK brand started to become popular with its...

XK X100 quadcopter with inverted flight

XK X100 quadcopter
XK X100 Dexterity - Affordable acrobatic quad The XK Industries quadcopter manufacturer just revealed their first cheap model, the X100 with inverted flight mode. Apparently, this new XK X100 is a nice intermediate quad suitable for those who are already familiarized with the basic flight movements. In order to have a precise control over the aircraft, thanks to FHSS-compatible receiver, the X100 can be...

XK X252 brushless quad with 5.8 FPV

XK X252 quadcopter
XK X252 cheap brushless quadcopter with 7CH transmitter It seems that the Chines quadcopter manufacturers were put to work after their longest holiday. They announce almost every week some new models. Together with the XK X252 where also announced two cheaper brushless models, the XK X251 and X251-A. This XK X252 quadcopter comes with brushless motors and complete 5.8GHz first person view system. The...

XK DETECT X380 review

XK X380 quadcopter review
XK X380 GPS Quadcopter I received some useful critics on the RC Groups forum regarding my previous quadcopter review and thanks for this. I kindly ask all my readers, in case they find incorrect facts or just some mistyped words in my XK X380 review or in any of my articles to notice me. I never claimed that I'm a professional writer or a quadcopter specialist but I'm...

XK X250 X350 X380 X500 quadcopters

XK X250 X350 X380 X500 Quadcopters
Today where announced four new XK quadcopters covering the entire range of users. From the XK X250 basic model for beginner flyers to the XK X500 professional quadcopter for aerial filming. Of course, the price of these models are according to the features and specs, the XK X500 with 2D gimbal and full HD camera costs 10 times more...