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XK Innovations is the deluxe department of WLToys brand.

Certainly one of the best XK quadcopter is the X380 with GPS positioning system. This model was my first “professional” drone.

XK quadcopters and drones

Like many other quadcopter brands, XK Innovations continuously working to came up with new and more interesting remote controlled drones.

XK X100 quadcopter with inverted flight

XK X100 quadcopter
XK X100 Dexterity - Affordable acrobatic quad The XK Industries quadcopter manufacturer just revealed their first cheap model, the X100 with inverted flight mode. Apparently, this new XK X100 is a nice intermediate quad suitable for those who are already familiarized with the basic flight movements. In order to have a precise control over the aircraft, thanks to FHSS-compatible receiver, the X100 can be...

XK X150-W cute mini drone for indoor fun

XK X150 W mini drone
XK Innovation, a well known drone brand just announced their first mini drone with optical flow sensor. The XK X150-W quadcopter also features barometric air-pressure sensor. Thanks to these two sensors it can auto-hover perfectly stable. In front of the tiny aircraft is located the 1Mp camera with WiFi real-time image transmission. The XK X150-W can be controlled through the included transmitter or...

XK X300-G Fast 5G WiFi FPV GPS drone

XK X300-G drone quadcopter
Back in 2017, XK Innovations announced a very promising GPS enabled drone called X300-G. While many of us expected to test this affordable GPS model, till now only the basic X300F and X300W were available for purchase. The XK X300-G drone features APP control - does not need a physical remote controller. According to the advertised specs, the control range is between...

XK X1: Phantom alike GPS camera drone

XK X1 drone
After long absence, XK came up with a new Phantom alike GPS enabled drone called "X1". Compared to its predecessors (read our review here: DETECT X380), the XK X1 has a much professional look. It is completely white (vs black) and adopts two bridge type landing gears instead of 4 independent landing legs (which breaks quite often, BTW). The 1080P...

XK Q868 Cyclone GPS 4K drone under $200

Photo of XK Q868 Cyclone
Like most drones under $200, the XK Q868 Cyclon (aka Wltoys Q868) also features GPS positioning system, cool foldable design, and a 4K camera with 2-axis stabilization. Top of all, it claims that its 3s/3000mAh battery pack provides up to 30 minutes of flight time, which is probably the best battery life in its price tag. The aircraft measures 254...