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Micro quadcopters. Tiny quadcopters for indoor flyghts. Micro quadcopters and drones with camera. Micro quadcopters are suitable for newbies.

EMAX Tinyhawk 2

EMAX Tinyhawk II: Might be the best micro FPV drone for 2020?

Back to October 2018, EMAX introduced the first generation of Tinyhawk with unique inverted motor design. While it may not had the power of...
Happymodel Mobula6

Coming soon: Happymodel Mobula6 ultralight FPV drone

After the Mobula7, Happymodel came up with an even smaller brushless Whoop called Mobula6. Featuring only 20 grams, the Happymodel Mobula6 is probably the...
Eachine Novice-I FPV Drone

Coming soon: Eachine Novice-I 75mm brushless Whoop

Eachine's latest Novice-I drone is a 75mm brushless Whoop specially designed for beginner pilots. In order to allow lots of practicing hours, besides the...
iFlight Cinebee Hybrid 4K

Coming soon: iFlight Cinebee Hybrid 4K FPV drone

Although only 10 days have passed since FirstQuadcopter introduced RunCam's latest dual-lens UHD camera, drone manufactures already started to install it on their FPV...
BetaFPV HX115 Ripper Toothpick

BetaFPV HX115 Ripper HD Toothpick FPV drone

As its name says, the BetaFPV HX115 Ripper HD is a 115mm size Toothpick style FPV drone. HX115 HD claims to be within the...
LDARC ET75 & ET85 FPV drones

LDARC ET75 & ET85 HD/FPV micro racing drones

While many racing quad manufactures already gave up to the Whoop protectors, LDARC just announced two new FPV drones which adopts ducted design. While...
Happymodel Sailfly-X FPV drone

Happymodel Sailfly-X: “Toothpick class” micro FPV drone

Following the great success of the Snapper7 and Mobula7, Happymodel recently released another micro-class FPV drone called Sailfly-X. Thanks to its ultralight 105 mm...
Eachine CineCan 85mm 4K drone

Coming soon: Eachine Cinecan 85mm 4K

Like most popular FPV drone manufacturers, Eachine also revealed their own CineWhoop based on the dual-lens Caddx Tarsier 4K camera. Thanks to the powerful...
Emax TinyhawkS 75mm FPV drone

Coming soon: Emax TinyhawkS 75mm drone

The recently announced Emax TinyhawkS claims to be the perfect indoor FPV drone. In addition to its small size, it features large Whoop alike...
Eachine RedDevil micro FPV drone

Coming soon: Eachine RedDevil 105mm

The newly announced Eachine RedDevi will feature 105mm size carbon-fiber frame and nice red protective canopy. Its supper fast EX1102 KV8700 motors are paired...
GEPRC CinePro 4K

Coming soon: GEPRC CinePro 4K FPV drone

Similar to iFlight, GEPRC is also planing to release their own 4K enabled micro brushless Whoop. Featuring dual-lens Caddx Tarsier camera, the GEPRC CinePro...