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Micro quadcopters. Tiny quadcopters for indoor flyghts. Micro quadcopters and drones with camera. Micro quadcopters are suitable for newbies.

HSKRC IX2 90mm mini fpv drone

HSKRC IX2 90mm: Super mini brushless FPV drone

Probably because lately my garden was invaded by mischievous moles, I see them everywhere, even in drone designs. Due its squat form-factor, the HSKRC IX2 90 quadcopter...
Frsky Apus MQ60 micro racing drone

Frsky Apus MQ60 micro racing quadcopter

FrSky, a well known radio manufacturer, just announced their first drone called Frsky Apus MQ60. Featuring TinyWhoop's ducted propeller design, it is just perfect for the...
JX 1601HW Kids Drone Review

JX 1601HW review: Cheap drone for kids

When it comes to children, I would seriously recommend you getting a miniature-kid friendly drone like this JX 1601HW, instead of a larger one....
RedPawz R011 review

Redpawz R011 review: Cheapest complete FPV drone

This week, besides the Redpawz R011, I received a couple of other drones for review, from basic toy drones to professional racing quadcopters. Honestly,...
Eachine E013 quadcopter review

Eachine E013 review: More bang for your bucks

Maybe the Eachine E013 doesn't features versatile flight controller as the TW, but with the included FPV monitor the fun is guaranteed. At a glance,...
Redpawz R010 drone review

Redpawz R010 review: Speedy Whoop

A couple of days ago I received to test and review the Redpawz R010, a mini quadcopter with ducted propellers. Although the basic design was...
Cheerson CX-OF quadcopter review

Cheerson CX-OF review: Unmatched hovering stability

In the past mini drones were nice but with no fancy features. Now, the Cheerson CX-OF, with optical-flow sensor and intelligent flight modes, changes the rules....
Linxtech 1603 drone

Linxtech 1603 mini quad: Not too smart WHOOPEE clone

Frankly, I got bored by this fidget spinner madness. It seems a stupid toy compared to this Linxtech 1603. Everyone who tested a mini drone...
Eachine Revenger55 drone

Eachine Revenger55 tiny brushless FPV drone

When I firstly read about the Eachine Revenger55 I was totally enthusiast to test one. Checking the manufacturer specs I found out that smaller does...
FQ777 FQ04 quadcopter

FQ777 FQ04 pocket drone with camera

Rumors about the FQ777 FQ04 aka Eachine E60 FQ777, a serious player on the pocket drone market recently announced their new model called FQ04. The remote...

KaiDeng K130 ALPHA the first flying egg

I have firstly read about the KaiDeng K130 ALPHA drone about two weeks ago. At that time, the egg design seemed like a stupid idea. Later I...