HGLRC KT20: 2″ micro Pusher FPV drone


HGLRC just announced a new palm-size FPV drone with a cool go-kart shape design. The HGLRC KT20 has a wheelbase of 90mm and a full 360° propeller protection with 3 color options (yellow, blue, and red).

The HGLRC KT20 is available with two FPV options. While the analog edition comes equipped with Caddx Ant Eco camera and 350mW 5.8GHz VTX, the digital version with CADDX Polar Vista digital FPV kit. Both variants feature the same Zeus10 AIO flight controller and AEOLUS 1303.5 4500KV motors.

In addition to the onboard FPV camera, it can be equipped with an ultra-light action camera such as a Naked GoPro, SMO4K, Caddx Peanut, or Insta360 GO 2. It can be powered by 4S batteries (XT30 plug) and has about 7-9 minutes of battery life without an additional camera, and 4-6min with an action cam on top. The max flight time difference between the analog and digital versions is about 2 min according to HGLRC.

HGLRC KT20 drone features and specs

  • Cool and unique go-kart shape design with 90mm wheelbase;
  • Foam padding with 3 color options (red, blue, and yellow);
  • Analog and HD digital versions;
  • Zeus10 AIO flight controller;
  • AEOLUS 1303.5 4500KV motors with Emax Avan Micro 2″ 4-blade propellers;
  • Caddx Ant Eco analog or CADDX Polar digital camera;
  • Zeus Nano 350mW 5.8GHz analog VTX or Caddx Vista digital VTX;
  • Can carry a Caddx Peanut, Insta360 GO 2, or SMO 4K;
  • LED light bar for cool night flights;
  • XT30 battery plug, 4S compatible (550mah-850mah recommended).

Product photos

LED flights
LED flights
With Caddx Peanut
With Caddx Peanut

With SMO 4K
With SMO 4K


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